What Does He Think Of Me? The Crush Quiz

We're all crushing on someone sometimes, and we all want to know if they like us, too! Come on, admit it!:-) This quick quiz aims to give you a basic idea of what's on his (or her) mind. Try it now! I hope you get the answer you really want, but if not, it's their loss - and there are tons of better matches out there for wonderful YOU!

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    What do you two talk about?

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27 days ago
We r in love!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
62 days ago
i hate being a teen. so many changes and then you hate ppl for almost no reason. i almost cried today cuz the cutest boy in the book club groups is in the 9 th grade club with my friends while im in 7-8. i used to be homeschooled and if i had stayed homeschooled i could be in that group cuz i was a grade ahead. i will be the oldest in my class at school and i just hate my mom cuz like if ima be the oldest one then why the heck cant i just go up a grade with ppl who are 13?! 😠 btw im pretty much just mad at my mom but i also wanna scream and cry without being pitied and comforted. like i wish i could cant a spell and people see a smiley cheery girl and behind that spell sob and scream without them hearing a peep
63 days ago
lol. u sound like an MSA main character
64 days ago
I got: So, what does your crush think of you?

From the answers you gave, you and he/she seem to have a really nice friendship - which could develop into more in time.

Don't force it - what is meant to be will happen. That said, don't try too hard to seem not that interested, either. Good luck! I hope it works out the way you want it to.

I'm not even friends with them-not close at all. I mean the last time we hung out was last year, LOL! And I saw them today and all they did was look at me a few times but was destracted. IDK if I even like him-or want to for that matter, heres the story:
So almost exactly last year my friedn (Now ememy) Greyson had his cousins over. He had a super cute cousin named Riley and I crushed on him so fu *king hard. I more was obsessed. Riley eventually found out I liked him and hes kinda full of himself-and he also said he like me back. But then after summer was over Riley didnt return to Greyson's house for a year even though they're only 20 mins away and Riley's younger brother named Ryder visits all the time. And so after like five months I found intrest in other guys.

And yesterday I was walking my dog and I saw RILEY again. But now hes 13 and super hot. And I DONT want to crush on him because I heard stories from his aunt (Greyson's mom) about how bad he is. But I can't help it, Riley is good at everything-hes amazing at basketball, tether ball, and can do all these flips and stuff. So hes basically perfect-besides his personality which is good-but the stories I heard from Greyson and Riley's aunt are weird..
PLUS hes so full of himself he was playing basketball shirtless and my mom started trying to get me to go outside and play basketball also-UHG. And my mom keeps giggling when hes around which looks sus. AND I thought I was over him! But ig not. Hes too hot.
65 days ago

i crushed on a boy in church camp and he lives in a different state and he may or may not be there next year and right before i left my mom was standing there when he walked up to me and my friend so i just ignored him and now i feel terrible cuz i miss him so bad and i used to always look for him when i was walking around camp or at the camp pool

i would bawl my eyes out if there were tears left in my system
97 days ago
I have a huge crush on the best boy ever........ I planned to tell no one at all but It got around and now almost the whole world Knows. He knows and does not like me back. Sometimes I wonder if he secretly likes me but i doubt it. I know I would not deserve him, but I wish so much he would like me,

240 days ago
ya i tink he liikes me
309 days ago
My way of making my attraction known is literally throwing things. At Christmas, my style of flirting is throwing wrapping paper. In spring it’s twigs and such. I’m so awkward. Lol
328 days ago
My friend showed me some texts from him to her telling her he likes me but thinks I’d say no and he stares at me nonstop so I think he likes me, but when we’re actually talking he just acts normal so I’m so confused.
365 days ago
So this is how it started so in year 7 I used to like a guy called Tyler and he was nice calm and cute but his friend is my friend so I asked him to tell Tyler I like him just to see what he would say and he officially said he didn't like me but why does he stare at me then.
Then when we had the 5 week holiday I was thinking about another guy called Kelio and I was like why am I thinking about him and not Tyler then I started crushing on him.
Then it was my first day of year 8 and I looked pretty for Kelio then 4 days went by and I heard Kelio made a rumur about then I cemp asking him why he did it he never told me he alway stared at me and he got red when I talked to him
And my friend said to me that there a 50 chance he might like me cause if he didn't then he wouldn't be staring and blushing and talking about me to his friends the after that I was scared to tell my best friend that like him cause she will tell him so I never told her. But I cept doing different hair styles and putting on makeup but I just realized that he has told all his friends and my friends about the rumor then I told him he shouldn't have just told my friend and his but everyone around the world.
Then I Tyler came to my mind and had flashbacks when I used to talk to him and got stressd and I also realized that Kelio doesn't stare anymore I said to my self what did I do and I missed the days with Tyler so now only one of kelios friend stares at me byyyyyyy.
368 days ago
I have a crush on my bff's boyfriend.... whyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! They really like each other and they are cute together... but when I hang out with them I get kinda nervous, butterflies and then I have to keep myself from smiling.! What do I do!!!

