What Does He Think Of Me? The Crush Quiz

We're all crushing on someone sometimes, and we all want to know if they like us, too! Come on, admit it!:-) This quick quiz aims to give you a basic idea of what's on his (or her) mind. Try it now! I hope you get the answer you really want, but if not, it's their loss - and there are tons of better matches out there for wonderful YOU!

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    What do you two talk about?

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1558 days ago
@Kelth emo teen That seems very troubling. I know I'm twelve days late and you probably won't check back, but I hope it gets better and you solve the mystery! :)
1558 days ago
EEEERRRRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMM............... This week he's kinda been ignoring me, actually. Usually he says hello and tells me a daily joke. Once he actually pranked my ex-bff and acted as if I wasn't there. Did he find out I like him? Last week was great tho... What happened this week?....
1560 days ago
🐬 😱🔥🙈😘😀😀😉😭🤣🤗
1570 days ago
One day he was saying weird thing like I want to hold someone hand little hand and that he like girl with little hand and after he told me he like someone at first when he describe her I thought I was me but then he told me that his ex best friend like her too and idk who is his ex best friend so um ...y’a but recently he starting asking question about my love life and the person i like and he starting putting (; and call me shortie and cutie and it’s making me mad ! Bc like do you like me or not x( so um yah probably going to murder him bc he making me lose my marble -.-
1572 days ago
You really need to get to know this person a bit better - quite a bit, actually. It doesn't seem like you know him/her very well, so how do you even know if you "like" them?

dude i like him because he is him and him is perfect ajhsjh
1575 days ago
I've done like 28 of these and they all say he likes me but I know he hates my guts lmao
1583 days ago
dont take these seriously tho. usually if it says "they might like you" they dont
1583 days ago
FINALLY, AN ACCURATE QUIZ. Sorry to say this, but it's not looking great for you at this point in time. He/she might like you as a friend, but not as more than that. Don't burn any bridges, and keep yourself open to the other possibilities that are sure to come along. ik he doesnt like me tho
1584 days ago
I did a lot of the quiz and hell yeah i'm close to him but he's just like a lil' brother to me and I ever have a crush on him. Now, I like his friend and not him. He thinks of me as a sister.
1607 days ago
I’ve done so many of these tests and they say he likes me but I don’t know
1614 days ago
wow ive taken like 6 different tests trying to figure out if this guy likes me and they are all saying he does. but idk i feel like he doesnt
1629 days ago
Not looking good for me but I'll try to get over it
1629 days ago
I like this one guy but there's a complete 0% chance he likes me back :(
1638 days ago
Apparently he is crazy about me... I'm still not sure though.. pretty much everything points to the fact he likes me but it seems too good to be true... What do you think?? Should I go for it 😘😘
1682 days ago
Im in a situation where I rlly liked this guy and he liked me too. We were planning to go to the movies and hang out but every time one of us ended up being busy. He used to be at my school but ended up moving sadly. We’re still in contact now and I miss him a lot but I recently found out he had moved on from me and has a girlfriend now. I still text him and whenever I do he always manages to bring up the past, telling me how he used to like me and how he thought I was rlly cool and stuff. And if he doesn’t bring up the past when we text he sends some rlly sweet and nice msgs, which some of my friends say seem flirty but he’s always been like that with me.
The only think that’s different is he has a girlfriend and I’m confused if he’s just being nice to me or if there’s still some feelings there. My friends think he’s maybe on a situation where he can’t chose which girl he wants, but if she makes him happy that’s all I care about. I need advice tho, pls help me.
1690 days ago
Rip me...
Rip me...
1690 days ago
This is annoying. I really like him but I never talk to him. I am WAYYY to shy to talk to him because I think he thinks I’m weird. So most of these quizzes are about ‘does he talk to you’ well no. But idk... he could like me and not talk to me, like I do him. But it 😻to think he doesn’t know or notice me.
1691 days ago
He is crazy about me!
1692 days ago
"Too bad"
1698 days ago
He definitely likes you all of the signs are there