Do I like him? But I'm straight

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As a straight male, have you ever found yourself crushing on one of your male friends? You are uncertain if you are crushing? Take this quiz!

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    Have you ever questioned your sexuality before?

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260 days ago
@Qwertio.... yes they do, thousands and thousand of men get married to other men, same ones for women. gay, bisexual and pansexual men regularly crush on guys, straight men may have m a y b e, a crush or at least very attracted to another man once or twice.
269 days ago
Why did you take this test then lmao
270 days ago
Bro i got the “your down bad” score help lol what do i do?
270 days ago
That's actually untrue lol.
270 days ago
Im glad i found this quiz bc i have been wondering about this a lot and no other quizzes really are specific to this situation
271 days ago
WTH!? Guys don’t crush on guys, period.