Does your crush like you back? Girls Only!

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So many girls wonder about their crushes. I know I do! I always wanted to know if he liked me... and after taking these quizzes I realized he did. TAKE THIS QUIZ, YOU WONT REGRET IT!:-)

  • 1
    He just cracked a joke. The first thing he does is...
  • 2
    While you're at school, does he always appear wherever you are?
  • 3
    You're hanging out with your friends at school. You notice him coming up to your group of friends to chat, and he...

  • 4
    Do you ever notice him staring at you? If he sees that you saw him staring, what does he do?
  • 5
    How does he appear? (Does he wear cologne, flips his hair, shows off moves)
  • 6
    Say you and him were in gym class, and were playing dodge ball. You got hurt when somebody hit you in the arm, and you see him...

  • 7
    How often does he point his feet towards you, pupils get larger, and does the same that you do? (You sit with your feet out, then he does the same)
  • 8
    Do your friends or anyone tell you that he likes you?
  • 9
    Does he keep in contact with you?
  • 10
    Final question: Based on how he acts, do you think he likes you?

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650 days ago
I really hate myself for this because i'm really good at controlling my blushing and when me and him were right next to each other, I was controlling my blushing but he wasn't and now I think he likes me less because he didn't see me blush. So Now I'm getting mixed signals!!!! HELP!!!!
743 days ago
Me and my friend did this, answered differently, and it was the same results. I was disappointed
748 days ago
Last time I came, it said he had a little crush on me. Now, we hung out, watching a game, and it says he only sees me as a classmate.((enavy)
799 days ago
Wow the things that y’all base off of is insane coming from a dude😂 also this isn’t very accurate. I am obsessed with this girl and it says I have a small crush on her and like her at lot as a friend🤦🏽‍♂️
805 days ago
He’s literally my boyfriend now and it said he only likes me as a classmate .-.
973 days ago
It said he had a little crush on me😱😍😍
974 days ago
It said he is sweet he has a little crush on me and might ask me out soon
975 days ago
It said as a friend but Ima try another site to see if this is true 😡
980 days ago
Is said "he sees you as a friend" AHA WRONG WRONG WRONG ALL HIS FRIENDS SAY HE HAS HAD A HUUUUUUUGE CRUSH ON ME FOR MONTHS BUT WASNT SURE IF I LIKED HIM BACK!but I'm sadly still sad cause I'm only in the fourth grade and I'm not allowed to date.....
1012 days ago
Well this can't be anymore wrong I did this
Test and it said that" he only sees me as a class mate " even though he told me I just wanted to see what this would say he told me that he liked me .
1022 days ago
I hope he likes me
1074 days ago
Not every girl likes guys, and not every guy likes girls so don’t write GIRLS ONLY
1077 days ago
the test said, "he only sees you as a class mate," AHA! wrong!!! IF ANY THING HE HAS A MASIVE CRUSH ON ME! i am the only on he calls every after-non, and he says wierd things to ME like, he once said (aparently to be anoying) for me to think about him doing THAT, to me. and then he said "i was going to tell you something eals but it is wierd and gross" (i bugged him to tell me any way) and he said.........fell my inside u. I WAS GROSSED OUT! but he still said thingzs like that to me and ONLY me. any way, i still think he is cute, or should i say, i KNOW he is cute.
1077 days ago
PLEASE GIVE MEZ ADVISE TO ASK HIM OUT OVER THE PHONE! (i think phone chat is easyer then face to face ) still, i need advise.
1077 days ago
HELP NEEDED!!! i am calling him this after-non. AND I AM DESPRATE I ASK HIM OUT please give me advise, QUICK! I WOULD DO ANY THING! like, do i say, "how much do you like me?" or just "i like you," i a weird voice...... HELP
1081 days ago
"He sees you as a classmate, nothing more". Actually, wrong, because we're good friends. People are always spreading rumors about us though.
1100 days ago
My crush is my bsf and he always comes to see me randomly and he says cute stuff to me like that he loves me and that I am his everything and he always be hugging me and cheering me up when I am sad and he fights people for me but yet he says he does like me and his cousins say that they think he does cuz he always talks about me all the time and my friends say he likes me bc the way he talks to me and they way he acts around me but Idk I am so confused((
1100 days ago
aparently my crush loves me but I’m not quite sure everyone says that he does even his best friends and his brother who is 17 and my sister who is 17 also is friends with his brother says that he likes me and his little brother who is 4 says it aswell I’m not sure though and three of my teachers says that he does aswell
1101 days ago
He told me he likes me a little he also hugged me but the hug was a dare ugh
1110 days ago
Apparently he only sees me as a classmate..... Well explain this. If he only sees me as a classmate, why do his feet ALWAYS point at me and second of all why does he always try to make me laugh and third of all why does he always smile or make faces at me?