Does Your Crush Secretly Like You? Quiz

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This is the perfect quiz for anyone who is interested in knowing if the person they love feels the same way!

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    Does he/she ever talk to you?

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1618 days ago
Me: Does he like me-
Test: He likes you!
Me: So he might like me...
Me: *jumps of a cliff*
1618 days ago
He asked me out and asked if I loved him. I replied with I don't know and he said okay. From that day on wards he ignored my text but checks my status everytime.
1665 days ago
I really like my crush and he really likes me too but the thing about it is he is my best friend and he is one year older than me and he is like the School golden boy so I kinda feel I donโ€™t have a chance even though this test says other wise.
1668 days ago
i like my crush but we were really good friends and i dont ruin our friendship by confessing. turns out he does like me too. ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—
1728 days ago
Is this test real?!?
Hope its not a scam
1737 days ago
Me: Oh it's half and half, I can't really tell-
Test: 50% he/she likes you!
Me: So half and half.
Me: *Jumps off bridge*
1742 days ago
U really like him but he don't like me
1782 days ago
so, it said "for 80 % you are: It seems that your crush mainly thinks of you as a friend." However, She is amazing at hiding thigs... and this might be one of those 'things' :P
1788 days ago
Tbh, I love my crush. I chat online with him for a few years But He likes someone I don't know and the quiz said he thinks of me as a friend. And the other quiz said I had a chance. I don't know which one I should trust. I like him very much..and He's like family too me But he thinks of me as a little sister..
1789 days ago
OMG!! This test said that he likes me! Yestrday he talked to me in the hallway and my heart was skippings!! I love him so much!!!
1805 days ago
My crush is my best guy friend and I love him....The thing is he says he likes another girl...and I asked the magic 8 ball if he liked me and it said YES I dont know if its and him are really coles
1820 days ago
so 12 years passed and still dont know if he likes me!"like cmon why does he stares at me that much. why he gets annoyed when i play with other guys?" i try to talk to him on facebook and he blocks me? but he smiles and gets all shy with me? ?" his friends says that he likes me but hes shy?'what the hell ??"why he doesnt talk to me then??"or appear in places i am there. seriously i am soo confused as hell. and i am 23 now!
1823 days ago
it hurts when ur crush and u cant talk cuz u two cant sit together and they dont have ur #
1834 days ago
I think its real but its painful
1837 days ago
It's painful when you love someone more than anything in this world but can't even talk to him ๐Ÿ˜”
1838 days ago
is this real?
1845 days ago
I my crush has a twin brother that one of my bffs likes I mean me and my bffs tell secrets all the tome and all of them know I like him! And also last year him and his twin brother BOTH had a crush on me and I think they both still do!
1893 days ago
My best friend last year said he liked me. One day, I just crushed :O
I asked her if anyone like me now this year and her reply was "I don't know. Maybe (wont say name) again?" Out loud I just shrugged but inside I was like ''I wish boi"
1903 days ago
You know I know he likes my other friend but is says "OMG! Your crush is totally in love with you!" so I'm hopings there's somewhere in his heart that feels that way about me. This is the second year I've liked him, I confessed a month ago, and was rejected last week. His friends told me that he really didn't want to hurt me and didn't want to go through the rejection. I wonder how he really feels about me...?
1905 days ago
:l :( I can't beleive this quiz told me he does'nt like me.