Does the guy you have a crush on like you as much as you like him?

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We all have crushes, but not everyone know if their crush likes them like they like their crush.
Do this quiz and find out in minutes, if your crush like you like you like them.

  • 1
    Do you and your crush talk a lot?
  • 2
    Does he help you out with homework so you can text and not worry about anything else?
  • 3
    Did he ask for your number?

  • 4
    Do you and him smile and blush when you talk to one another?
  • 5
    Does he hang out with you rather than hanging out with his friends sometimes?
  • 6
    What do you like about your crush?

  • 7
    Do you care what other people think of him?
  • 8
    Does he look at you a lot?
  • 9
    Are his best friends nice to you?
  • 10
    How long have you liked this guy?

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26 days ago
(replying to comment 2 comments below this one)

27 days ago
So i have a crush on this guy
but he's also my friend
and then he guessed correctly that I'm on my period
44 days ago
Oh lord. Don't give me hope for him to like me.. aaaa-
46 days ago
Story time:
So basically one day I was on vacation with my male cousin whom I crush on and I wore a bikini and as I ate with him and my fam he stared at me I felt his eyes on me and I felt warm ohmygosh :D
139 days ago

I say just do it!!!!

But its best to do it when there’s not a lot of noise around or people for that matter

Also don’t be shy, speak quietly because when it’s awkward for you, it’s gonna also be for the other person so just be yourself :)

I hope this helped you or anyone else :)
150 days ago
Hey y'all-

Just saying for verification that this quiz is accurate. I'm confessing to her soon O_O

While I'm here, can I pls have advice ;-;
154 days ago
Don't worry ''Spongebob" Your gonna get a guy.I promise.I feel the EXACT same.
162 days ago
I got he really likes me but hasn’t made a move yet. I’m gonna get to know him more and then I might make a move if he doesn’t. I’m scared 😩
192 days ago
Hi, I don't know what to do!! I think about my crush every day and I have known him for years now but we only know each other from swim so that is the only time I rly see him even though our families are close. But the biggest problem is that I am super shy and he is the most popular kid in our age group so I almost never get to talk to him. :( Oh well.
211 days ago
Well see if If he ever does anything ( maybe at a game) he is a football and basketball player and I am a cheerleader what a terrible match
214 days ago
thanks omg!? the problem is, I don't really have the courage to say more than a pep around her, whenever I see her I just freeze up and can't do anything, it is the most peculiar sensation, my brain freezes up and I don't feel like I cant think straight. I'll try talking to her for now and see where that takes me.
231 days ago
Maybe hang with her alot, get to know her then pass a note in the class you sit next to each other! Best of luck!😉
231 days ago
I need some advice. I'm a boy just so you know. I think my crush likes me, but I'm not entirely sure about 50% of the time I'll look at her she's looking back at me, she's made a few attempts to speak to me, but I'm kind of introverted, so It was a little awkward. I have 6/10 classes with her but we only sit next to each other in one of them, and we just moved there today, I really need help, how can I get her to know I like her without either flirting, or just telling her I like her
235 days ago
I made a quiz for a girl crushing on someone that's in their school and is in a higher grade than u :) please take it!
247 days ago
i kinda like this guy but he thinks dating is weird what do i do and hes leaving my school at the end of this year so i wont be able to stay in contact
284 days ago
He never makes a move I keep on flirting complimenting and etc. but he never makes a move it’s frustrating.
285 days ago
It says he likes me but not enough to go out with me, It's actually pretty accurate since when my sister gave me the phone to talk with him (my sister knows him because his Older brother is my sister's best friend but my sister doesn't know that i like him) my sister was holding the phone and i got shy and hid under the bed but i peeked up and saw him smiling at me and his face looked like he thought i was cute or he likes me a bit.
493 days ago
Lol I love hw u put "this is nt a dating site" lol
493 days ago
PS Im ugly (not with pimples tho) I just uggh I can;t get if OFF MY MINDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD -period-
493 days ago
So I have a crush on this one boy and he talks to me alot in class (hes also one of those guyys who can say anything in class and not care(hes hot!!) and i just dont know if he likes me and i dont want to ask bc im!