Does your crush have a secret crush on you?
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Does your crush have a secret crush on you?

You had a fling once, and then went back to being friends. But does he still have hidden feelings for you that he won't reveal?

Question 1:How long have you and your crush been friends?
Friends? He doesn't even know I'm alive!!
We met a month ago at a party a month ago and became fast friends.
We met at school years ago, and have been friends ever since.

Question 2:Where on the flirting scale would you say your crush is with you?
At first he flirted occasionally, but now he acts normal.
He flirts with me every second of every day!!
When his girlfriend isn't around, he flirts like crazy.

Question 3:Has your crush ever told you that he likes you as more than a friend?
Yes, right before we shared our first kiss!!
Yeah, once. But he said it jokingly.
Yes, but after that happened things get weird.

Question 4:Is your crush very affectionate with you?
Not really, we just hug when we say goodbye.
Yes, he can't keep his hands off me!!
Yeah, he's even affectionate with me around our friends.

Question 5:Has your crush ever kissed you?
What? No!! I wish.
Yes, but I think he just wanted to see if I was any good.
Yes, he put his hand on my face, and kissed me sweetly.

Question 6:How often do you and your crush hang out together?
All the time! I'm at his house right now.
Just when all of our friends are in a big group.
Not a lot, he has a girlfriend.

Question 7:You bought your crush a small stuffed animal and gave him a card. What did he do with them?
He threw them in his room somewhere.
They have both been on his desk since you gave them to him-months ago.
You mean the one that his dog chewed up?

Question 8:Have any of your friends asked why you two are not together?
Why would they ask a silly question like that?
Yeah, every day.
A few times before, but we just laughed it off.

Question 9:How long after you met, did you and your crush realize there was an attraction?
About a year or so.
The first time we laid eyes on each other the sparks were flying.
After the first time we accidentally touched.

Question 10:How often does your crush ask you for advice or tell you something personal?
Every time he needs someone to talk to.
He doesn't get too personal with me.
If I ask him if something is wrong.

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