Finally! Now you will know if your crush likes you back! (Girls only)

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You've taken almost all of the other tests, but you don't really agree with the results. Now you will find out the truth if he likes you in this excellent test!

  • 1
    When you're around your crush, you are:
  • 2
    How much do you two talk and have a good time?
  • 3
    When you talk, does he act differently to you than to his friends and other girls?

  • 4
    Do you ever catch him looking at you?
  • 5
    When you talk, does he lean in towards you?
  • 6
    When you are near him or you two are talking does he try to show off or impress you by smiling a lot or being extra outgoing? Or anything else like that? (Maybe you're standing near him after school, so he pulls out his new iPod or cell phone to show it off)

  • 7
    Does he smile at you a lot?
  • 8
    Does it seem like he says your name almost every chance he gets?
  • 9
    Does he ever ask you questions?
  • 10
    Last question, you've been watching his signs, right? So... do you think he likes you?

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668 days ago
I got try hard...but I like a girl........I know I know I'm bisexual.....and she is 14 and I'm 11...
1161 days ago
it says try harder and defenetly will but he talked to me today
1377 days ago
Wooooooooohoooooooooooo I got the same result as you! Lmao
1377 days ago
It says that HE LIKES ME! omg. I don't know tho, he always looks at me though so maybe. His friends also told me that he likes me, but I'm not too sure. ;D
1383 days ago
It says there's a chance likes you but try harder and he definitely will! So yeah! I need him to like me today is Halloween October 31 2018 I was wearing makeup. And my Halloween costume and I got him attention. And it was so awesome. And I'm so happy about it because one time he said to me, he loves me, I'm so happy about it, but I can't wait 'cause tomorrow, he sent me a note today, saying that come meet me. In the parking lot.'cause I'm in high school and. He said that he loves me, so I'm very happy and now we are boyfriend and girlfriend. Thank you God. You're the best. woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo woo
1394 days ago
Wooohooo I got the same result as you :) Yayyyyy!
1405 days ago
Are these true because I am new here and I like someone and really wanna know does he likes me back or not
1412 days ago
"He probably likes you! Good job! Work a little harder until you tell him though...but he probably does."
sry u have to listen to this
1442 days ago
Ok so like somebody please help me and for advice.
I have this crush and his name is Micheal, but he's already dating this girl and were like kinda friends. Hes in all of my periods expect for 2 and 5, but in all my other periods, he's giving me all the signs of flirting, looking into my eyes, laughing with me and making dumb jokes with me, but he doesn't really do this with his current gf. I also catching him staring at me all the time. Please Help!!!!
1444 days ago
Hi guy's I'm new here my crush has a girlfriend his name's Max I just luv him soz I can't help myself i'm going to tell him next week Sunday I'm going to try to tell him speak soon bye
1472 days ago
I love him so much I don't care if he hates me or if he wants to kill me although he does not . He likes me as a friend but he does not abuse me like he does to his other friend he threats me specially and always wants to know what happened to me when i cry
1479 days ago
Thank you for help me I'm sorry Hassan I really like you hearts eye kiss face I love you the first time we met I miss you he made me a butterfly picture it was hurtful see him make other picture for a other girl upset everyday he say hi he say like you we held hand
1485 days ago
I really like him soo much I think he does too cause when I traveled out of the country he did not stop calling and crying and when he dropped me of he hugged me for a really long time and he cried to the point that his face got red yesterday I saw him for the first time in 5 year our tears won’t stop rushing when I saw him when we got home he dragged me to his room and told me “ I might have feeling for you Tessa but I was to scared to tell you but I like you “ and he kissed me bless him jay i love you 😘💕
1491 days ago
"He probably likes you!Good Job!
Work a little harder untill you tell him though...but he probably does"
1516 days ago
I have a boyfriend. He is super adorable and i always talk about him. And u always thinks bout him. I love him more than my family and more than anything and anyone In the whole wide world i will never ever ever ever break up with him.

Sry for a lot is ever
1532 days ago
He is my senpai! I will kill for him!
1645 days ago
This is a helpful to me because I love him to death but I didn’t know if he did but now I think he does
1720 days ago
Every time it say “He likes u go for it girl” but I can’t I just can’t. Today I did it I asked do u wanna be more then friends? He said I will tell u on Thursday. I’m sure it’s a no and he just doesn’t want me to be upset. We have a lot of history we have kissed and hugged a lot, last year we were in the same class this year were not and he last year had feelings for a nother girl at the beginning, she was in a diff class but this year she’s in his class and she likes him. I litterly love him. We broke up last year because r friends say that we spent to much time with each other. Sometimes I wish I just could be more confident. If u would meet me I am practically the happiest person on earth. But I’m not the girl that we’re all pink! I HATE PINK! I’m the one who is the sporty popular one same with my crush. My crushes bestie and my bestie r a thing. Sometimes I wonder how they do it. If u read this all, I’m really sorry I got off track and type a ton. Remember people your amazing😍😍🍟🍟🍟
-5th grade probs by:Vannila😍
1740 days ago
the quiz says probably. Remember, the most important thing is to have self- confidence. Guys notice that!
1791 days ago
I get almost the exact same answer every time! These are giving me enough courage to tell him! Next time I see him I will try to.