Does He Like Me? - GIRLS ONLY!

He loves me, he loves me not....He loves me, he loves me not...
Hey, instead of ruining perfectly good flowers, take this very accurate How-To-Tell-If-A-Guy-Likes-You Quiz! Your instincts will tell you a lot, but this quiz can fill in the blanks you're not quite sure about. Let's hope you get the answer you want! If not, don't worry, you're still awesome without him!

  • 1
    First off, does he even know you exist?
    First off, does he even know you exist?
  • 2
    Are you very familiar with each other?
  • 3
    How long have you known him?

  • 4
    Do you think he likes you? Be honest!
  • 5
    When you talk, who starts the convo?
  • 6
    What do you talk about?

  • 7
    Do his friends like you?
  • 8
    Does he have a girlfriend?
  • 9
    Has he...
  • 10
    Do you...

  • 11
    On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being in love), how much do you like him?
  • 12
    When you talk, he...
  • 13
    Does he ever tease you?
  • 14
    Which of these best describes him?
  • 15
    Is he open and honest with you?
  • 16
    Does he ever compliment you?

  • 17
    If you hugged him, he would...
  • 18
    How much do you have in common?
  • 19
    If you asked him to do something for you, would he do it?
  • 20
    Was this helpful? How's the feeling?

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6 hours ago
Hey! I just want to say I love this site but I'm sure that my crush likes me too as much I do. Now I don't know if he realy likes me. (By the way I like Gabrielle Cooper.) So if you now him tell him that a girl of a web site likes you. Plz don't tell him my name
13 hours ago
omg hi mystery the only two people u will know is me and bronze i think really funny thing i email bronze privatly and bronze asked if u came here still i said no but now imma say yes so brinze can come back and say hi its great to see u
22 hours ago
i dont really want to ruin our friendship tho- and he says he likes this other girl but it's clear he doesn't
Hi! My crush (let’s just say Matt) and I have been best friends for two straight years now. He apparently thinks I like someone else, so he told me that he likes a girl named ( let’s just say Ashley). I don’t know what to do because he supposedly likes someone else but he still acts like besties with me. We still talk, sit together, and hang out outside of school together. But he constantly hangs out with Ashley too. He hasn’t liked anyone else until he thought that I liked someone else. I don’t know if I should just confess to Matt or stay friends with him. Matt is kind, likes sports, is not a player, and is funny. I was the first friend that he had when he came to our school, and I don’t want to lose that know. Please help me!
3 days ago
Is there any people who are in primary school year 5
4 days ago
A reply to Esther: hi, thank you for replying my comment And i think we should speak together & im sorry for the late reply but i really forgot to come back here 😔 i cant give my number but i can give my instagram, i hope you have an account. qwertyuopasdfghj.k is my account. Its not main its my 2nd account. When you write to me I'll give you my main account. I hope you understand me because this is a website where everyone can see my account and I don't want to be disturbed.I hope you see this comment, I'll wait for you to write to me..
5 days ago
@Uhh someone
Bro if you like each other, you can't let your ex make important decisions like that for you!!!
6 days ago
So after taking this test, I had a little talked with him and he feels the same way but he is MY EXS BEST FRIEND, he says he wants to be with me, but we both don't want to hurt my ex, so we've been talking in secret, meeting up sometimes, walking home together. But now we are finally doing stuff in public, we are talking and hugging and he maybe slapped my👮a few times, shhhhh. But I just don't know, though I would tell you guys, cause you don't even know me ahaha.
7 days ago
To: Everyone

Holy so many new people came or did you guys change your names?

Well anyways I just wanted to stop by here and say Hi! And I know I've been gone for so long.
I have to go now.
Hope you all have a good day!!!
8 days ago
If anyone needs to vent, pls use the link below! You can let your feelings out in a safe space where everyone will be supportive of you!
8 days ago
Ughhhh I asked if he did or didn’t and I got maybe- AHHHHH KILL ME
10 days ago
Hii ! It’s me again and i have news about my confusing relationship :’D

(Previously i posted this)
Well, let’s go back in 2018, i changed school so.. i was alone but i’ve met a beautiful girl who became my bestfriend.

We are in 2021 and still bestfriends, but something changes between us.
It’s the first time i’ve feel this way toward her !

