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Do They Like Me? Quiz

At some point, almost everybody has a crush they're unsure about! That's why I created this quiz! And you must be wondering about someone - why else would you be checking it out? ;-) Try my test now and find out if that special someone has their eye on YOU for Christmas!

  • 1
    What does he/she do when you catch them looking at you?
  • 2
    Have they ever complimented you?
    Have they ever complimented you?
  • 3
    Do they know you like them?

  • 4
    Are you two friends?
  • 5
    On a scale of one to 10, ten being the best, how much do you think they like you?
  • 6
    What do they most commonly say to you?

  • 7
    Have they ever given you a gift?
  • 8
    How alike are you two?
  • 9
    Do you guys ever go anywhere together?
  • 10
    Have they ever flirted with you or told you they like you?

Comments (50)


99 days ago

I think you should wait a bit to make him like you more, but if you truly feel like it go for it and confess!
129 days ago
oh and I am also in love with a hot dude and I am not sure if they like me that way or not
129 days ago
Hi my name is ryann and I love singing ,dancing, reading, writing, acting, and art! and my favorite movies are Mamma Mia! and Titanic and I use she her prounous
143 days ago
You got 20 seconds ok times up ok got you're answers?
143 days ago
Guess who my crush is!And also am 12years old! I give you a clue: his in all the Harry Potter movie's and books and his hot!
143 days ago
Hi guys am Caroline I hope I can get to know you guy's better!And I love the movie Mona! And I singing,writing,drawing,daceing,eating,w atching Tv and my favourite film is Harry Potter
150 days ago

I have a crush. Let's call him w.
W recently told my friend they like me.
Apparently in the romantic way. About 10%.

I talk to him on a regular basis and joke around and have fun with him.
Should I confess?

Or should I try to make him like me more before I make a move?
Please.Pleassee tell me?undefined
285 days ago
i cant dont know them or talk to them and are too shy... just DO IT. (giving if your homeless just buy a house like I CANT im shyyyyy)
361 days ago
annnnndd Helplessgayrmonatic i think u should ask her if she likes u maybe? If she's gay also, i don't think it'll seem creepy!
361 days ago
Hey Anonymous! Soooo i understand how u feel. I have two best friends, and one revealed that they liked the other one after a while. And she said that she had trouble, because incase my friend liked her, then she wanted both of them to be happy. But she didn't want things to be awkward. And it turned out that my friend didn't like her, so then it got awkward.
BUT, if your friend likes you back, then i definitely think you should tell them! :) good luck on whatever u decide to do!
361 days ago
I got: So, do they like you? They like you as a friend, and a bit more as well, but they are really shy and don't quite know how to express themselves. If you act casually but nice around them, they might become more comfortable showing their feelings.

Woo-hoo! That's a pretty good outcome :)
I've known him since i was six. I go to school with him. I've never confessed to him- because he just moved out of my grade, he's two grades older than me.

I luv u, Jon!!! XOXO
439 days ago
euhh... a few of these questions don’t have any accurate answers, so my result was probably skewed ahaha. the chances are 99% she doesn’t like me, considering she’s almost definitely straight and I’m not a cis guy (I’m agender but when you haven’t transitioned that gets ignored oof.) I would feel disgusting forcing someone to pretend to be something they’re not, but one can have dreams :’)
585 days ago
Okay, so I took this quiz, and apparently, he does like me!!! I just confessed a few days ago- :D
Anyone have advice?
589 days ago
Emmmm, so this is says they for sure like me. Ive known them for 3 years. I had just confessed to them and they supported me. I hope I don’t get rejected but then again, we are one of the biggest bonds we know.
618 days ago
im in high school btw - Ok so I like this person, I'll call them Apple(idk their pronouns, they seem they might be nonbinary but I'm not 100% sure). So I met Apple thru another friend, and we all sit together at lunch, along with some other friends. Me and Apple always look at each other and have awkward eye contact, and then laugh and look away. and we have so many other random interactions that feel like flirting but im not sure. we talk a little and at out lunch table we sit directly next to each other. idk what to do... I also dont know their name. because one time Apple wrote on my friends arm, "(male name) was here" but I was told in the past by the friend that their name is something else(female name). So idk if it was a joke, or the female name is their dead name, or idk.... WHAT DO I DO
623 days ago
So I like this one person (dont know their pronouns) but the thing Is i have run into some problems..... so their😍is female (I am a girl as well by the way ) they are a little younger than me (by like 10 months) but although I know who they are and they know who I am, weve had legit 1 convo... and it was like 4 sentences 😳 We go to the same highschool, though we dont have any classes together we catch the same bus every day. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! I know that their gay as well, I just don't know if they would like, me. Should I tell them that I like them, or is that creepy, should I compliment them? Flirt? Hint? Can I please have some help? Thankyou
695 days ago
When they really like you but your not 100% sure 😫
738 days ago
Ghostbur if your reading this-
…Love you ❤️
778 days ago
Anonymous: AWHHH THAT'S SOOO CUTE That's a cute lil story. :) But I genuinely think that you should go get em, tiger, ya never know if ya don't try? If you're too shy or scared, try getting confident or ask a friend to tell them for you. But you don't have to, this is my personal opinion on what you should do. Do what you want, but remember everybody will support you as long as you truly love them.
826 days ago
Lol have have a crush on a boy that rides the same school bus as me.