Does My Crush Like Me? (Meant For Girls)

You like this guy and think he's the awesomest thing on two legs. But how does he feel about you? Hopefully, the same, but maybe not.:( You've wondered and wondered about this important matter of the heart. Now it's time to actually find out. Try my quiz now! Good luck - I hope you get the answer you want!:-)

  • 1
    When you're in class, does he ever look over at you?
    When you're in class, does he ever look over at you?
  • 2
    If he does look at you, do you notice anything different about his eyes? (Like, when he looks at a friend or the teacher, they don't look the same as they do when he looks at you?)
  • 3
    Can he talk to you without saying something really stupid or confusing?

  • 4
    When you walk by, do his friends smile or tap his shoulder and point at you?
  • 5
    Let's say there's one table left at lunch and you're sitting at it. He needs to sit somewhere. Which of these would he most likely do?
  • 6
    Does he seem a little clumsy or nervous when you talk to him?

  • 7
    Do you like him because he's popular, or because he's cute and has a good personality?
  • 8
    Does he ever say "Hi" in the hallway or at lunch?
  • 9
    Now let's be more serious. If you were really upset, what would his reaction be?
  • 10
    When you are talking with another boy, and he sees you, which of these is his reaction? Pick the closest.

  • 11
    Has he ever given you something?
  • 12
    Has he ever asked you to a dance or prom?
  • 13
    If he had the perfect shot at asking you out, would he take it?
  • 14
    Can you picture you two together?
  • 15
    Last question. If he had to choose between you and a thousand dollars, which do you THINK he'd choose?

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44 days ago
Ive had a crush on the same boy for three years and he likes me back but then covid happened and its his last year at my school before middle school (i will prbly be in the same middle school as him tho) and i realy want to talk to him about it when i go back to school in 4 dayssssss
62 days ago
Thx for every thing , I really appreciate. Atleast I know he likes me
86 days ago
He likes me yay 😄 I love him
137 days ago
I appreciate the advice tho❤
137 days ago
Thnx @Saffron. He's stopped staring at me from across the room, so i dont think he likes me anymore😭😭😭
169 days ago
@Panda, you should totally make a move, it just depends on how comfortable you are with doing that. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
235 days ago
Oooo @Lila so happy for u!!!
235 days ago
He LIKES me..... Should i make a move or not!?????
246 days ago
most of the questions weren't that good, like he never sends me notes cause we are in different classes, like please make the questions more specific... Also could you put a question about shy people too?
267 days ago
I've had a crush on this dude for 2 years now and we hang out all the time.
271 days ago
I’ve had a crush on him since I was in daycare (when I was 4) now I’m 13 and I like him soooo much my friends say it’s obvious that he has a crush on me but idk .
279 days ago
When I was in 7th period once people started righting Z+X on the bored and it made me so happy!
280 days ago
I have a crush before he is my first love, i love him so much, my friend saying its not crush anymore its love. one time i caught him he's staring at me and im so nervous at that time and then since 2017 i like him and then now 2021 i like him so much but i do not see him anymore after the graduation, i regret because im not saying good bye to him, i didnt saying i like him so much i regret everything

please if im wrong correct my english, im filipina thank you.
336 days ago
I have had a crush on my bf for like 8 years and he asked me out 4 months ago. We cuddle every night and live together. We have 3 kids together and 6 kids apart. We love each
other more than any thing
620 days ago
My crush is a girl though...
668 days ago
that I bearly get to see him
711 days ago
why do all the girls only quiz tests with boys, what about lesbians?!?!
738 days ago
Okay...OKAY!!! I seriously need help from someone and I need and also want advice to see if this guy I like, likes me cuz right now I don’t think he knows i like him but what I do know is that he has a girlfriend and he loves her and I feel like he likes me..?idk becuz I’m wondering if he does becuz almost EVERY SINGLE FRICKING DAY, he looks at me like BRUH 🐬 that’s crazyyy and I feel like he likes me a lot that he can’t keep his eyes off me but I don’t wanna rush things and ask him questions and confuse him and myself... and I’m....probably not making any sense to anyone who might be reading this but ANYWHO!!! There are some times when we are alone together and I feel like we get this connection but tbh HE.HAS.HOES!!! Like literally!!! I’m not joking! He has hoes like infinity hoes WHILE he has a girlfriend. And tbh I feel like I’m one of them but right now I’m so confused to see if he claims me as one of his hoes... but yeah REALLY I need someone to like help me or fix me or SOMETHING!!! I DONT KNOW RIGHT NOW BUT PLZ!!! If anyone is reading this, just know that I might not be able to go back to this quiz... but if anyone wants to help me in any way, I’ll give u my snap or something. It’s loveconquer15 or that_weirdo_girl15 whichever one y’all pick and don’t just add me just for fun like seriously some ppl out there are childish but still I’m gonna go now! BYEEEEE!!!!!!!! JEHEJEKSVFUENSCDJDBSVSJDBDHDJSHSBBDJSHDV
860 days ago
888 days ago
I can never tell. My crush is super sweet to me and even has a nick name for me and I like really like this guy but I’m the kind of person who is too shy to ask him... I have his # and we text like every night... I got he likes me 47%