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Know If A Boy Likes You!

If you want to know how to tell if a boy likes you (and really, that's probably why you're looking at this quiz *smiles*), then you came to the right place! Just to let you know, it's meant FOR GIRLS ONLY! Thank you for being here, and I hope you have fun taking my test!

  • 1
    Does he say the dumbest things just to keep talking?
  • 2
    Does he stare at you, even if you don't always catch him doing it?
    Does he stare at you, even if you don't always catch him doing it?
  • 3
    Does he picks on you for fun because he knows it will be a funny joke?

  • 4
    When you're angry, does he try to make you smile, or feel better, or even laugh?
  • 5
    Does he sometimes accidentally bump into you just to touch you?
  • 6
    Does he likes to annoy you?

  • 7
    When he talks to you, does he sometimes put his arm on your shoulder?
  • 8
    Does he tease you playfully?
  • 9
    Is he sometimes friendly when his friends aren't around?
  • 10
    Does he try to show off when you come around?

  • 11
    Do you TRULY think he like you?

Comments (58)


93 days ago
I like this boy and he ofd me his jacket
905 days ago
plus this is the major prob
905 days ago
I kept taking this test to see if a boy named hansen liked me...the test always says yes he does but i dont really feel that way though i kinda like like him and he blushes when he sees me....BTW im only 11....its 5th grade and lots of kids have paired up...
927 days ago
He stares at me whilst we work. Its kinda creepy but really cute. I dream about him. Most of his free time he acts like hes drunk on purpose and its real cute and funny. Hes a real hottie. He has the dreamiest eyes. I really love him. But im only 13.
936 days ago
I was his partner and he just act so nice and helped me he is lollipop cute and I love it when he run his fingers through his hair
936 days ago
I got he probably likes you so yay I knew he likes me because I was playing a game with him and some other people and he chose me for a special thing that I always wanted to be and it was my first time
960 days ago
Sometimes anytime i try to talk to him,i usually get shy and also scared
1009 days ago
he is coming over and he asked if we could SEX?
1009 days ago
well he is but likeeeee yeah
1009 days ago
Now he wants to date me
1009 days ago
i told my crush he said I do like you. I see him alot. I am in ALL of his sport teams, he talks to me alot, He touches me and makes excuesses, He has asked me if we could kiss on the lips alot / hug and hold hands I am always like hell Yeah.
1020 days ago
My crush and I go to the same hockey practices/camps so we see each other a lot. We don’t talk but I guess we acknowledge each other. Idk why I like him. Guess it’s because I like annoying guys.
1044 days ago
I like cute boys like Tony Lopez and maverick and cash baker
1064 days ago
There is this guy that is friends with another guy who I’m enemies with but haven’t spoken to for years. We’ve known each other existed for four years but we’ve barley said ten words to each other. Lately there have been weird occurrences with him. The first was before school. I was in the cafeteria sitting at a lunch table. They’re the kind that are like a long bench. I sit at the same spot each day. He and his friends group usually sit down at the further end of the table, or at the next table over. My best friend Is sitting across from me and we’re talking. His friend group is sitting on the side of the other table that is closest to me. He comes and sits next to me and literally LEANS on the right shoulder and basically uses me as a pillow. I’m annoyed. I try to continue my conversation with my friend. While I do that I elbow him in the back and move some of my weight to try to get him to move. I hear his friends say something along the lines of “if I was her I’d be punching you in the face”. That wasn’t what they said exactly and I can only infer what they were talking about, but I can imagine it was my situation. He then sits back up turns his head and says “sorry I didn’t see you there” Seriously! There is no way that that is in any way true. A few weeks later I’m selling matchmaker surveys at lunch for student council Valentine’s Day fundraiser. He and his friends come up. The other person volunteering and I couldn’t find his. I knew he had filled his out right because I saw his names on other people’s lists. Therefore he had to have one somewhere eventually we find it. It took a while. We had our next class together. It was at the end of class when we were waiting by the door for the bell to ring he tells me that I must have bad vision because it took me so long to find it. Even though I do have glasses that certainly wasn’t the reason I couldn’t find it. It was because it was sorted under his first name instead of his last. If anything it was his fault for filling it out wrong. The third time was also in that class. We were reading a book as a class for our unit. We had to go put the books back up on the table in front. I go to put mine back and I feel a tap on my head and then see his arm tossing the book on the pile. So, he had hit me on the head (more like a pat or tap, it was in no way meant to be violent) with a book and said absolutely nothing. I’ve taken a few of these types of quizzes to see if he likes and is trying to pull my attention or something. I’m not interested in dating or dating him. I’m simply trying to decide how I should take these actions. If he is trying to get me to date him, he needs to try a different way because this is pushing me towards the opposite direction.
1081 days ago
I really like him and we have been best friend ever since we were 2
1117 days ago
It' so TIRING!! But all the tests that I have done it tells me that he likes me. Can you please tell me if these tests work on you because my crush is the most popular person in my class, and if it goes wrong, I'll be embarrassed in front of the whole class!!!!!!!
1117 days ago
I have this problem, the whole lockdown I've been taking these tests to see if a boy likes me and I'm only 11!😞😞😞
1160 days ago
This quiz might reveal what I do and say in the next month
1176 days ago
does he like me here we go guys
1218 days ago
okay so I always somehow make eye contact with this boy in class and I didn't even like him but then he added me on snapchat & I accepted because I kinda liked him but not that much. Anyways over break he says I've had a crush on you since October or something and I was shocked & I didn't know what to say because I don't want a 'title' and I have never dated a guy before sooo I just said that I like him to and I want to get to know him better. Then, we started like sorta communicating from opposite sides of the room in class and he talks to my friend who is dating someone but she said she liked him last year and they are like really good friends but I think she might still like him and Idk how he feels towards her plz help me!!