Does He Care About You?
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Does He Care About You?

To take this test, add all of the point values together and see what he rates at the bottom! Find out if he really cares about you. Answer it honestly or you’ll never know!

Question 1:Has he ever shown up in an unexpected place and found you? (Show, concert, sports game, city fair, whatever.)
Kind of... but it was by accident.

Question 2:Has he ever asked you out to the movies, roller skating, or just somewhere to spend time with you (jogging, the lake, etc.)?
Yes. We had fun.
Yeah, but he was a total loser.
Yes, but the parents wouldn't let me go.

Question 3:Has he ever admitted to caring about you?
Yes. He said he loved me.
Yes… he has, but he tried to joke about it.
Yes. In a really serious way.

Question 4:How does he usually act around you?
Pretty open and joking around (even with really stupid jokes) – comfortable.
Quiet and shy.
Really guy-like; always talking about sex.

Question 5:How did you first meet him?
At school – he tried talking about a friend of mine to start conversation.
He just walked up and asked me out.
With a REALLY bad attitude.

Question 6:What's his name? ;-)
Something else.

Question 7:How do you feel about him?
I’m totally obsessed with him – and he knows it.
I’m totally obsessed with him – but I can never tell him about it.
He’s sweet – I like him.
He’s all over me all the time.
He’s okay – kind of a jerk.

Question 8:What is the sweetest thing he’s ever said to you?
'You’re beautiful – inside and out.'
'You’re damn sexy!' Or something like that. ;-)
Nice shirt.
'Sup b****.

Question 9:Is he REALLY hot? (Just cuz I wanna know.)
Oh yeah.
He's pretty good.
He's okay.
He's kind of ugly...
He looks like a dog pile!

Question 10:Have you two ever had a 'deep' conversation? About God, love, or whatever?
Yes... it was so bad that he cried a little.
Yes... kind of anyway.
Nope. Never.

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