What does HE think of you?
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What does HE think of you?

Girls, find out if your crush likes you!

Question 1:When you talk to him....
Talk? I can't even ask a guy where the bathroom is!
He laughs and jokes around with me.
He acts like he is preoccupied or annoyed.
He has the biggest smile on his face.

Question 2:Do you ever catch him checkin' you out?
Not really.
Hell yeah, all the time!
Nah, he's got his eyes on the most popular girl in school.
Only if I have a piece of broccoli in my teeth.

Question 3:Does he ever listen in on conversations between you and your best buds to pick up some information about you?
Nah, he only does that when I'm talking to him.
Nope...he doesn't seem to care about what we have to say.
Yes! And he tries always joins in the conversation, too!

Question 4:Let's say you enter a classroom. Where are his eyes?
On his group of friends.
Smack into mine
On the chalkboard or some other inanimate object.
On his crush, the female heartthrob of school.

Question 5:He first started noticing you...
When he realized how smart and talented I was.
When his friends pointed out how ugly my face is.
When I shouted something really funny during class.
Er...has that happened yet?

Question 6:When he talks to you...
He's really loud and funny-sounding.
He tries to make sure that no one is paying attention.
He speaks in that sweet, affectionate voice.
Um, hopefully that will happen soon.

Question 7:Let's say you made a mistake involving him. What does he do?
Drop it. Everyone makes mistakes.
He's annoyed at first, but eventually becomes friends me again.
Get pissed off, but not take it out on me. He would only tell his buddies how angry he is.
Scream at me for messing up his life.

Question 8:When another guy is talking to you, does he get jealous?
First of all, guys don't talk to me!
Only when I'm leaving him out.
I wouldn't call it jealous, but he wishes that he could be the one to talk to me instead.

Question 9:Which compliment has he ever paid you?
Wow, you're really smart and/or talented!
You have...uh...neat handwriting.
Dude, you're awesome to hang with!

Question 10:If word got out that you liked him, he would say...
Who's that?
You're joking, right?

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