When we met we were cute 10 years old besties and today i’m in love with her :’D

Since there’s insta, discord.. we talk a lot and we see each other everyday at school, we have the same class, we are known because we are bestfriends but.. can we really stay bestfriends ?..

I don’t know what to do. I just don’t know.
I don’t know if she likes me too, i think but i don’t know.
That’s why i’m writing this to have some opinions cause there isn’t enough for my story..

She gave me some nicknames [my wife, darling, honey, shorty]
I sit next to her in class and she’s always looking at me, saying i’m cute, we even share our rings lmaooo :’D

And when i’m talking with a friend she’s looking at me and looks jealous even if she says she don’t.
She always says « i love you »..

And there was a day, she was doing a weird thing with her wrist in class so i grabbed her wrist and SHE GRABBED MY HANDS !!

And.. recently she hang outs more with another one of our group and literally avoids me.. then i start losing hope and i’m crying for no reasons..
Some days there’s nothing happening and some days i think she is in love with me.


So, she still calls me her wife and i’ve been telling her to offer me a ring so she gave me one with a cute pink bunny OwO
She wasn’t kind with one of my friend but she became more friendly with her, me and my friend are in shook like-
And she (my crush) don’t hang out with the person i talked about [recently she hang outs more with another one of our group and literally avoids me..]
11 days ago
Ok I think he might like me but I’m not fully sure. Can anyone else reply and confirm or deny this?
So basically he always stares at me in class, when I look at him he almost always catches my eye, unless I looked away really quickly. He usually teases me (in a nice way) so my full name is Elizabeth, not many people in my class know my full name as I go by Lizzie. We learnt about queen elizabeth I in history and he looked into my eyes and said, Lizzie, you’re the new queen and I basically died and he also went out of his way to talk about something I love and he doesn’t like with me. So idk
12 days ago
Hiii how are yall doing?
13 days ago
So basically it’s my best friend, in February he told me that he had a crush on me. I told him that I didn’t feel the same way, he still has a crush on me and has done since November but I just want to stay as friends. We tell each other everything and we know we can completely trust each other. I’m worried if I say I don’t want to date him he won’t want to be my friend again. What should I do?
14 days ago
I ignored the girls only sign an came in to see if it’s’s not, it might be, if a guy made it, but I don’t think a guy made it, it is therefore not accurate if a girl made it, because guys are confusing people and only guys know the signs, good day.
15 days ago
Hey guys!If anyone wants to vent and let all their feelings out in a safe space, the link below is where you need to go! I have created a safe place for anyone to vent about absolutely anything! So far I have achieved lots of positive feedback so I can assure you that this may help you!
17 days ago
Person of 3arth - No problem! I hope everything works out for you!

So after he sent me the song last night, I text him today and we talked, he called me the nicknames he has for me and then I asked him if we were going to talk about what he sent me and he said what's there to talk about. I got kinda nervous and I was just like forget about it lol😂 So yeah idk why I just got nervous like that😂
17 days ago
Ok, so that was really funny at lunch today. I was listening to my music when mine and Brett's friend Tayt said to me,"Hey Eliza. Can you come over here?" I said,"Sure." He said,"Brett just texted me and he wants to talk to you." Then he showed me the snapchat message that Brett sent him which said come talk to me. So I walked up to Brett and said,"Hey Brett. Tayt said you wanted to talk to me, so what's up?" Then I sat down and listened to what Brett had to say. I was telling him about what happened in transportation 2 with me having to stop the fight between Haeden and Carson and I even said to Brett,"It's not that I don't like the class, but I have to put up with Carson in that class as well as my Lit. Themes class and he's so annoying." Brett said to me,"He's so annoying because he really likes you." After he said that we both started laughing and when I stopped laughing I said,"I can't believe you said that and you know we've been friends for over 2 months, right?" Brett said,"Yeah." Then before the 5 minutes that Brett and I were talking for were up I had asked Brett,"So when do you want to tackle that Geometry homework for tomorrow?" Brett told me,"Oh, I already finished it." I said,"Oh,ok." Then the 5 minutes that Brett and I were talking for were up and I walked back to where my stuff was and mine and Brett's friends were asking me what happened when they should have heard what happened. UGH! I can't believe my friend Bryana is trying to steal MY best friend and yes when I was talking to Brett for those 5 minutes he had maintained eye contact with me while we were talking.
18 days ago
@Girl w bf
Thx for the advice and good luck with your troubles