523 days ago
Well for me this is a really touchy subject. My friend's ex thinks I'm hot, and I don't wanna ruin the friendship, but I also kinda like him back just a bit. Yet the two of them hate each other and their relationship ended badly. So...I feel stuck in the middle. My friend is also mad that he likes me, so I don't know what to do. Help!
578 days ago
I really like him a lot but idk what to do. He jokes around with me and makes an effort to walk with me to the classes we have together, but I really don't know how to get him interested. I have many opportunities, but I never take them. What can I do?
640 days ago
hmm so it's a possibility that he might feel the same... I am very bad at confessions I have not yet confessed to anyone except this one guy and I did that because I was tricked into doing it but seriously the guy I have a crush on right now is extremely sweet and idk why I cannot stop myself from flirting with him but I thought I was supposed to be shy and he called me a player once oof its messed up I don't even know what are we but I guess it's just one sided thank god
654 days ago
I Hope Aaron doesnt go here
654 days ago
654 days ago
Oh god. I'm NOT Confessing them by telling them. I'm Shy quite Smart though every time we do stuff In partners he seems to always pick me I'm not sure if it's because I'm smart or he just likes me but that was only 3 years ago. Right now we have never been in the Same class. I always put him On my -Next year classmate list. I still like him, But he's always hanging out with my Enemy Ava. We bumped into each-other early this year he was playing soccer and he accidentally hurt one of my Best preppy Friends, (Im In LOVE with preps) We both went running to da prep He was like "Hi Sophia I see you love your preps *Light Smile*" I was like " Yep-" and a blushed. Now, Late this year We saw da prep and he was chasing that prep with Ava😩He didn't even say Hi. Man I felt like it was ~Start with a prep and end with it~(He's name is Aaron)

Help guys Really Please help me. If you have an Answer for me Please start your Comment with @Sophia Really, thanks.
713 days ago
So what does your crush think of you? From the answers you gave, you and he/she seem to have a really nice friendship - which could develop into more in time. Don't force it - what is meant to be will happen. That said, don't try too hard to seem not that interested, either. Good luck! I hope it works out the way you want it to

This is basically what I get every time I do a crush quiz! "Just friends and go slowly, but he sort of likes you." It's so annoying how I keep getting that same thing, over and over again! 😡
Maybe I should just quit on him. Idk. It's hard to decide right now. 😔
I hope u guys got better results then me!!!!
820 days ago
So there is this guy right? He is so cute and we have a lot in common he talks to my friends about me and staff and i dont knkw if he like me or not we have the same friends and we sit toghter at lunch all of us cause my friend is dating his friends so there is this connection between us and we chat a lot and staff but i think he is scared to make a move what should i do?
837 days ago
Every test I take (trust me there's been a lot) has told me that "he's crazy for you" or "what are you waiting for? Y'all are soul mates!" But I'm taking this test like a whole year after being in a what-if phase, right now my crush and I don't even talk or see each other because I am an online student and he is in-person (Covid problems). When I knew him, we were great friends and everyone was shipping us, but he had a girlfriend and wouldn't go out with me no matter how good of a couple (maybe even better than his current relationship) we would've been. I have respect for him and his girlfriend, so I didn't wanna ruin anything myself if my crush wasn't up to it, but now I have to wait until covid goes away to tell him. Guys, for anyone reading this, please tell your crush how you feel, because you are never guaranteed that opportunity and you will regret it. I've learned that the hard way