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Are you in love?

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You will get a series of questions and each answer has a different set of points at the end you will find if you are in love

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1288 days ago
"You guys are great for each other and you like them. You want to take things further or keep them in the magical moments your feeling right now reading this"
I wish
1317 days ago
So my crush is so amazing and funny. He always makes me laugh and we talk about anything and everything together. He’s so nice but we are almost exact opposites, he loves the cold and I love being warm, he wears black every day and I wear a mixture of colors. I really like him but he has a girlfriend.
1357 days ago
Hi. So the boy i like, idk if he likes me. Sometimes, I’ll turn my head a lil his way and he will look at me. We were playing guesstures with friends once and the other team thought I saw my friends card so my crush put his hand right in front of my eyes. I was wowed lol. Idk. Help me. I showed my friend my phone and he looked at it too and even held the door open for me. It was nice. He’s cool and talkative but idk. He mostly hangs out with his friends and sometimes I will go around and see him about. We’ve barely talked. He once kept kicking my foot because we sat across from each other. Help me plz. Thx.
1363 days ago
this quiz was pretty bad tbh.
1367 days ago
Just a girl TELL HIM HOW YOU FELL i mean those things he does when hes around you are what my boyfriend does and i fell like you guys are ment to be you got this gurl JUST TELL HIM.
1373 days ago
There's this guy and I met him just over a year ago and he always stares at me and blushes when he's around me. He also acts kinda weird when he's around me, it's so CUTE :))))))) but he has a girlfriend, but I really love him PLZ HELP ME SOMEBODY
1377 days ago
Julia, I can guarente he does. He has othe things on his mind but based on the way he acts to and for you and how he cares about you so much, he most likely does. All couples make eachother happy and mad, it's inevitable, so please don't worry to much. He sounds like a good guy and I hope you don't worry to much.
1381 days ago
hey! I've had this friend who was my first boyfriend in the sixth grade , we grew to be best friend ever since and 3 year ago he was drafted in a hockey team in Nova Scotia (very far away), we've known each other for almost 8 years and we've always had a special connection and I feel like I love him sometime but other time he just make me so pissed off! but when he's in town after hockey season he's here from April- august. and he just wants to make me laugh and make me smile and we go for spontaneous adventures and we get very close physically and we admitted that we may have feeling for each other but we felt it at that. Now he's away till December and all he think about is his hockey career and we used to be able to communicated but now I feel like I'm losing him , the guy I grew up with and love but hate sometimes, who im not even sure he feels anything back
1387 days ago
I've been best friends with this guy for a year and we've been dating for almost three months now and I really love him, but I'm only 14 and I don't know if I'm too young for love or not.
1387 days ago
I already knew the answer, but just am really happy and wanted to share the story.
I've liked this guy for a few months, and on the last day of 6th grade, I told him I liked him, but then ran off. We had been friends for a while, and everyone in my class said he also liked me back and shipped us. At the beginning of this year (7th grade), we talked a bit, and I got his phone number and email. We texted a lot, and went to the dance together. We also went out after school once, but my problem is that I have strict parents, and even though they know I like him and he likes me back, they think I am obsessed and spend too much time talking to him. I don't know what to do, because I really like him, but my parents are strict. If anyone has advice, please give it!
1400 days ago
i'm in love with a guy and i'm only 12 and me and him are friends and i am a shy girl and i am to scared to tell him because i'm afraid he will reject me and not be my friend, he is hawt, my mom and his moms are friends and i am so happy they are. i used to talk to him a lot, but when i went to see him at his football practice he looked at me for a long time and didn't even say hi, and i had to sit next to him in the car it was awkward xd :3
1402 days ago
I know how you feel!
1414 days ago
this guy is cute asf and can't get myself to tell him that I like him because I have strict parents