Does My Crush Like Me? Quiz for Middle School Girls Only

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In middle school, everyone has a crush. But the big question is - does HE like you the way YOU like him? The answer is just minutes away! Take my quiz now! P.S.: This is meant for girls only - you can certainly try it, guys, but it won't work for you, ha ha!

  • 1
    How many classes do you have together?
  • 2
    When you talk to him, does he seem to get into the conversation and have a good time?
  • 3
    Do you ever catch him looking at you?

  • 4
    When you talk to him, does he stutter? When you glance at him, does he blush?
  • 5
    How much do you know about him?
    How much do you know about him?
  • 6
    How much does he know about you?

  • 7
    When you walk into a room and he's already there, he:
  • 8
    Does he ever compliment you?
  • 9
    When one of your teachers instructs you to get a partner, he:
  • 10
    OK, last question. What does your heart tell you? How do YOU think he feels about you?

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996 days ago
I’ve liked my crush since 5th grade. He also rejected me in 5th, but now I’m in 7th so maybe his feelings have changed but I don’t know I haven’t made my move yet to know the real answer but he does act a little more goofy whenever he’s around me then he normally does.
996 days ago
So I have basically liked an 8th grade boy and I’m in 6th grade so of corse we don’t have classes together or talk to each other. Because why would some cute 8th grade boy like a weird 6th grade girl like seriously. And he is always with his friends but I’m still not exactly sure if he does like me, because sometimes we make eye contact for half a second, but it could last longer if I wasn’t so shy and look away immediately.
1001 days ago
well um it just assumes you're a straight girl
1031 days ago
All ya'll that said your crushes like you back and all are lucky! I had a popular guy call me ugly and it didn't even bother me because he's the biggest jerk and a playyyyerrrrr. But I like a guy thats friends with him and my crush is like my guy best friend.....yaaaa... but my BFF told him I like him and he said "Okay" Then we told him it was a prank a few days later and he said "Oh. Okay." Like bro. Giving me mixed signals...... Were in 7th grade btw... He dated one of my friends but my friends said he liked me instead of her and I was like "Um...Girl Code...But also screw that" XD we never ended up dating though, even though they broke up a week later...
1048 days ago
My crush kissed me 😍😍😍✌🏻💋💋
1068 days ago
i sent my crush one of this videos to send to my crush without conent and he literally sent it back with an I LOVE YOU TEXT EEK
1075 days ago
I have a major crush on a guy called Archie he is super nice and funny I liked him in 4th grade and I’m now in 7th grade can u believe it? He said he loved me from the day we met and that he wanted to be my BF eee!
1080 days ago
49470 you shouldn’t ask him in front of your friends I did that and every body made fun of me for 3 weeks
1080 days ago
I hope he will date me
1130 days ago
I just confessed to him and at the end of the email I said of you want to talk here’s my number and he responded with I’ed love too and I read that and literally fell over
1131 days ago
i was in gym class and we were doing yoga and we had to do group yoga i got put into a group of all boys and it was uncomfortable (im in 8th grade)
1131 days ago
theres this guy that moved to my school in 6th grade and he wasnt in any of my classes, but in 7th grade he was in basically all of my classes except for math. he was the 'bad boy' of the class, aka the one that was always getting in trouble for being funny and not doing work and it was so cute. he was also in my gym class where he would tease me and stuff all the time and i LOVED it. apparently he was looking at me a lot too. now in 8th grade we are only in one class together and at the beginning of the year he talked to me a lot but he doesnt really anymore (now obviously with the pandemic we're not taking bc thats not normal). his best friend said that he liked me, and a little bit later one of my pretty popular friends also said that. im kinda wishing i did something about it but oh well. at the beginning of the year (8th grade btw) he sat at a different table, and then he moved to the one next to mine. a little after that he sat really close to me, but just at the different table obviously.

so thats my love story that coronavirus ruined its ok :)

im dying inside ((navy)haha yay
1145 days ago
I started liking this guy in 5th grade but in the beginning of 5th grade I liked this other guy but in the middle of the year I didn't like him no more. I started liking the guy that I like right now and in the beginning of the year he was dating this other girl but the broke up around the same time. So knew he liked me and I was unsure if I liked him and so we would just be talking and a li
1167 days ago
I liked this guy since 2nd grade and now in in 8th but when we where in 6th I think he just totally for got who I was...but in 5th grade I just know he liked me he was always flirting with me asking me to punce him and stuff and now I feel I'll never have a chance
1188 days ago
I love this quiz I have taken a few and this is by far the best question wise, and answer wise. I love this quiz and am going to be sending it to all my friends!!!
1192 days ago
Ok guys, I had THE WEIRDEST DREAM ever last night. Soo, me and my sorta crush(who liked me) were at school. Let's call him "S". My friend was nearby and whisper shouted to S, GO FOR IT. I was really confused. And then he started talking but i can't quite remember(you
know how dreams are).
But I do remember what happened after....
I was hugging him and he was hugging me back!!

Ackkkk what's happening to me???
I SOUND LIKE A CREEP because we don't even talk anymore(we dont talk anymore, like we useeed to doo)
but i know he liked me TWO YEARS AGO but idk if he still likes me...
and i think i'm getting feelings for him...

wow this is a bit long :o
1196 days ago
So there is this boy that I like at school but I don’t know what to do because I really like him but I am going to be moving at the end of the school year and I don’t know how to say it because he told me he just wanted to be friends and I don’t want to ruin the chance of even being just friends. PLEASE HELP ME!
1198 days ago
My crush already said that he likes me and the test said we were just friends.. I don’t think so. He said he loved me
1199 days ago
My name is Victoria and I like Tylor :) We are going to start dating :)
1202 days ago
I don't think this test is accurate at all.
PS another tip if someone tells you someone else has a crush on you and then that person says that they don't anymore then they probably still do.