Does He REALLY Like You? (For Middle School Girls)

OK, so you really like this certain guy - but does he like you back? This is such a normal thing to wonder about! The answer you've been waiting for is revealed now! This test will be 100% accurate for middle school girls who take it. I hope you all get the answers you want. Good luck!

  • 1
    Do you ever catch him looking at you? If so, how is he looking at you?
    Do you ever catch him looking at you? If so, how is he looking at you?
  • 2
    When you two talk, can you easily laugh together?
  • 3
    How often do you talk together?

  • 4
    Now we're going to talk about his body language. Say he's sitting across/diagonal from, or right next to, you. Are his feet pointing in your direction?
  • 5
    When/if you talk, is he the one who approaches you, or do you go up to him?
  • 6
    Has he ever complimented you?

  • 7
    Do you two have inside jokes?
  • 8
    Has he ever smiled at you?
  • 9
    When you're around him, does he try to impress you by taking out his new cell phone, or anything like that?
  • 10
    Also when you're around, does he try to make you jealous by flirting with another girl or by simply showing off?

  • 11
    Does he ever walk right in front of you to get you to notice him?
  • 12
    When he walks past you, does he ever brush against or somehow touch you with his arm, or something like that?
  • 13
    When you two are talking, does he ever lightly touch you in any way?
  • 14
    Does he ever make jokes with you or try to make you laugh?
  • 15
    Last question. What does your heart tell you? Do YOU think he likes you?

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8 days ago
OMG, i know what to do now
20 days ago
Too hard to decide, I feel the same before I started crushing on this guy I always was warning people that crushes are kinda dumb and if you in middle school what is the point of a relationship. I am quite clueless with him and my feelings. The only I am here is for that reason. Oh and before the internet I told my sis who is in a relationship since like 3rd grade (their in 7th grade) So I kinda understand.By the way she doesn't even know his name I call him admiration around her. Honestly I feel bad for my parents. I have 2 siblings and they both are crushes on people my brother is in 3rd and my sister 7th and so I am like the only innocence left so I don't want to ruin that. Also my parents don't seem to notice I like him which is sad but expected because I can keep my feeling the same so he may like you but is hiding his feelings. If you guys are friends I would go with the flow like I can't even be friends with the guy I like.
20 days ago
P.P.S. Really wish I could help you guys, but... I'm just as clueless as you gals.
20 days ago
There's this boy that I have a crush on, he was in the same 3rd-grade class as me. (I'm in 6th-grade.) We were pretty close, he would come up to me and my friend and tease us. He was really friendly with me, and he would compliment me every so often. We even have an inside joke! I thought there was a 0.000000001% chance that I was wrong, but... I thought he might have some feelings for me.

And now, in 6th-grade, we're in the same 4th, 6th, and 7th periods. He's... talked to me several times but only to ask me things like, "Did you drop this?" or "Is this yours?" I don't know if this is subtle ways of flirting... but I have absolutely no experience with flirting. I have seen him staring at me occasionally, but only for a few seconds. Sometimes when I'm passing by, he'll look at me for a few seconds.

I mean... in 3rd-grade, it seemed like there was over a 50% chance that my suspicion was right, but now it doesn't really seem right. I've tried pushing him out of my mind every time my consciousness thinks about him, and I've tried convincing myself that it's just not right - he's popular while not even close. But... my heart reminds me about all those times in 3rd-grade...

And whenever I think I've gotten over him, he does something that makes my brain glitch and go right back to square one. *sigh*

No offense to anyone reading this, but... I wish crushes didn't exist. The feelings that come with them are just too complicated for me.

