Does He Like Me? Quiz For Struggling Gays

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If you’re anything like me, you’ll oftentimes wonder whether the guy you're crazy about feels the same way about you. This quiz will give you an idea about how he feels, but the question is, are you ready to find out?

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    First things first. Are you guys close friends?

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1326 days ago
im not ashamed of having a crush on a guy, Im 11 years old and im honestly not ashamed...
1335 days ago
then why are you even taking this test anastasla? for gay's or bi's
1343 days ago
I am NOT gay 😈😡
1415 days ago
I'm gay yey he said yes
1436 days ago
Bruh not even they know lol but i hope he does cuz he's hot af
1456 days ago
He’s so cute so I was gonna ask him out but didn’t because I was to scared
1497 days ago
It says he’s into me. I hope so. He’s so flipping hot.
1526 days ago
I feel u I want to eat my candles
1526 days ago
Hello I’m mad 😡 at this because I’m still single and this said 92% he likes me and he doesn’t know I am alive
1526 days ago
I am furious at this lack of support for my rights I want a refund please please fix my bike or I will complain to the manager.YAY I EAT CANDLES