What Does He Think Of Me? The Crush Quiz

We're all crushing on someone sometimes, and we all want to know if they like us, too! Come on, admit it!:-) This quick quiz aims to give you a basic idea of what's on his (or her) mind. Try it now! I hope you get the answer you really want, but if not, it's their loss - and there are tons of better matches out there for wonderful YOU!

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    What do you two talk about?

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907 days ago
Anyone else here 9fuhsia
938 days ago
Who is here just to pass time in lockdown by giving these quizes?😂
978 days ago
hoi peeps, i feel you i am in the same situation. all the tests i have taken say i have a shot he might like me and that we are a mach made in heaven but he dosent know if he actually likes me!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1013 days ago
So I got it they think of me as a good friend one we havent ever hung out I get a little weird feeling around him and it said it can develop to more but like how can it if I get weird around him but it's odd I've never felt this way about a boy
1017 days ago
To respond to Hoi peeps :3, I'm in the exact situation u r in... I'm tired of taking these quizzes and getting results like "Maybe" and "little baby crush"... Maybe I can actually get advice from someone eles here... Basically, if I'm honest, there's a 50% chance he likes me as a crush... I guess the results r technically accurate, since he sends "mixed signals"... He's friends with my younger brother, so a lot of times I join a conversation they're having... Sometimes my crush is very confident and jokes around a lot(once when my brother suggested he looked taller, he stood next to me and asked me what I thought while he made himself taller and shorter)... Other times, it's very awkward when we interact( sometimes we pass each other closely when one of us is entering a room or throwing something away, but we both act like the other's not really there)... Anyway, my younger brother thinks he likes me, but I'm not so sure... I really just hope that he secretly likes me the way I like him, so we can become best friends and maybe romantic as adults(lots of good relationships started as friendships)... If anybody read this and has a thought to share, feel free to say something... If not, I was just encouraged by others' comments to share my situation😊
1088 days ago
And "Hoi peeps :3" I am I the same boat you are in.
1088 days ago
But I helped you so you help me OK so all year I have been crushing on this guy and I have been getting mixed signals, like sorimes he will stare at me and sometimes he will try to avoided me many he is not trying too but he is and I have made moves , like when a few weeks ago I emailed him and we started chatting online and I have really have done my best to try to say without words that I like him and there is a valentines dance coming up and I really want him to ask me to it and also I think he might like my new friend because his friends are always pointing at her but I really think he likes me so what is your opinion?
1088 days ago
What I ment to say is he is way out of your league , I think.
1088 days ago
I am not sure what to say to the last post only I think you are way out of his league if he does not see that you're awesome than you're too good for him
1093 days ago
k so wayy back in september, he called me cute and said i was pretty and i had a HUGE crush on him... so i asked him out and he said no bc im taller than him (im 5'10, hes 5'9). now we ignore each other. in the hallways, he purposely avoids me, and doesnt make eye contact with me. however, ive caught him staring at me multiple times and once his friend was like "no wonder he likes you" which is great right? except i think hes dating this guy. they give eachother kisses on their cheekbones and hug a lot and share clothes and are super close and the guy i think hes dating is already out. sooo
im so confused bc hi friends say he likes me and he stares at me but then goes out of his way to avoid me only to kiss this guy in the cafeteria???AHHH
1318 days ago
Well. For one I’m not even his friend and we’re not even friends, plus we don’t hang out AT ALL and my test literally said that he doesn’t like me because I rejected him a year ago. And I got WTH!? How did they know?!?! Because lasts year people were asking people out for Valentine’s Day and I rejected at him because. I have three reasons 1: We are way to young 2: I liked someone else 3: he way annoying and his friends were bullies. I think I’m insanely stupid because know I all of a sudden had a crush on him for a year now OOF.
1369 days ago
we're in a fight right now. :( kinda cuz we used to be flirting all the time but now we've become more distant cuz my he pranked my bestfriend to be in a relationship when i had already asked him and he said yes but we needed to taalk about it.
1382 days ago
i am depressed about this
1394 days ago
I have taken many of these test and almost every one says something like “He likes you” or “He might like you” but I’m just not sure.Tbh, he’s sending mixed signals and now idk anymore.
1428 days ago
So, we met a couple months ago, and these say that he likes me, but idk ;; i mean I wasnt really inta him till recently, and our friends keep teasing, so idk ;;
1433 days ago
He’s dating a girl!
1479 days ago
I got we have the same feelings! I've been doing these quizzes scene the begging of the school year and they always say he likes me.
Do you think he likes me?
1482 days ago
Ok. . So I took other test and they told me different Answers and my crush acts all flirty one minute then different the next. Also my friend likes him. I'm just so confused.
1501 days ago
haha do all these quizes have to be about love, i was just wondering what my friend thinks of me not if he loves me XDDDD
1548 days ago
lol crush's crush i literally thought the same thing :)))