Does He REALLY Like Me? Quiz For Middle School Girls

OK, so you really like this certain guy - but does he like you back? This is such a normal thing to wonder about! The answer you've been waiting for is revealed now! This test will be 100% accurate for middle school girls who take it. I hope you all get the answers you want. Good luck!

  • 1
    Do you ever catch him looking at you? If so, how is he looking at you?
    Do you ever catch him looking at you? If so, how is he looking at you?
  • 2
    When you two talk, can you easily laugh together?
  • 3
    How often do you talk together?

  • 4
    Now we're going to talk about his body language. Say he's sitting across/diagonal from, or right next to, you. Are his feet pointing in your direction?
  • 5
    When/if you talk, is he the one who approaches you, or do you go up to him?
  • 6
    Has he ever complimented you?

  • 7
    Do you two have inside jokes?
  • 8
    Has he ever smiled at you?
  • 9
    When you're around him, does he try to impress you by taking out his new cell phone, or anything like that?
  • 10
    Also when you're around, does he try to make you jealous by flirting with another girl or by simply showing off?

  • 11
    Does he ever walk right in front of you to get you to notice him?
  • 12
    When he walks past you, does he ever brush against or somehow touch you with his arm, or something like that?
  • 13
    When you two are talking, does he ever lightly touch you in any way?
  • 14
    Does he ever make jokes with you or try to make you laugh?
  • 15
    Last question. What does your heart tell you? Do YOU think he likes you?

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20 days ago
So- Yes middle school is aBoUt the time someone starts liking other people- I try to be really confident, but I'm really shy. And Nate (My crush-) On the other hand is very outgoing (We're pretty much polar opposites lmao) And I've had a crush on him before I was friends with him- I've got his number now, and we've been talking for a bit, and play MC with each other over the weekends. And I was thinking about telling him that I like him, but I want to preserve our friendship and not make it weird, but I was thinking that we could talk to each other a bit more before I tell him... What should I do? ;-;
59 days ago
I have this boy in my class and he used to like me like 3 years ago but early this year he knew that I like him and was fine with it but now he has been avoiding me so now I think he likes me but we were like bestie but now he never talks to me and he has a crush on my best friend his name is Parker
88 days ago
@lol same thing happened to me a while ago. He just felt bad because I was the new girl and was really shy and had no friends
88 days ago
There’s this boy who always makes fun of me. In our friend group we have like this ‘hate list’ thing and he asked me where he was on mine. I said 2 because it’s true. He said that he’ll stop making fun of me after that and the day after he gave me a Kit Kat. Now he’s back to making fun of me and I don’t know how to make him stop.Idc if he likes me or not he’s making my life miserable and I’ve already tried telling him that but he stopped the day after and then he started making fun of me again. Pls help!
100 days ago
I don’t think they understand that people in middle school don’t just talk and have conversations with other people unless they are friends (just saying)
137 days ago
@Lexi tresierra... Lexi, I have no idea-I'm usually that one girl going on about how dumb guys are-until JJ (My crush)-but maybe try starting the conversation with an email? Like begin with a subject not related to dating but can get u on that subject easier with him or something. Sometimes when you have time to think and are not intimidated by their cuteness it could help. :)
163 days ago
hi gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg gggggggggggg
180 days ago
I took this a while ago and we are dating now
180 days ago
At first I thought he liked me because he was always joking around with me but I think it’s just because he feels bad for me since I’m really shy and don’t speak to anyone lol
191 days ago
I try not to flirt with him a lot but he’s so hot 🔥🔥 it’s hard not to tho lol my I always get told I’m flirting with him because I wear his hat
191 days ago
I kinda scared to ask him out
191 days ago
My crush likes me but I’m scared to ask him out 😐

Do you guys have any suggestions how to ask him out ❤️🔥
198 days ago
He has a girlfriend who doesn't go to my school. Everyone thinks were dating. They sing the K_I_S_S_I_N_G song. Stare at each other a lot. Hang out everyday. His friends and my friends are all apart of the same friend group. He knows i like him, and so does the whole school. (Thanks to my little brother and a jock drama spreader.) And he sends me mixed signals.
201 days ago
I think there should be an idk option. And for the "who approaches who?" Question, I think there should also be a "one or the other". Like just him approaching me, or me approaching him. Cause I don't ever approach him. Not usaly at least. Like 1 or 2 times.
204 days ago
prIncessela, (hopefully I spelt it right) Your surcamstance and mine are 80% equivalent! There is just a few differences... Its basketball, not soccer. (although I love soccer 2) and I told some friends. I may be as clueless but i can tell you everything is easier to deal with if you tell your most trusted friends. But beware! i don't want you stuck in the predicament i'm in! lol
204 days ago
Also, I can't date til 16.
204 days ago
I don't think this quiz helped because alot of the questions that were asked didn't relate to my experience. But maybe you can still help? He often glances my way and will always face and lean towards me, but he hasn't said anything yet. The other day a friend of mine told him "Someone likes you" and I mean, of course I do! but its like: seriously?! anyway he leaned in and asked "Is it ?" He grinned while saying this and then my friend was like, "Can't tell you." but he just grinned!!! So my friend started panicking and was like "NO ITS NOT!" But he just grinned! -_- does he like me back or is that just his version of a "victory dance?" I don't know. Boy brains are confusing and dumb. why do I like him you ask? He's cute duh! lol now answer the question!!! plz.
214 days ago
So here i am about a month later and it says he totally likes me and i believe it. A lot has changed in the last month and he is being really cool. Mind you i've liked this guy for 4 years. I'm in seventh grade now and we hang out a lot. We have to classes with each other and my friends and his friends all are in the same friend group. And its a football cheerleader combination. And the girl is still annoying and ikes to tell me what to d but he told me he didn't like her. We talk ALL THE TIME and we stare at each other a lot in class. He knows i like him because of my brother and another person i know. I really lie him, but i don't want to date. I just wanna know if he likes me. WE also have a lot in common to. And he teases me a lot. I just want you know if he likes me, you know. Anyway i guess i'll find out when it's the right time. BUt seriously why are boys so confusing at my age?
216 days ago
so the boy who probably likes me is the pasters son he always stares at me and he soooooo polite I mean like he is never like that to me but I mean me of course is cute LOL anyways I think he does because he always looks at me like a smile or a smirk and try to confront me but I don't like him sadly I like some else I think he really wants to tell me but IDK!!! I am in 8th grade and he thinks I like him his sister is 8 and she said that he likes me IDK though that's the thing but here is the deal I think he does though because he smirks try to talk to me and keeps blushing anytime he see s me I am popular at school so I think that's why I am nice and kind and I am cute LOL JK anyways whats your Idea hashtag #Cute if you think he likes me LOL but anyways bye!

216 days ago
This is so funny I am in middle school and it's so sad:( I cant believe I did this.....HAHA