Does he return your feelings?

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A twenty-question quiz to find out if the one you like (or just anybody in general, though it's preferable if it's somebody you like as well) likes you back. Note: This person must be a friend, or at least someone you correspond with on a regular basis (I've noticed in other quizzes that the choices/answers can pertain to both crushes and just friends, and I don't think that's fair/unbiased, so do get rid of doubts, quiz yourself on a friend. After all, it's kind of weird to be quizzing yourself on a stranger.). E-mail me for any advice or questions, or just to talk--I'm a great listener.:) Disclaimer: this quiz is just a quiz!: D And BE HONEST in your answers. Some answers might not turn out to have the result you predict. What you want to be the answer can definitely be different from what is actually the answer.

  • 1
    In terms of talking online, on average, how long are your conversations?
  • 2
    If you moved away, what would he say to you?
  • 3
    Does he have your phone number, or have you ever called him before and talked for longer than two minutes?

  • 4
    If he saw you in the school hallway (given that he does actually go to your school, regardless of whether he actually does or not), what would he do?
  • 5
    Let's say you're in the same class and there are a few seats open, including one next to you. Would he sit down in the seat next to you?
  • 6
    Does he talk to you, whether on Facebook or Myspace or AIM or phone?

  • 7
    Has he had a lot of girlfriends?
  • 8
    Does he talk to you everyday?
  • 9
    Does he talk to you about other girls? (if more than one applies, pick the one that you think happens most often).
  • 10
    Are you confident (in yourself, as a personality trait)?

  • 11
    Lastly. If he is your friend, has he ever actually SAID the word "friend," or "best friend," to describe you (or label you as one sometime during a conversation?)

    (remember to be honest.)

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135 days ago
so basically i like this guy, lets call him bob, and his best friend lets call jim. i dont know what to do bc i dont want to hurt either of them. im in 5th grade btw. they both tease me and all my freinds say bob likes me, but idk if im into bob or i like jim better. pls helppp. both deny liking me (at my school its conidered weird to like sombody)

so just yeah
677 days ago
So there’s this guy that I don’t know if I like but he is perfect for me. My bestie is pushing for us but idek. He stares at me and smiles sometimes and we have little conversations here and there. He is one of my other bestie’s older brother and is sort of a jock. The other night we were both at a party and there was a group of us playing a girl vs guy game. I made a good catch and he said “ok then, goat”. He also said some other things about me (all nice) but idk if he was just being himself, “joking” w the other guys or if he was actually complimenting me. Do you think he likes me?
689 days ago
Thanks I can't believe it! I have multiple crushes and I took this quiz one time for each crush and they all like me back! I'll ask the one I like the most out the next time we see each other...
744 days ago
Hey guys, I see a lot of people here from middle school, and I'm in university now, still taking these tests to find out if someone likes me back hahah.. this stuff gets easier to feel out and understand as you get into more relationships and learn how to navigate flirting and romance, but it's still grey areas and muddy lines... I'm here bc during the pandemic it's getting really hard to date and understand signals.. Can't even ask him out because we can't go out even if he said yes and things could get awkward. Just wanted to say it's gonna be okay, and that if they do like you or are close to you, they've probably noticed the signs you like them, or are just as confused as you are. Don't be scared to give some straightforward clarity, it'll definitely get a huge weight off your backs. Good luck guys!
754 days ago
So, I wasn't interested at first, I didn't even really like him as a person, he was way too Nice, innocent and simple minded so I thought he might be a hypocrite. But then we became friends (i forgot to mention tant we're classmates lol).
After some time the most observant friend of mine told me that he acts weird around me so I started paying attention to him. And HE DOES (list below). More and more of my friends and even ONE OF OUR COMMON FRIENDS told me there is soemthing weird with the way he acts. So I started thinking more and more about him and I... fell head over heels in love.
I am now, after some months of observons him, pretty sure he does like me, even though neither of us confessed. So here's a list of things he does, if your crush does this too, there ARE chances he might like you!

1) Stares at you. He stares at me so much (and I do too lol) that it looks creepy af to other people. Of course if it's a stare of disgust its a different issue. If he smiles you're good!
2) Listens to what you say and looks you in the eyes. That guy thinks i'm some kind of god, which puts pressure on me, he sees me as a very smart person so he just wants to hear whatever I say. "Nevermind" isn't an option, he'll harass me until I say it. He also looks right into my eyes when we talk and doesn't move an inch while smiling.
3) Wants to touch you (not in a creepy way). Listen, my boo is very touchy, and I am NOT. So I used to slap his hand off of me when he did but that's a different issue. If he lightly touches you, especially on the shoulder or the forearm, if he hugs you, you're doing great. Footsie, face, hair and hand = GREEN LIGHT.
4) Reccomends you stuff he likes and asks for you to reccomend him stuff you like.
5) Teasing. If he teases you, makes you laugh, you're good. If he keeps on teasing you and knows you geniuinly hate it, keep away.
6) He asked me for my Phone number and talked to me for a whole hour jwjsvsjdjdb
It was for a group project in which one of his close friend, who's a mutual friend, 2 of my closest friends took part. He kept saying he didn't want to invite them into the call because they would bother our work lmao he's cute
7) He talks about the future. We both want to be doctors, so he always talks (in a subtle way) about how our future together, working at the same hospital, will be.
8) Asks you questions, lots of questions.
Examples: "Where do you want to live?" "What's you favorite book genre?" etc etc
9) He makes sure you know he doesn't have a girlfriend AND that he wants one.

