Does My Crush Like Me? Quiz for Middle School Girls Only

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In middle school, everyone has a crush. But the big question is - does HE like you the way YOU like him? The answer is just minutes away! Take my quiz now! P.S.: This is meant for girls only - you can certainly try it, guys, but it won't work for you, ha ha!

  • 1
    How many classes do you have together?
  • 2
    When you talk to him, does he seem to get into the conversation and have a good time?
  • 3
    Do you ever catch him looking at you?

  • 4
    When you talk to him, does he stutter? When you glance at him, does he blush?
  • 5
    How much do you know about him?
    How much do you know about him?
  • 6
    How much does he know about you?

  • 7
    When you walk into a room and he's already there, he:
  • 8
    Does he ever compliment you?
  • 9
    When one of your teachers instructs you to get a partner, he:
  • 10
    OK, last question. What does your heart tell you? How do YOU think he feels about you?

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484 days ago
My crush, let’s call him… O. O is like kinda my friend. We joke around a lot and he laughs at my jokes and I laugh at his jokes. We talk to each other a lot, and recently I’ve started getting the vibe that he likes me. Then I started liking him! His Mom is always talking to me when she sees me (and this may seem weird but he tells his Mom his crushes and she tells their parents). But his Mom doesn’t know my parents so idk. These are the only things that make me feel like I should just give up cause I don’t have a chance, 1. One of my besties has a crush on him 2. In October 2021 he had a crush on another one of my friends and he MIGHT still like it but idk I think she likes him. Even though she’s an annoying little… nvm and idk what he sees in her (if he even does still like her)3. ANOTHER one of my friends used to have a crush on him and she totally tries to look cool in front of him (but so do I lol) 4. One of my friends think he likes the girl I was mentioning early in 1. But O’s so sweet and funny and cute (though that’s not as important to me). I love him, but there’s so much holding me back from telling him or letting him get close to me. What do you think!!! I’m freaking out because I can’t tell my friends or they’ll hate my guts! Please let me know
484 days ago
I’ve taken this test a handful of times, and this test just isn’t helpful. I’ve answered all the questions truthfully, and I’m like almost positive he likes me. Every time I take this it says he likes me as a friend which isn’t true. After I took this test for like the fifth time, he told me he liked me
488 days ago
I really love Kyle idk if he like me back. I’m very deeply in love with him I would take a bullet for him I would jump in front of a train for him but I don’t think he would do the same…
514 days ago
So I know this might sound crazy but, I may be in middle school, but I'm in love with a high schooler 😅
514 days ago
He likes you, but apparently just as a friend. That said, after some time, maybe he'll discover something new about you he really likes, and it will become more... ;) Keep an eye on things, but don't close yourself off to others with potential.

519 days ago
so i have a crush that is in 8th grade and guys instead of taking this test tell him(or for gay girls her) is you wait to long you might never know.
519 days ago
so it said we are just friends but he said he likes me like a week ago
544 days ago
555 days ago
My crush is in love with me. He asked me out on a date of course I said yes!
557 days ago
Likes a friend! :( I totally thinks he like he because when I saw him today, his palms were sweaty, he stuttered in words, he look at his friends then then me. I mean don't you agree that he likes me?!
560 days ago
OMG. I liked this guy, then liked-confessed-and got an "I mean I guess I kinda like you." back from another guy and now I really like the first guy again! I'm in 5th grade. I started talking to him and asking him questions, he answers and seems like he enjoys it. should I tell him I like him? he seems kinda resistant though.
568 days ago
So I saw a person in school, and we'll call him l. I really like him, but he barely knows me, and every time every single time i look at him he notices and looks back, and its awkward as 🌻 because we don't know each other, and he's in eight grade while i'm in sixth. just awkward.
598 days ago
So the last seat in my digital arts/film class was beside this cute boy (he can be J) so I sat beside J because why tf not and he immediately started talking to me, after a few weeks we would have fun conversations and being partners. Then a girl named (A) sat in his spot, like uhhhh?? Now he sits on the other side of the room, we aren’t partners in projects anymore, and I think he forgot about me. About a week ago we changed desks in my homeroom class…… now a kid named L is in front of me. Last night I had a dream that J called me the most beautiful girl in the whole world, I was gonna “go after” him again but that was before L & I sat beside eachother outside at lunch today and L told me ~something~ He mumbled to himself ‘I’ve never told anyone that before’ I say ‘wait you’ve never told anyone that before’ L goes ‘no’ so I say ‘well then why would you tell me’ and he says ‘because… you’re weird………I like weird’. He’s an amazing guy, he’s sweet, funny, weird, cute and I would 10/10 date him………. But I think he might be gay. He crosses his legs, listens to Ariana grande, and calls people honey, I know that usually this is a huge red flag for most girls but- I’m still doubtful he is gay I’m going to ask him tomorrow if he likes me or likes me as a friend, I have no idea what to expect but I’m looking forward to asking him.

-Confused 12 year old
649 days ago
I was just checking accuracy. We are really good friends, and we both admitted we like each other, but the quiz said "maybe" If you really want to know, confess your feelings and ask!!
-Advice from a high school girl
784 days ago
I am a lesbian yea:l sorry but don't like boys
798 days ago
says he likes me as a friend, I am friends with my crushes sisters (he has three sisters, I am friends with the older two who are my age) and i know for a fact that he likes me, you know I don't know why i am taking this quiz if i know. but both of us are homeschooled so i wouldn't really do the class questions that good
839 days ago
Well you see, it said that he liked me as a friend, but the thing is, he told me he liked me sooo- lmao idk why I’m taking this test , maybe cause I’m a 🚔 and have nothing better to do-?
863 days ago
Ok so, I’m kind of freaking out, this might be long but I hope you read my story. So, there’s a boy, we’ll call him Noah. He’s like, my best friend, I’ve known him for over 5 years and he’s one of the best people I know. When I was in 3rd and 4th grade, people always said I had a huge crush on Noah, I did NOT, I need to make that clear. Everyone always said that because I teased him so much, but we teased each other, it was a joke we had. I recently realized that I think he might be my soulmate, I started to like him, and I think he might like me. My mom has always thought I liked him, I didn’t back then, but she always thought I did. But my mom has also always said that Noah was just my best friend, and I wouldn’t end up with him. I’ve been recently trying I drop hints that I like him, and every time he comes up, she says you won’t be with him. I’ve been having dreams about him, and talking to him a lot more, but I’ve liked multiple boys and I’ve never liked a boy like I like Noah. I had a boyfriend before though, and a few months into that I realized I liked Noah, I spent months denying it and trying to admit to myself that I liked him. So I broke up with the other guy, telling him this story, luckily he was not offended and it went rly well. But, I don’t know what my next move is, someone help!
886 days ago
Y'all would understand better if you were me
886 days ago
So...I got us likes me but just as a friend...I know he likes me a LOT but this quiz does NOT AT ALL have the correct answers and we aren't in the same grade, not friends but not enemies and we go to a private Catholic school and I KNOW he likes me. Basicly once it was obvious that he likes me I just like him back it just happend!