Does My Crush Like Me? (Middle School Girls Only)

In middle school, everyone has a crush. But the big question is - does HE like you the way YOU like him? The answer is just minutes away! Take my quiz now! P.S.: This is meant for girls only - you can certainly try it, guys, but it won't work for you, ha ha!

  • 1
    How many classes do you have together?
  • 2
    When you talk to him, does he seem to get into the conversation and have a good time?
  • 3
    Do you ever catch him looking at you?

  • 4
    When you talk to him, does he stutter? When you glance at him, does he blush?
  • 5
    How much do you know about him?
    How much do you know about him?
  • 6
    How much does he know about you?

  • 7
    When you walk into a room and he's already there, he:
  • 8
    Does he ever compliment you?
  • 9
    When one of your teachers instructs you to get a partner, he:
  • 10
    OK, last question. What does your heart tell you? How do YOU think he feels about you?

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56 days ago
I am a lesbian yea:l sorry but don't like boys
70 days ago
says he likes me as a friend, I am friends with my crushes sisters (he has three sisters, I am friends with the older two who are my age) and i know for a fact that he likes me, you know I don't know why i am taking this quiz if i know. but both of us are homeschooled so i wouldn't really do the class questions that good
111 days ago
Well you see, it said that he liked me as a friend, but the thing is, he told me he liked me sooo- lmao idk why I’m taking this test , maybe cause I’m a 🍦 and have nothing better to do-?
136 days ago
Ok so, I’m kind of freaking out, this might be long but I hope you read my story. So, there’s a boy, we’ll call him Noah. He’s like, my best friend, I’ve known him for over 5 years and he’s one of the best people I know. When I was in 3rd and 4th grade, people always said I had a huge crush on Noah, I did NOT, I need to make that clear. Everyone always said that because I teased him so much, but we teased each other, it was a joke we had. I recently realized that I think he might be my soulmate, I started to like him, and I think he might like me. My mom has always thought I liked him, I didn’t back then, but she always thought I did. But my mom has also always said that Noah was just my best friend, and I wouldn’t end up with him. I’ve been recently trying I drop hints that I like him, and every time he comes up, she says you won’t be with him. I’ve been having dreams about him, and talking to him a lot more, but I’ve liked multiple boys and I’ve never liked a boy like I like Noah. I had a boyfriend before though, and a few months into that I realized I liked Noah, I spent months denying it and trying to admit to myself that I liked him. So I broke up with the other guy, telling him this story, luckily he was not offended and it went rly well. But, I don’t know what my next move is, someone help!
159 days ago
Y'all would understand better if you were me
159 days ago
So...I got us likes me but just as a friend...I know he likes me a LOT but this quiz does NOT AT ALL have the correct answers and we aren't in the same grade, not friends but not enemies and we go to a private Catholic school and I KNOW he likes me. Basicly once it was obvious that he likes me I just like him back it just happend!
170 days ago
I did it again with my other crush and i got the same thing !!!!
170 days ago
Hopefully he likes me, just as a friend, im the new kid so its a start !
180 days ago
He does like me! We're dating and talk 24/7
212 days ago
Kendra, I think you should just have a normal conversation with them (since your shy (like me)) I think you should start with something that your comfortable talking about. Also, if you don't know what to talk about, you could talk about pets or siblings, or you could ask them where someplace is in the school (or outside the school) also, stay social distanced ;)

BTW, I think my crush might like me!!! But I need help on how to start a civilized conversation with him. (I don't really sit by him in class)
218 days ago
hey so im like new at my school and just moved there im super shy and dont talk much. And when im in llunch we just make weird awkward eye contact please help i dont know what to do
219 days ago
So I've had this crush on a boy recently. I feel like he has liked me since 6th grade (we are in 8th grade now), but I was too obsessed about this other guy to really notice how this recent crush, lets call him John, acted around me. Long story short, the crush I had in sixth grade is definitely not my crush now. I am finally starting to realize the little cues John has been giving me since grade 6 that he likes me. I mean, now that I've come to terms with this realization, I guess you could say I gradually like him more and more every day it seems. I think he likes me too, but this test says he likes me as a friend. Lemme rephrase what I said earlier- I DEFINITELY think he likes me. Im sure. Maybe its because me and John don't really know each other that well. Any suggestions on how I can get to know him better (preferably not via phone or text)?
Also, to Sofia- It depends on how you feel about what your friend did. If you are mad at her, I would suggest telling her just that. If you dont really care or are happy she told him, maybe you should ask his friends about it, just to be sure he likes you back.
235 days ago
I rlly like this guy and his friends say that he likes me. My friend ran up to him and told him I like him!!!!!! what should I do? 1. talk to him 2. hide and try and stay away from him 3. yell at my friend or 4. ask his friend to talk to him? 1,2,3 or 4????
250 days ago
Oh I think whenever I write I d I o t it turns into a random emoji :P
250 days ago
250 days ago
Oof and when I wrote cat heart eye emoji I mean 👮 lol
250 days ago
Ima just start out by saying that my name isn’t rlly Mimi I’m just rlly paranoid of people seeing this even though anyone who knows me who reads this will be like “duh it’s her lol”

