Does He Like Me? Quiz For Struggling Gays

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If you’re anything like me, you’ll often times wonder whether the guy your crazy about feels the same way about you. This quiz will give you an idea about how he feels, but the question is, Are you ready to find out?

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    First things first, are you guys close friends?

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139 days ago
ive liked him since fourth grade. (im in 7th now) i didnt like him in 6th grade cuz i didnt see him much. but now hes in my pe and i like him a lot. in 4th grade i was pretty sure he liked me back because i would always make him blush and smile and we played games together at recess and were pretty good friends. weve lost contact over the years and arent friends anymore and it makes me really sad and frustrated. also, what makes this even harder is im trans. I didnt figure it out until 5th grade and i didnt really have any friends that year bc we were online bc of covid. i think he likes me now, and the quiz said i did but idk if he knows im a boy. i know he knows i changed my name but idk if hes figured out im trans. were both really shy and havnt talked again yet. though im pretty sure he likes me bc he tries to be near me at lunch and in pe and when i walk into the room he stares at me and when i look his way or he sees me staring he blushes. yall have any advice? or... idk still thanks for reading ig...
172 days ago
Yeah there’s this guy at my school I’ve liked since 6th grade. We’re sophomores now and I still like him- but it used to just be “oh he’s cute” and now it’s “OH he’s CUTE”. I’m a trans guy and I think he’s cis, but I seriously do not talk to him because I’m a coward. Quite sure he doesn’t like me but you know how it is these tests are fun.
565 days ago
we're bffs in the same friend group and we're both trans i do not Think i would look @ him in a locker room
574 days ago
So we basically had a good contact before I hugged him sometimes and he even took my hand and walked with me like some sort of couple... But we changed classes and our contact kinda broke but I see him sometimes staring at me he tries to hide it I think and before he was the one starting conversation etc IDK IF HE LIKES ME THEN 😭
581 days ago
Even the quiz dont know XD
604 days ago
Well, I had the courage to ask him out and we went on a movie date, I bought all the sweets, he bought beverages and we even went to buy some clothes. It was the first date I've ever been on and I think he likes me back, the only thing holding the both of us back is his hot girlfriend.
I don't want them to break up, but I also don't want my heart to be broken
732 days ago
So I am 11 and I am fifth grade. We were doing online for a while but then we went back to school and as soon as I saw this boy I instantly had a crush on him. Sometimes I think he looks at me but I am never sure. We don't really talk but when we do he usually will ask me questions. Aslo one time when we were at recess the class went on a thing that you can spin on and I got pretty dizzy. When we were in class I got up to get water and he looked at me for a few seconds and walked back to his desk. Also at the end of the day he only asked me if I was dizzy. And one time he stacked my chair on my desk for me. I have heard that if you can't thinking about someone so much that it could possibly mean they are thinking about you to. Do you think he likes me back?
888 days ago
It said he like me but then all of a sudden we stopped hanging out. :( I'm confused did I do something?
930 days ago
Don't need to finish the test. I called the guy that I have a crush on and told him that I'm madly in love with him. I'm going to pick out my most adorable panties to wear on our date tonight. I can't wait till we make love.
953 days ago
He also kissed me in T or D at a sleep over and my friends kept making us do romantic stuff and we had To sleep in same bed
953 days ago
I’m 12 my crush is so hot 🥵 and it said YES MY GUY HE’S INTO YOU and I told him I’m gay and he said “as long as your not crushing on me I’m fine“ what should I do, also I have seen him with shirt off and he blushed back? MIXED SIGNALS 😩
970 days ago
Hey so I’m a trans gay male (15 years old) and my best friend (the guy I like, cis gay male) has been acting really sweet lately, so I took this test. It said he does, so I texted him saying I liked him. He said he likes me too

We’re dating now, thanks for making this!
1013 days ago
wow i asked him out and he said no 😞😞 even tho it said YES MY GUY HES INTO YOU. this is so sad honestly the worst thing that has ever happened to me I'm crying 0/10 horrible now everyone's gonna bully me all because of you!!!1!1!!1!!!1!1!1!1!1!1! 💔
1038 days ago
1199 days ago
this makese so happy
1199 days ago
1219 days ago
idk i had a crush on a guy hes so cute but hes maybe straight so ill just hide until my life ends depressingly
1244 days ago
Everybody, just go for it.
1254 days ago
I’m 10 and I have a crush he’s cute but he might be straight or bi
1258 days ago
im not ashamed of having a crush on a guy, Im 11 years old and im honestly not ashamed...