Does My Crush Like Me? Quiz for Middle School Girls Only

In middle school, everyone has a crush. But the big question is - does HE like you the way YOU like him? The answer is just minutes away! Take my quiz now! P.S.: This is meant for girls only - you can certainly try it, guys, but it won't work for you, ha ha!

  • 1
    How many classes do you have together?
  • 2
    When you talk to him, does he seem to get into the conversation and have a good time?
  • 3
    Do you ever catch him looking at you?

  • 4
    When you talk to him, does he stutter? When you glance at him, does he blush?
  • 5
    How much do you know about him?
    How much do you know about him?
  • 6
    How much does he know about you?

  • 7
    When you walk into a room and he's already there, he:
  • 8
    Does he ever compliment you?
  • 9
    When one of your teachers instructs you to get a partner, he:
  • 10
    OK, last question. What does your heart tell you? How do YOU think he feels about you?

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18 days ago
This took a longggggg time 4 me ig. But the results were the same as the others (which doesn't matter of course) all in 1, pretty good 🙂👍
33 days ago
I took this as a boy from my crushes prespective and it said i like her as a freind when i like her as more than that. soooo yeah.
52 days ago
We look at each other but then I look away and smile. And then we make I contact AND HE SMILES AT MEEE.
73 days ago
It said that he totally like me eh always stares at me☺️
74 days ago
My crush is pretty shy and we’ve been friends for a while. But recently he’s been looking at me an awful lot. Like more than usual. AND he always tries to talk to me and when we do he smiles and makes eye contact with me but looks away😭🥰
130 days ago
Oh, well I’m sure you are great!!
146 days ago
He doesn't want me to call him best friend, or he considers me more than that, or he just doesn't want to
199 days ago
"Girl, from the answers you just gave, I dont think he likes you"

Yeah probably the case lol. the only reason why we dont talk or interact with each other is because we are the opposite. I am quiet and is socially awkward, he is outgoing and funny. We're just too different.
266 days ago
Bruh “He likes you but apparently as a friend.”

285 days ago
Okay so the guy I like ks the opposite of me and our last day was June 16th and he made ut a point ti sit next to me as much as possible and when we were in science for 6th period we could do whatever so I was talking with a friend and he pulled me close and just held me there and didn't speak he was upside down on a table and I was standing he was holding my leg and I was so red and my friend invited me to her house for June 18th for a mini party and he didn't wanna go but now he does since I'm going and he's saying ik weird and ugly but his friends say he's way nicer to to me then anyone and thinks I smell really nice so??????
378 days ago
I'm really confused now! My school crush planned to chat with me a few times, and...he didn't come (and didn't tell me why...) BUT HE'S THE ONE WHO ALWAYS STARTED OUR CONVERSATIONS AND TALKS TO ME A LOT! What does he wanna do?? Ohh... uhhh *cries*
379 days ago
So I have a crush on this boy in my school we will call him A.C and basically he’s in some of my classes,the weird thing is I stare at him A LOT lol 😂 Because he has the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen in my entire life,they are so frickin pretty.I’m not sure if he likes me because I don’t ever speak to him unless I want to I think he doesn’t like me back.I was telling a girl in my class that I like him and I know he doesn’t like me back,he over heard our conversation and he was like how do you know 😏 I was like oh 🌻! I was a hot mess I couldn’t even I’m obsessed with this guy for like no reason and I know he plays football and basketball.I’ve seen his basketball skills and he is so frisking good at it.Ok I honestly think about him a lot and it’s seeming like every day.I wanna get to know him and become good friends with him,but he sometimes makes fun of me if I wear an anime shirt to school or if I like wear my headphones which have cat ears on them.sooooo yeah.can you help me bc I need to figure out how to talk to this guy alone and I want him to see a different side of me I want his number but my parents don’t want me texting him.Anyways enough of the bs.Let me know of like what I should do so he doesn’t think I’m weird
387 days ago
My crush always looks at me and i look at him but sometimes doesn't realize that im in the room ;-;
390 days ago
me and my crush flirt a lot but hes denied liking me all of my friends think he likes me but i dont think he does but then again i am kinda oblivious
403 days ago
I have a crush whom I've never talked to face to face, but we've chatted online a couple of times, and once he'd even asked me whether I liked chatting with him and I replied, "I don't know". I know that's stupid of me, but the deed was done. During school he doesn't show many signs of attraction usually he's just talking to his friends, although I think I caught him looking at me sometimes. I'm still not sure whether he likes me or not, though I think there is a slight chance that he does!
406 days ago
I have a real awkward crush. I go to an enormous church pretty much every Sunday. I've actually known who he is for about a year, but I didn't admit he was my crush until last month. Lets call him N. N is very funny, popular (but not many girls are into him), and he's exactly like me. He has no idea he even knows I exist, but I stalk him all the time I see him, whether its at church -which is really hard - , youth group, or at winter camp. I think he knows my name, and I think he's noticed me step up quite a few times to do stupid things in youth group, so I think he knows I'm a real fun girl, but to be honest, I don't think he cares that much about me, which I find really upsetting for some reason. N has a close friend that I know real well named Ann. Ann introduced me to him a few times, once in front of him, but he didn't notice. It's getting even more awkward as time goes by.
406 days ago

Hi Layla! It sounds like you're having a real problem. Sorry about all that mess. I had something similar but for me, I don't even know if he knows who I am. BTW, I am in middle school, not some random mom on the internet. 😂

Anyways, enough about me. Here's my opinion. You should let him know. I know it's reeeeaaaly hard to talk to your crush about things like this, I know, but since you know him so well, I think he would take it well and if he doesn't like you back, I think he would still want to be friends with you. However, the chances of liking you back are pretty high in my opinion. Probably, try to talk to him about it and see what he says. That's just what I think.
411 days ago
My crush, let’s call him… O. O is like kinda my friend. We joke around a lot and he laughs at my jokes and I laugh at his jokes. We talk to each other a lot, and recently I’ve started getting the vibe that he likes me. Then I started liking him! His Mom is always talking to me when she sees me (and this may seem weird but he tells his Mom his crushes and she tells their parents). But his Mom doesn’t know my parents so idk. These are the only things that make me feel like I should just give up cause I don’t have a chance, 1. One of my besties has a crush on him 2. In October 2021 he had a crush on another one of my friends and he MIGHT still like it but idk I think she likes him. Even though she’s an annoying little… nvm and idk what he sees in her (if he even does still like her)3. ANOTHER one of my friends used to have a crush on him and she totally tries to look cool in front of him (but so do I lol) 4. One of my friends think he likes the girl I was mentioning early in 1. But O’s so sweet and funny and cute (though that’s not as important to me). I love him, but there’s so much holding me back from telling him or letting him get close to me. What do you think!!! I’m freaking out because I can’t tell my friends or they’ll hate my guts! Please let me know
411 days ago
I’ve taken this test a handful of times, and this test just isn’t helpful. I’ve answered all the questions truthfully, and I’m like almost positive he likes me. Every time I take this it says he likes me as a friend which isn’t true. After I took this test for like the fifth time, he told me he liked me
415 days ago
I really love Kyle idk if he like me back. I’m very deeply in love with him I would take a bullet for him I would jump in front of a train for him but I don’t think he would do the same…