P.S. princessleia: I love soccer too! :)
22 days ago
Hi umm.
I need help yall. I am having my first crush( 6th grade) so I am really into him. The problem is A nobody knows not even my friends. I just feel so embarrassed about it so I can't seem to have the guts to even tell my friends now as for the guy. He is in the same grade,brunette,has really pretty eyes,he is popular but he is shy and calmer one.He is into soccer and I LOVE soccer and calm people because I calm and sometimes really energetic so I need someone to calm me down. B He doesn't know I am not even his friend. I am middle popular like everyone knows me and is cool with me but I don't have drama with anyone.C he virtual a lot and some days he is physical. Oh and if your wondering he is in 2 of my classes so I see him everyday and I get super nervous. IDK what too do. He so cute but I don't know how to approach him. HELP!
24 days ago
Ok, so last year there was this boy who I know had a crush on me. It was very obvious. I liked him too. However, due to quarantine, my 6th grade year was cut short. I didn't see him for months:( So when school started, I thought maaaaybe we could be the way we used to be. Heck no was a sharp answer. However, later in the year, I thought I was 'picking up signs' that he liked me, and lemme tell you, I was getting PSYCHED UP thinking that maybe he liked me again. So I got my friend to tell him that I liked him. And I was shut down. He said no he didn't like me. I was pretty upset tbh. Hower, now its later in the year and he's talking to me again! He nudged my shoulder and smiled, and also tried to hit me with his water bottle lol. I blushed so hard it was embarssing. And when I walked further, his friend, which I never talk to, randomly just tells me hey and looks over at my crush. Now he's talking to me in the lunch line, and standing beside me. Also, when we are outside at break, he is looking over at me a lot. Idk if he likes me. Do you guys have any advice?
31 days ago
im going to ask him does he like me
38 days ago
i am gonna talk to him
56 days ago
this SUPER popular boy is always trying to catch my attention although im really shy and middle popular. thanks! it says hes in LOVE with me. thank you so much for this quiz
58 days ago
I am LITERALLY IN LOVE with someone called.... Carter Middleton!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
and I dunno if he likes me but I hope soooo,(btw I am in year 6). We r SORTA friends but I dunno if I should ask him out.... I currently have NO FRIENDS WHATSOVER me and my friend fell out ABT I need some girl advice.... can y'all help me out here? ❤️❤️❤️❤️
#girlsand their life problems#😂
66 days ago
this boy started randomly talking to me he walks near me when in the hallways and atthe end of 7th period and i notice him looking at me during class and in the hallway sometimes and i consider us friends and he is really nice and funny and about 3 days ago i heard one of my female friends say "he said your sexy" as in talking about the boy said that and he said he "didnt say that" but he wasn't sound very convincing somi wonder if he likes me or just wanted to be friends.
82 days ago
Ok so I'm like really late but there is this guy and btw I'm in 7th grade we have known each other for like 2 years we talk a little bit but he is like one of "the boys" he is really sweet and funny he broke up with someone last year and ppl said he might have been dating someone else last year and idk if he is seeing anyone rn. But we have talked and I think he likes me to! And we haven't seen each other in person for a year obviously and I'm going back to school next year and I want to make good impression but I've never really flirted with someone before lol idk what to doooooooo!
91 days ago
well there is a boy who really likes me nut.. i just got rejected yesterday from my dream crush and now ut is springbreak
ps my name used to be : i love magnus
94 days ago
This site actually works!!!
99 days ago
i think this site acually might be right?!?
115 days ago
hi im late but this guy idk he like maby a lot of girls hell yea its really weird but I dont think I like him ugh whatever have a good day and im in 6th grade aswell
184 days ago
We have a good relationship but because of this stupid COVID stuff I can see him anymore so how do I know if he likes me off of a camera!?
184 days ago
hey so I like this boy I went to school with him in 1st and 2nd grade he switched schools but when I switched schools there in 4th grades there he was again! He didn’t recognize me though but then we started talking and because best friends we played all the time i was in the friend zone then I started liking him more and more. But am I in the friend zone or not he looked at me a lot in the hallways he bumps me and we laugh but are we just friends?
184 days ago
I love this it gives you the right answer if the boy doesn’t like you so what ! There are more fish in the sea
197 days ago
Girly gossip be sweet kind and yourself