What Does He Think Of Me?

We're all crushing on someone sometimes, and we all want to know if they like us, too! Come on, admit it!:-) This quick quiz aims to give you a basic idea of what's on his (or her) mind. Try it now! I hope you get the answer you really want, but if not, it's their loss - and there are tons of better matches out there for wonderful YOU!

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    What do you two talk about?

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89 days ago
So there is this guy right? He is so cute and we have a lot in common he talks to my friends about me and staff and i dont knkw if he like me or not we have the same friends and we sit toghter at lunch all of us cause my friend is dating his friends so there is this connection between us and we chat a lot and staff but i think he is scared to make a move what should i do?
106 days ago
Every test I take (trust me there's been a lot) has told me that "he's crazy for you" or "what are you waiting for? Y'all are soul mates!" But I'm taking this test like a whole year after being in a what-if phase, right now my crush and I don't even talk or see each other because I am an online student and he is in-person (Covid problems). When I knew him, we were great friends and everyone was shipping us, but he had a girlfriend and wouldn't go out with me no matter how good of a couple (maybe even better than his current relationship) we would've been. I have respect for him and his girlfriend, so I didn't wanna ruin anything myself if my crush wasn't up to it, but now I have to wait until covid goes away to tell him. Guys, for anyone reading this, please tell your crush how you feel, because you are never guaranteed that opportunity and you will regret it. I've learned that the hard way
125 days ago
So I really like this guy and I think he likes me. I really want to ask him out but he is like best friends with this guy I broke up with around 5 months ago. I'm scared my ex will get upset which would just make me feel so bad. What should I do?
180 days ago
@Anonymous I hope this works out! I'm rooting for you! You seem to really like this "Nick" and I'm positive he likes you back. Some guys are too shy when it comes to matters of the heart, which is why you have to make the first move! You got this! Go for it! ❤️❤️❤️
180 days ago
Hey thanks for answering my question. Anyway anonymous, if this is happening you gotta tell him how you feel. If he doesn't feel the same way, tell him it doesn't matter and ask if you can stay friends. If he does like you back ask him out or wait for him to. Go for it!
182 days ago
I have an issue with one of my friends, let’s call him Nick, so anyway me and “Nick” are like best friends we’ve known each other for almost 8 years, and everyone thinks we’re dating and everything. We get shipped by everyone (even our teachers) I don’t know if I like him, but this quiz says he likes me and all the quiz’s do but, I’m not sure! His talk about me and everything and we have lots of inside jokes and everything and people say he likes me but idk! I kinda think he does and if he asked me out I’d probably say yes but I just don’t know what to do, help please undefined
182 days ago
Ok so to the girl (or guy) who’s account name just said unknown, unless he’s just a generally really caring person, he’s crazy about you and cares like a whole bunch!!! You should go for it girly (or guy I’m just guessing)
186 days ago
Well I need advice so like I wanna tell my crush I like him but we're like best friends and I don't wanna ruin that relationship if he doesn't feel the same way. I don't know about quizzes. But just tell me: on recess I'm feeling really bad and I don't wanna play and I just sit down. He sits next to me and talks to me for the whole recess and it was just my legs hurting from gym. And for Christmas in our school we had a shop to buy presents. I saw a diamond and wanted it and I only told my friend. Next day he shows up at my door with a Christmas present with my name on it and inside was the diamond. Does he like me?
186 days ago
I got "he's crazy about me".honestly,all the quizzes i took said he likes me back,and idk he does show some signs n all,...but....today....he told me that he has a crush on one of my friends(me and him are bff's btw)BUT HE STILL SHOWS SOME SIGNS AND ALL...IDKKKKKK
186 days ago
