Does he like you back? (For teen boys)

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Ever wondered if that guy you like feels the same way? If you respond to these questions truthfully, this quiz may help you find the answer.

  • 1
    Okay, first and possibly most important question. Is your crush straight?
  • 2
    Has he ever given signs of liking you romantically?
  • 3
    How does he treat you?

  • 4
    Are you confident? (be honest)
  • 5
    What do people think of you?
  • 6
    How emotionally close are you to him?

  • 7
    Is he in a relationship?
  • 8
    How do his friends act around you?
  • 9
    Do his friends know you like him?
  • 10
    How well do you know him?

  • 11
    How much do you like him?
  • 12
    How often do you see him?
  • 13
    Do you two text often?
  • 14
    Has he ever made effort to help you with something?
  • 15
    Last question! Has he ever expressed interest in dating you?

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27 days ago
I honestly have no clue why I’m taking this quiz. We’re both bi and poly, and about to get into a relationship with a girl. But thanks for the confirmation!
66 days ago
@Joe ALSO don't kiss ur bro with consent when he's asleep that aint cool.....
66 days ago
@Joe romantic relations between family members are abusive and harmful, even when they seem ok. Romantic relationship between siblings children turns out to be very abusive, in favor of the sibling with more age, knowledge or experience, and is actually very exploitative. Sibling 😘 leads to difficulties establishing relationships in the future and are often coercive and lead to traumatic bonding. so no, don't get with ur bro......
72 days ago
me and my bestfriend (both bi) took this together lol, 40% go for it
79 days ago
Well my results sucked. It said I should go for it 40% but it be also said I should protect the friendship 40%. So…. Also my crush is pansexual and he likes my other pansexual friend and she likes him back…. My social life is not going great. Also only a few people know I am bi so we probably couldn’t date or anything until I came out. But the problem with that is that I don’t know how some of my friends would react.
88 days ago
@Joe its illegal to marry your own family. but im not saying its wrong or anything.
88 days ago
well, i guess he teases me(flirts?) but i kinda feel like he is hiding something from me. soooo, maybe?
89 days ago
So, I'm in love with my brother. We're really close, and we have kissed before. Well, I kissed him while he was asleep. He's really cute, and I dunno if he likes me. We regularly sleep together and I'm trying to show him I love him more than family.
108 days ago
i don't know... maybe but i don't know if it's usual friendship or something else. He always teases(flirts ?) with me when we're together but i don't know, Maybe it's not love though, i'm still notsure about my feelings.
125 days ago
I did this for my gay crush 😻 and i am going to kiss 💋 him on monday after class
191 days ago
So, my best friend kissed my at our school dance, but he says he is not gay. Wazza goin' on, bruh?
193 days ago
i did this for a Bisexual Man who is in a relationship with another man in 1892 germany
193 days ago
I did the for Moritz
346 days ago