Does he like you?
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Does he like you?

If you're uncertain as to whether he likes you or not, this will hopefully help decide things for you.

Question 1:Does he smile at you a lot?
He's always smiling at me! And what a lovely smile he has too!
Sometimes, but he's the serious type.
Yes, but he smiles at everyone.

Question 2:Does he flirt with you?
If you mean by flirting with me that we laugh a lot together, and he's always teasing me, then hell ya!
I can't tell if it's flirting or not.
No, but he flirts with loads of other girls.

Question 3:Do you share the same interests?
We both like the same music.
Yeah, we do loads of the same extra-curricular activities
Yes, but he doesn't know that

Question 4:Does he have a girlfriend?
Yeah, but I haven't given up hope!
Yes. It's hopeless.
Would I be here if he did???

Question 5:What's the nicest thing he's ever said to you?
'Your hair's nice' after you got it cut.
He's always saying sweet things to me
I don't know, nothing stands out

Question 6:Do you enjoy each others company?
I enjoy his anyway!
Yeah, I think we do,we've loads to say to one another
I don't think we spend enough time together to know

Question 7:Do you talk to him a lot in class?
If he feels like it
Yeah, we're always talking, and we sit next to each other sometimes
Hardly ever.

Question 8:Do you think he knows you like him?
Maybe. I go red every time I talk to him so maybe he's figured it out
Probably, I'm not exactly shy about it!

Question 9:Do you see him outside of school?
No, but if I pass him he says hi
Yes, we always meet up
Occasionally, but always with other people

Question 10:Why do you like him?
We get on SO well, he's perfect in nearly every way
I don't know, I just do
He's gorgeous

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