Does Your Crush Like You Back? (Quiz For Guys)

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You have a slight feeling that your crush likes you back, but you don’t know for sure. Take this test to find out!

  • 1
    First off, how much do you like her? (Your response will not affect your result.)
  • 2
    Does she ever stare at you?
  • 3
    When you guys talk, does she look you in the eye? Get nervous and shy? Blush?

  • 4
    Do you have her phone number? If so, how much do you two call/text?
  • 5
    Do her eyes sparkle a lot when she looks at you?
  • 6
    Does she tend to laugh at everything you say?

  • 7
    Is she single?
  • 8
    When she sees you, does she approach you to talk to you?
  • 9
    Does she play with her hair when she talks to you?
  • 10
    Has she ever made physical contact with you?

  • 11
    Do you know her friends? If so, how do they react when they see you?
  • 12
    When she sees you walking by, how does she react?
  • 13
    Have you two ever hung out together?
  • 14
    Have you ever complimented her? If so, how did she respond?
  • 15
    Has she ever asked if you were single?
  • 16
    Has she ever told you that she likes you?

  • 17
    Have you ever told her that you like her? What was her reaction?
  • 18
    How many male friends does she have?
  • 19
    Has she ever teased you?
  • 20
    Has she given you any nicknames?

  • 21
    Has she ever told you that she thinks you're a great friend?

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1280 days ago
sorry idk why im doing this test, but i have a problem boys. ( or girls ) my crush said he liked me ( lets call him peter ) and i was like " blush blush blush face red " and all my friends made fun of me for it heh.. and theres this other guy named aaron that i think likes me but i dont want to say to peter that i like him back because ive known to be kinda a heartbreaker cus two people have asked me out and i maybe kinda erjected them nicely tho i swear. but guys help! what do i do??!!
1303 days ago
Lmao I don’t get why it’s in the category “does your crush like you back (for gay guys)”
1340 days ago
im doing this from my crushes perspective....not that accurate, i have a medium crush on him and i do NOT have a boyfriend
1397 days ago
Here's the issue, she is as intrvert as introverts can get, she hardly ever opens her mouth to talk to someone who is not her friend. The only reason she got to know her friends in the first place was because they were all in a special group for people that were having issues with talking infront of others or were just generally shy. I can't answer these questions in a good way since we son't talk or she simply is too shy to keep the comversation going. She has a very close friend who i am friends with, but if i decide to talk to her to get to know my crush, it would be utilizing my friend.
1436 days ago
Well I'm not sure if my crush likes me cuz she straight and I'm bi
But her and this boy she has a crush on who likes her back play Minecraft together but I don't have an X-box (whatever the hell that is) and we are best friends! But she knows I like her and she said I'm fine with that while she was staring at Joe (her crush) so from then on we have been teasing each other (in a friendly way) about our crushes and how I also have a crush on a boy called Nathan who is Joe's best friend and he is REALLY smart compared to me I'm a 🐬 and so is my girl crush Bailey she is SMART REALLY SMART compared to me (I'm a girl) and I can't make my mind up!?!?
1448 days ago
And girl just taking dis test for fun and it says I love my crush tho my crush is my boyfriend, so of corse I love him
1558 days ago
I was taking this for my crush’s perspective (good it says I hate him)
1597 days ago
I’m a girl taking a quiz from my crush perspective and it’s true it says I love him and I do so lol))
1618 days ago
lmfao we've known each other for years and we're good friends and it says we might not be friends LOL so accurate
1630 days ago
Same as milkshakey but it says I might not even like him as a friend it does not work
1762 days ago
im a girl taking this quiz from my crushes perspective and its not accurate, it says i like him as a friend when i actually have a HUGE crush on him. lolidk
1769 days ago
@Angie That is possible: people might react differently. For instance, my girlfriend’s body language was not what you would expect: she was very comfortable, didn’t play with her hair, etc.

@unknown She no doubt likes you man! She doesn’t want to offend you or make you mad in any way. Plus, some girls are very uncomfortable when they see someone they like. She definitely cares about you too. Make your move!

Hope that helped y’all! ✌🏻
1775 days ago
so...i got this problem here i am not sure if she likes me back or not but
we are good friends we text each other A LOT like the whole day, but she is doesn't feel comfortable when we talk in person; maybe because she is too shy. when we text she is so talkative and she teases me a lot and i do same to her. But the thing i find cute in her is that she always apologize in the end of the conversation and says "sorry, if that was too much" even tho it isn't her fault. we have TONS of stuff in common and recently i was admitted in the hospital for about 4 to 5 days she couldn't come and see me but she at least would text me 3-5 times a day to ask me how am I feeling. she is really caring.

I am confused whether she like me more then a friend or not. Can anyone of you help me?
1776 days ago
I'm a girl, I'm bored. I took this quiz. Not too accurate. Maybe it's just cuz I react differently when I like someone? Idk, but it said that I had a slight crush on him when I gotta pretty big one lol
1779 days ago
((large))Great quiz 👍🏻 helped me to ask her out; we are really happy together((elarge))
1780 days ago