Do you like or love him?

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Do you like him as a friend, or do you have a crush on him? Take this quiz to find out!

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    How many times do you think about him in a day?

    Is it only when you see him, or at other times, too?

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1464 days ago
and yaall good luck with your boyfriends or whatever lmao idk what am doing with mah life
1464 days ago
idk wuts with mah life I like him but ive never met him we just text each other bout life and yeah that's it idk if I really like him I just find him cool that's all well I do like him but if I ever love him I cant unless we meet so yeah peeps dis mah dumb life
1864 days ago
i like him alot , he knows it , i've told him so but only on fb , he likes me too he s handsome kind , but we like teasing eachother alot , but kindly , our story is a bit complicated but i just let things be , but it will be great
1887 days ago
I love him I've loved him for 4 years but I don't now what he thinks😢
1899 days ago
I love him but I feel that he is doesn't😢😢
1900 days ago
J think about her every second and she looks at. Me AND SHE KISS ME IN THE BATHROOM ONESS
1913 days ago
His name is Noah. He is my first boyfriend as of February 26th, 2018. He makes me so happy and he's so sweet. He's so talented, he's such a hard worker, he's so good with his family. He's so responsible, so kind, he's got a great personality and oh the way he makes me feel... like I'm the only girl in the world. A million butterflies erupt in my stomach when I talk to him. When we hug or hold hands I feel like I am going to burst. Oh and the looks he gives me from across the room, he may be trying to kill me because oh boy! *swoon*
1913 days ago
I love love loveee this quiz!! It’s been so helpful to me thanks so much I don’t know where to take our friendship he’s two years older than me and I only see him twice a week I’ve had a crush on him before then I liked someone else now I like him again I can’t help it I just do. Where should I take it from here? Any advice would be much appreciated Xx
1914 days ago
I am dating him i just dont know if i should tell him i love him, he is realy antisocial and nerdy and im his firs ever girlfriend so he dosnt know what to do, any advice?
1914 days ago
We where like best friend I thought that is as close I could get to him. We slow danced 2 times ahhhhhhh I love ❤️ him so much
1914 days ago
I confessed to him and we went to the hespeler dance together!2 days ago!!!AHHHHHH!i love ❤️ kymani that is his name btw
1915 days ago
i took this quiz..i confessed on valentines day...and u know what?????? HE IS MINE NOW!!!!
1918 days ago
We went on a date today and he asked me for my number today. Hes supper nice and I trust him alot. His half ex well they were never officaly dating but she was my best freind her name is Estella and she says that "he never asked for my number, I think he likes you a lot". So yeah our date wen't well I hope you will respond and tell me what I should do next.
1921 days ago
im no longer single ya’ll
1921 days ago
we skate together, hang out and talk a whole lot,
He is a year older then me, born the same day and month.
We clearly like each other, ( as we both gets told like sixty times a day.)
He is really attractive, and we have a lot in common.

Hopefully he’ll ask me out, so im not gonna mess up in the attemp.
1921 days ago
He's so hot😍😍 my life has been awesome since I met him. He doesn't talk much, he's brother is a bully, but he's so nice. I'm shy about talking to him but I can't stop thinking of him... I'm bi and I mostly like girls but I never like this about any girl like I feel about him😘😘 and I plan on asking him out( i know this is long but don't get mad at me...your reading it)
1922 days ago
we are in drama together.
he is a year older than me.
he doesn’t like me.
and he won’t.
but i love him.
and i won’t be able to get over him.
i’m going to be hung up on him for the next three and a half years of high school.
i have no chance.
i’m shy.
i’m insecure.
i’m quiet.
i’m ugly.
he’s outgoing.
extremely attractive.

i don’t stand a chance

why am i such a loser? :(
1922 days ago
i love ashton.
i don’t think ashton loves me.
only in the friend way.
i wish he was mine.
1922 days ago
So I've liked this guy for quite a while. We've been together twice. He cheated on me with my ex-bestfriend. But I love him. I still do. We talk everyday still. We're best friends. Jesus Christ I miss when he was mine. Ily C.
1923 days ago
I am a boy and I have a crush on a boy and it said I like him