I really need some advice...I'm hinestly nor even sure if someone's gonna see this cz im kindaa late..But like,i hvae a crush on this boi and we're really close friends(you can say besties)and we talk everyday and have alot of inisde jokes and make eachother laugh or smile all the time.I told him that i like him and he said "i like you too" but he hasn't asked me out yet...idk if he really meant it from his heart or was just tryna be nice and not hurt my feelings...IDKKKKKKK!
188 days ago
ok but like, I need some advice. Idrk if anyone will see this bc im kind of late, but like I am REALLY like just I can TELL SO MUCH that he doesn't like me. But I cannot get over him and I just feel so happy around him. And it's like we keep getting so close together and have eye contact and everything and AHHH I just idrk I rly like him and Ik he don't like me back but I honestly don't really care. My old guy friend told me once that he said "not to be rude, but your crush don't like you back" like IM AWARE I just idrk- I am never telling my crush I like him but next year we are going to different middle school's and idrk im just really scared ima loose contact with him and AAAH I CAN'T LOOSE HIS CUTE PERSONALITY SOMEONE HELP OR GIVE ME ADVICE PLEASEEEEEE
188 days ago
ok but like this result made me cry HAHHAHHHHHHHHH like- AAAAAAHARGHHH UGGHH but like I was kind of expecting that bc I know he don't like me, but every time I see him my whole personality changes and I just feel so happy HAHAH IF ONLY HE KNEW I LIKED HIM HE PROBABLY DOES THO BC MY FRIEND TELLS EVERYONE SO THE WHOLE SCHOOL KNOWSSSSS- sorry for the caps oops-
205 days ago
well he all ways stairs at me and even though he said he hated me i think that is boy code for i like u but idk how to express it.
206 days ago
🥲... I really don’t know what to say... I suppose my crush does like me since he’s always trying to sit next to me and 🕊 my things for fun. 😓 too bad someone else got him before I did. Ah well... suppose there’s someone out there on the other side of the world who would be better...
242 days ago
So.. When we pass each other we'll make really awkward eye contact. We do that a lot. Also, it's kinda weird cuz my best friend is his little sister and they're super close. And also I don't really want to like him (stupid teenage hormones),cuz I'll act super awkward around him if I like him, but I want to be his friend cuz he's a great person....
249 days ago
@Rae aww, i think he likes you! good luck and have a nice life.
249 days ago
@Rae aww, i think he likes you!
262 days ago
Hey I would love some advice on this! There is a guy that I know who is super sweet. I got to know him from school, and we sit at the same table. My class started in October, and I just started sitting with his group recently, but I had already noticed him earlier. Anyway, all that to say, he's super cute, hilarious, and really sweet. A couple weeks ago I sat at their table for the first time, and we had NEVER talked, but he pulled out a chair for me anyway. See what I mean? Such a sweetheart. The teacher started talking, so I turned that way so I could focus. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him TOTALLY looking at me, so I glanced his way. Usually, guys will just look away all shy, but he kept looking at me, then smiled. I smiled back, and shyly listened to the teacher again. I thought nothing of it until it happened repeatedly. I was sure he was just being nice to the 'new girl' at his table, so it wasn't a huge deal. We had a two week break from class, and just came back recently. On the day we came back, I was immediately invited to sit with their group, which I was elated about. He waved to me, and we all got out our textbooks. This is a fairly advanced class, and I'm one of the youngest people in it, so I was wondering how old he was. Anyway, I noticed he was wearing a sweatshirt from my favorite TV show, so I said 'Hey, can I just say I love you sweatshirt?'. And he thanked me, then we started raving about the show. Then the whole 'he looks, I look, he smiles, I smile, I look away' thing happened again, also while he was being purposefully hilarious to crack everyone at our table up. After class everyone else had left, but we were waiting on our rides. All of a sudden, he started talking to me. He said 'Do you play any instruments?' and I replied with the instruments I play, and we talked about that for a while. Our rides were about twenty minutes late, which gave us plenty of time to talk. We went surprisingly deep into conversation considering we had just talked (in depth) for the first time that day. Any ideas?
262 days ago
Ashantii- it's kinda good 🥱🤍I love pickles
301 days ago
I think he loves me very much.I am hir cousine