Anyways, there’s this really cute smart kind caring guy ik, I’ve known him for I think 5 years, and let’s call him...uhhh... Bob. So bob’s part of my friend group and he kinda gets bullied sometimes and he always comes to me and I try to help and when he figures stuff out he’s just so freaking cute about it but in a really in a really untraditional way so he’s the guy who no girls actually seriously like so I haven’t told any of my friends because they would think I’m an 😍 and basically if I had this situation with any other guy I would ask... ima rename him James. Yeah so I would ask James for help but umm there’s obviously a huge issue with that. And I’m considering telling him but idk if he actually likes me BC even though all tests like this are like “OMG he loves u” idk is that true BC he’s basically my best friend (cuz my other BFF is basically ditching me but that’sa whole other story lol) so I feel like it might change the results BC obviously he’s really nice to me cuz we bffs and ik for a fact that he considers me his BFF but he’s also sometimes kinda nervous and he talks a lot about the girls (and guys he’s bi btw) he used to like which kind of makes me feel horrible and dumb but also like that’sa thing people do I feel like BC he doesn’t like go on and on about them he just briefly mentions them. And I do have his number and we text like 24/7 but a little less lately which scares meee and he used to call me a lot too but now not really I do think he’s legit busy though BC we’re both just start middle school and at our old school they have like an ounce of hw a week it was inSANEzzzzz I just miss him a lot but we do have plans to walk to school together when it’s like irl and everything and he can’t just walk the other direction to school hahaha unless he rlly hates me I rlly miss him. Btw he always tests me this emoji 😍🥰 and one time we were playing adopt me on roblox and he wrote in the chat “you’re my little princess legendary kangaroo” WE WERE NOT DOING A RP I SWEAR and yeah also in dnd (my whole friend group is a buncha amateur nerds) he kept private chatting me random things the whole time and he was staring at the screen in this waaayyyyyy tho tbh that might just have been him typing :P anyways, someone pls help me I really hope he likes me I really like him so much Oml... whaddaya think? What should I do? I feel like he’s getting kinda bored with me idk what to dooooooo :(
254 days ago
cloudii i think he REALLY likes you but take it slow yes ask for his number and wait it out a bit

also pls give me sdvice
256 days ago
So I have a crush on this boy. Let's call him... Kevin. So, Kevin chooses to sit next to me on the first day, even though there are clearly other seats available. Now, this is the first day of in-person learning, we've already kinda met each other over virtual learning. So he goes "Cloudii, right?" (Ofc not my real name) And I'm like oh yeah, hi. I'd seen him virtually so I knew his name. So the next day, I did a bit of a presentation about myself. We all had to do one, it was just a little get-to-know-you sorta thing. (We are 6th graders btw) Anyway, once I got back to my seat, we do a bit of work before he tells me I'm a cool person. Ofc that made me happy. So the next day, he does the UNTHINKABLE. He asks me "Have you ever had a boyfriend before?" I didn't hear him at first (ofc i had to screw myself over -_-) anyway lol, so I go "What?" and he's like oh nvm. And one day he said he liked my size? I gradually developed a crush on him and he was gone for a week in Florida last week. He came back today and I think I got a bit too excited, I'm not gonna lie. I'm all like super talkative and kinda loud and when he walks in I basically explode. "Hey, there he is!" I practically shouted. Yup. Send help. But, he didn't really seem to mind. Anyway, the teacher called us up today in class to her table. I'm one that was called so I went up and stuff but when I look behind me, he's sitting at my desk... he had kinda gotten up by the time I went back to my seat but when he saw I was coming he made a beeline for my desk, and he sat down pretending he was lying there the whole time. He even closed his eyes. So I'm like "she, sir, that is my seat..." and he's like oh right sorry and he moves. I need help! Does he like me or no? And if so should I try to get his number?
257 days ago
also crazy woman I would say to wait a bit more you need more sings but confess soon k

pls send advice