Does he love you like how you love him?

Ever wondered whether your boyfriend loves you the same way like how you love him? Take this quiz and find out...

Question 1:   Did he ask you out or did you ask him out instead?
He asked me out (even though I rejected him ten times before)
He asked me out
I asked him out (he almost cried out of happiness)
I asked him out (he hesitated for a minute or two)
I asked him out (he gave me a maybe after a week)

Question 2:   It's your birthday, what does he do?
Organises a party/sing a birthday song in front of the whole class
Gives you whatever you've always wanted
Say "Hey happy birthday!"
Say "Hey happy birthday!" when you remind him it's your birthday
Does nothing

Question 3:   He's supposed to go out with his friends tonight, but you're sick at home. What does he do?
Tell his friends he can't go out anymore (stays by you for the whole night)
Accompanies you for a while (until you feel better)
Accompanies you for a while (then goes out with his friends)
Go out with his friends anyway (but call you to check if you're okay the next day)

Question 4:   He sees a really pretty and sexy girl walking down the street. What does he do?
Tells you she looks nothing compared to you
Pays no attention (continues whatever he was doing with you just now)
Pretends he didn't notice but throws a quick glance
Whistles and goes "Wow! What a babe."
Drool all over

Question 5:   The most popular girl in your school (probably the cheerleader, they're all b*tches aren't they) asks him to be her date on the prom... What does he do?
Says no immediately
Thinks for a second and says no
Asks his best friend for advice
Asks you if he can go to the prom with her
Agrees and goes to the prom with her instead of you

Question 6:   You got a big ugly pimple right on the nose (ew that's gross isn't it)... What does he do?
Buys you the acne defense
Ignores it
Pretends to ignore it
Laughs about it
Throws up and leaves

Question 7:   You have broccoli on your teeth after that delicious meal... What does he do?
Asks your best friend to tell you about it
Tells you about it
Ignores it
Laughs about it
Doesn't even notice

Question 8:   He passes a note to you in class... What does it say?
I love you
You're so beautiful
Want to hang out tonight?
The teacher's a git
Let's break up

Question 9:   Sunday is a "family day" for him, it's been a rule since he's born... But you have this concert you asked him to go with you ages ago... What does he do?
Tells his parents some made-up lies and goes with you
Sneaks out and goes with you
Turns up one hour late
Stays at home anyway (but calls to apologise)
Stays at home anyway

Question 10:   Finally, how long do you think you two will last?
As long as I want it to be
About a few years
I have no idea
Until tomorrow

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