~*~Does My Boyfriend Really Love Me?~*~

Have you ever wondered how your boyfriend REALLY feels about you? It's such a common thing to do, it'd be surprising it you hadn't! Plus, you ARE looking at this quiz.:-) Try it now and find out if he loves you, or is possibly just humoring you (I really hope not!).

  • 1
    How long have you been dating him?
    How long have you been dating him?
  • 2
    What does he think about your looks? To him, you're ______.
  • 3
    Has he told you he loves you yet?

  • 4
    How often are you together?
  • 5
    Does he ever compliment you?
  • 6
    How does he treat you when you're both around his friends?

  • 7
    How often do you argue?
  • 8
    Has he ever cheated on you?
  • 9
    Has he ever hit you? (Hitting someone is assault, and should be an automatic deal-breaker for you.)
  • 10
    How does he make you feel?

  • 11
    Does he try to pressure you into doing things you don't want to?
  • 12
    Does he lie to you?
  • 13
    When something is wrong, does he comfort you?
  • 14
    Does he laugh at your jokes, even when they're really stupid?
  • 15
    By his actions, does he seem to love you?

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114 days ago
Tq sm love meters aap she love me more than my lyf ad we both love each other more than our both lyf
115 days ago
So does your boyfriend really love you? He honestly does love you. Good for you! We would all like to have a guy like yours. Hold on to him as long as you can and treat him just as well as he treats you. Good luck in your relationship in the future!😌😌
179 days ago
my bf treats me like a friend and talks to other girls( their taller than him) but i don't know if it's that i don't tell him i love him or anything because i'm shy or he just wants me for my looks
180 days ago
yayyy so he do
191 days ago
HE DOES LOVE ME, aawww ! Im 13 and hes 13 but I told my friends I dont like him but I cant help it! HES TOO CUTE
200 days ago
Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 months but we have not seen each other in a hole year due to covid so it has been really had but this test is so helpful. (We are 11.)
202 days ago
211 days ago
I'm 12 and my boyfriend tells me he loves me everyday but sometimes I wonder if he just says that. And now that he knows more about me he might just be there to put up with my 💗(We've only been dating 3 months)
282 days ago
My boyfriend is so sweet ❤️❤️❤️, but there is always that moment where I think I’m not good enough for him 😔 so I try giving him my all
283 days ago
my bf and i have been dating for 4 years and he is the best he only hit me when he's a bit upset if i don't provide him with 🐬 hehe
but i love him so much and we gonna get married as soon hell come back from rehab:)
326 days ago
My boyfriend treats me like a queen and we've been dating for 2 years! I love him so much and I'm lucky to have found a guy like him. We've never fought and he always puts me ahead of others. I hope ya'll find a boyfriend like mine. And if you ever go through a break up remember to stay strong and you'll find someone better. :>
363 days ago
Ummmm, I'm not sure how I feel about this app but thank you:)
378 days ago
I really appreciate this it's such an amazing thing.
That's good job.
383 days ago
He always seems to loves me bt some time he Egnore me for others nd that make me feel so sad 💔 some time i thought he never truly loves me he just pretend to loves me bt some time i feel like I'm so lucky to have him in my life
391 days ago
he told me i love you so much but idk if its ture
402 days ago
I don't know if he really loves me
430 days ago
I was the one who proposed him and he accepted me. He told me, "Thank you for being my gf. " I was really happy. He's really caring. I love him a lot... ❤♥❤
((Btw, I call him, sweetheart💘))
473 days ago
I don't know if he truly loves me
474 days ago
My boyfriend really loves me... He meant everything to me.. I don't need any quiz n all... I trust him a lot
488 days ago
185 days ago on november 15, 2019. I wrote on this quiz "I started dating the guy this guy that I've been liking for 4 months and Im really happy with him" im sorry to say that me and him broke up. I hope to come back here in a few months and say im better. Enjoy them while theyre with you. Be honest with them. Remind them how much you care. You never know when itll be over.