These are just some of the stuff he might do. Keep in mind that if he does only 1 thing, or if he does these stuff with other people, it doesn't count.
Talk to your friends and tell them to help you if you're shy, even if you're not .
Don't give up, give him time to like you, but make sure he's a good guy.
811 days ago
i cant deal with this
812 days ago
im like the comment below but i went for it and got rejected but girls go for it anyway u need to know 4 sure so u dont do somthing wrong if u know what i mean i wish u all the best of luck a middle school girl sadly single
820 days ago
so there’s this guy and he’s literally perfect but idk what to do. i mean we have some conversations over snap and some in person — i usually start the snap ones and he starts the in person ones — but i have no clue whether he likes me back or not. like when i snap him he always gets back to me within 5 minutes or less as long as he’s not at practice but i feel like i have to keep the convo moving even though he consistently responds. also, in classes he’ll low key flirt with one of my friends but when i asked if he liked her he said “only as a friend” so idfk why he’s even doing it. and i mean like it hurts to see him talk to other girls which ok sounds extremely jealous and shallow. but like the problem is, the class after that i was talking to some guy i’m friends with and we were laughing and joking around and then he got upset with us and was like omg stop like what does that mean? is he really just pissed off or is he mad that i’m talking to a guy? i mean it’s not the first time he’s put himself into a convo i’m having with another guy. also in the other class i have with him i was joking around with some of my friends —who are guys— and he like started talking with us. i really just don’t get it if someone could PLEASE tell me what’s going on and what i should do. IM SO CONFUSED 💔😭
829 days ago
Maybe he is waiting until I get a phone. 🤞🤔
830 days ago
My test results are exactly what I wanted to here. Lots of good feedback. The only problem is that I am very nervous/timid/shy, and I could never think of asking him out. I have a feeling he will ask me out, but its coronavirus, so right now he can't. Plus, I am in middle school. My parents will never like this. What do I do? He is on the same bus as me and a newer student saw us talking about school, and said we would be a cute couple. We both fell silent and did not speak the rest of the bus ride, but I secretly agreed with her. Any tips on how to show him I like him without being straightforward about it? I have dreams about him too, sometimes. HELP!!!(and please no "just tell him", I CAN'T!!)
836 days ago
I think you should go for it
907 days ago
907 days ago
he picks on me so that seems like a sign i guess? He doesnt really pick on other girls so
914 days ago
I was standing next to him like 2cm away or less and it felt like I had a fever and I was so nervous. I’ve had dreams about him. And I made a playlist-
914 days ago
So basically it all started as a joke because we hanged out cuz we hanged out together at school for a few weeks. Then he started bullying me because of it. Then the whole class heard him say something rude then he stopped. Now we hang out kinda and for some reason the teachers always make me sit next to him or we are in the same project group. But recently I started liking him and he apparently likes me too and I’ve done a lot of tests and it says he likes me but he is just waiting for a signal. But in class I’m the shy person but with friends I am loud and talkative. Btw he a yt: SquiddyJayJay his name Jayde
946 days ago
He knows I like him but I don't know how he feels :(((
1003 days ago
Ok so we’ve been friends since I was 9. We’ve dated like 4 times. Our longest was almost 7 months. We didn’t break up Bc we didn’t like each other but Bc of a friend who ruined it. We didn’t talk for a year then when we got into contact again it was nice and we talked for weeks. Then distant and like 2 years later we talking again. We’ve been talking for almost a year. At first we were besties for a couple months and talked. And rn we got close and now we only talk when I text him but it’s hours later or I have to say more than one text. Ik he’s been busy since school started again. He knows I like him and he was nice about it and said he’d never be mad or upset at me. And he laughs at all my jokes. And always answers politely. We’ve never fought Bc we’ve always had a good friendship. I did other test and I keep seeing sign to hold on longer Bc I’ve loved him for years. But idk what to do.
1093 days ago
Hello , I want ask of help it's really complicated relationship with him I know him from 2 years he is bigger than me about 1 year will be star by calling me monster than I start hate him I was feel uncomfortable after that he was All the time asking me for kindy and some things else .
After that he goes at my friend and ask her for my number but he can't get it , a day I heard that he talks about me to he's friends and ask deep question about me also be make small reasons to talk to me I catch him look of times staring at me and when he talk to me he staring in my eyes a lot to the degrees I get blushing!!! But he never said
Something special after that I start seeing him in lot of places and I really scared about how I met him
Plz I need help
1133 days ago
So...he uses hearts and stuff but whenever my friends ask him if he likes me they say he looks nervous and says no but when we hang out alone he always jokes about us dating and I have 0 clue of what to do 🤔😢
1151 days ago