Does He Like Me?

Here's a quiz I created especially for those of you who want to know whether or not he likes you. (NOTE: It doesn't necessarily have to be a crush.) Know in just a few minutes by taking this quiz! I hope you get the answer you want, but if you don't, it's his loss. Just look for someone with better taste!

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    First off, when you talk, who initiates the contact?

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98 days ago
Okay ,I have a crush on a kid two stinking years younger than me and I have no idea what to do. He's really cute and funny and comes from a nice family and all that stuff. But I only see him on the bus and now schools over, so.... he plays baseball and I go to my brothers baseball games and sometimes he's there so that's the only time I see him. and the last few days on the bus but we were allowed to sit wherever we wanted,why is that bad you ask, WELL, THESE SON OF A BISCUIT 1ST GRADERS TOOK MY SEAT NEXT TO HIM [pardon my language] And I *huff have no idea what to do. Like a lot of people say, I'm getting mixed signals. Once our bus driver brought in Kool Aids [she's a real nice lady] and one Kool Aid pouch and three minutes later he's saying:

"Cool, um," then he said the first compliment that came to mind, "Cool legs!"

And no, he's not the pervert type, like I said he was drunk on Kool Aid, so... I'm not sure if he was actually trying to compliment me and it actually meant something but just came out wrong or if the sugar was still in his system.

Anyway, I need advice and I know it's not the ideal to give it, but please, if you have experience in this area of crushing on someone comment ASAP and i will see it.
350 days ago
This was my result
So, does this guy like you, or what? He most likely does want you. So go for it! Try looking longer into his eyes than usual, laughing at his jokes more heartily and other subtle hints first. If those don't bring about the desired reaction, see if just telling him how you feel does the trick.🥰☺️😬😮
364 days ago
aaaa just finished, 50/50 chance. Im going to keep taking these quizzes! i asked for his instagram, he doesnt even have one... i think he likes me but he’s a little shy around girls... boys arent really great at taking hints! 💋💗😉
364 days ago
I think he might like me, but he’s pretty shy. Boys really arent good at taking hints! 💗💋
370 days ago
So pretty much there is this guy in my PE class and he always (always) stares at me and I’ll look back at him and we’ll do this like on and off whenever we see each other (but I always have my mask on obvs) today for the first time he saw me without my mask and just stared at me while he was walking by and I didn’t know if it was a good look or a bad one. So I kinda wanna like get his ig or just talk to him but idk how... he seems kinda shy and i don’t wanna make any assumptions but I feel like he always stares at me😂 he’s so cute and I rlly wanna get to know him but yea.... helppppp 😫😫😫
527 days ago
Heh since the quarantine, I can't communicate with him, but I think he is still dating that pretty girl and he is still way out of my league
747 days ago
It said he wants me. So ig he likes me
748 days ago
Lol I got 50 50. How helpful lol
980 days ago
Teeth it said most likely
1073 days ago
HE LIKE MEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1076 days ago
YEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!! I'm gonna text him about this RN!!!!😆
1242 days ago
he likes me!i can prove it because this is the 6h quiz i've taken.
1753 days ago
Lol is other lol lol lol