Selection Quiz– Does your crush’s friend/best friend crush on YOU.

Take the Quiz and find out who they really are.

Question 1:   Has your crush’s friends ever talked to you:
Not a chance

Question 2:   Has your crush’s friends ever flirted with you:
Yes, everyday
Yes, their big flirts
No, chance on this earth
What’s flirting?

Question 3:   Have you had any relationships with them:
No, this crush is my first
Yes, several
Too many to count
No way that’s betrayal

Question 4:   Has your crush’s friends ever tried to kiss you:
Not at all
Over my dead body
How do you mean

Question 5:   Has your crush’s friend ever touched you:
Touched and hugged
Hugged and kissed
Kissed and touched
None of the above

Question 6:   Does your crush’s friend like you:
Yes, most defiantly
They keep as far away as possible
I don’t know them
They love me

Question 7:   Does your crush’s friend spend most minutes of the day staring at you:
They don’t know me
They’re not with me in things
Yes, all the time
I’m too ugly or scared to look round

Question 8:   When you walk pass your crush’s friend do they:
Say hi and blush
Have a blank look on their face
Don’t bother looking at you
Say hi and walk off

Question 9:   Has your crush’s friend ever written you love letters:
No, they prefer to write poems
Yes, every lesson
So many get passed to me every lesson I have a special pencil case for notes
I can’t read

Question 10:   Are you forgetful:
Yes, 5 second memory for me
Why am I taking this test
Nope, I remember the war
Do you like movies

This Quiz has been designed by Ben Marks.