Does He Like You?
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Does He Like You?

Find out if your crush likes you back?

Question 1:Does he make eye contact with you constantly?
Question 2:Have you ever caught him staring at you with his friends/siblings as if they are talking about you?
Question 3:Does he flirt with you?
Question 4:Has he ever called you?
Question 5:Have you ever called him? Or have you made an attempt to call him?
Question 6:Do you have same similarities with each other?
Question 7:When he walks pass you, does he smile sweetly and say hey!(yes) or make eye contact but doesn't say anything.(no)
Question 8:Have you met his parents/siblings?
Question 9:When you first meet them, do they smile at you wierd as if they are checking you out in a sort of way?
Question 10:Has your crush ever made fun of you or talked about you in a mean way?
Question 11:Does he know your name?(yes) Doesn't?(no)
Question 12:Do you think he likes you?
Question 13:Have you ever seen him check you out?
Question 14:Does his friends know your name and you know theirs?
Question 15:Does his friends know your name but you don't know who the heck they are?
Question 16:Does he pay attention to you when you walk pass him?
Question 17:Is he nice/friendly to you?
Question 18:Does he do mean things to you?
Question 19:Has one of his friends say that he flirts with you a lot?
Question 20:Does he hang out with you?

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