Does He Still Like Me? Quiz for Girls Only

It's not always clear why relationships end. Then time passes, and the reason gets resolved without you even knowing it. Do you wonder, "Does he still like me?" If you have reason to ask, maybe there's still something there. Find out now!

  • 1
    Does he know your name?
    Does he know your name?
  • 2
    When did you know him?
  • 3
    How does he usually contact you?

  • 4
    How many times did you two go out?
  • 5
    Do his friends like you?
  • 6
    How many friends does he have?

  • 7
    Does he ever do anything with you in person?
  • 8
    How often does he talk to you?
  • 9
    How often does he annoy you?
  • 10
    Last question: Do you think he likes, or even loves, you?

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447 days ago
So I emigrated to Twickenham a month ago , and it was my first day of school before, I have a crush on this boy called Nico 🧡, then we are making eye contact , and he tried to sit next to me , he even talk about me to his friends when I am around, he also said I was funny , but then , after a few weeks , a girl who sits next to me said to him “Nico, hey babe “ and she is twirling her hair , flirting with him 😭, I was sitting next to this girl, then guess what !?
My crush Nico replied her “I like you back “ (cuz his friends tell him to say so 👿)
Then today , he told that girl that he can’t even look at her cuz she is too ugly 🤡🤡🤡, I don’t know what to say , this girl is my ex-friend , but u like my crush so much and she hurt my feelings (even though , well ,she don’t know I like my crush )
514 days ago
514 days ago
There is a dude and I've always known his existence but we started talking in January and I started liking him in early March. His personality just frickin blows me away and his smile is just-
I can't bro

Of course, I have to be an extrovert in front of everyone but super quiet every time he tries to talk to me. He's always trying to spend time with me but recently he just stopped. I think it's because I don't go up to him because I feel like if I did he'd think I'm into him. We have prolonged eye contact and he just sweetly smiles at me and I get shy as hell so I just look down.


So I've been thinking about confessing just because maybe he'll realize that I AM INTO HIM

Should I do it and does he like me!?

750 days ago
Ok so just to say this. So last year a boy called Simon actually talked to me after 3 years of being in the same class. We became friends and got along very well. We helped eachother,joked about stupid things and other fun stuff. 4 months later he confessed to me that he liked me. I myself am a person who cannot make a difference between love and friendship or I realize it to late.So I said yes because I wanted to give it a try.We were a great couple but 7 months later he said he is breaking up with me because things weren't going the way they had to and said he liked my best friend (and I actually suspected that cause I saw them talking a lot)So I said ok because I knew that I am not able to handle a long relationship because I know myself and my flaws. I got over him easily and didn't want to bother him. 3 Months later he broke up with my best friend. Another 3 months later he said he liked me again. And to be honest I know he is not a player or something like that. he is very sweet and caring but he is just looking for the right person and takes risks. I didn't know what to say because I do like him but I am afraid that it won't work out again. So PLEASE ANYONE HELP ME DECIDE!!!
842 days ago

i think its a nobrainer you should def tell him how you feel. you will never get past this unless you take that extra it now so that you can face it and who knows maybe he still likes you. but if he doesnt thats ok because everyone has their one true love he might be yours but he might not ask him soon so that you can move on with or without him.i hope this helped.i hope it works out for you. Peace love and pandas lol im out
842 days ago
So does this guy still like or love you? He definitely loves you! You should smile at him and talk to him! BUT DON'T STARE TOO MUCH! That only gives guys the creeps. A lot of them, anyway. Stalker Girl is SO not who you are! You're going for good vibes, not scary ones. Good luck! I hope it all works out the way you want it to!:-)

ok hes my best friend! i dont think i even have a crush on him but i dont know i need help guys
849 days ago
ps ive liked him for almost a decade know ( to be exact like 9 years )
849 days ago
so ima try and make this quick
so ive known this guy my whole life lets call him alex so alex is my second cousin and ive had a crush on him since i was 4-5 yrs old( im almost 12 now) and i knew that he liked me back we would do everything together and every weekend i would sleep at his house, so this was all in australia and in 2017 i had to go back to my home country forever (its also his home country) so i never told him i like him and he never told me. so in 2018 they came in summer to visit i was so excited but he didnt really give me a lot of ATTENTION like how he would when we were younger it broke my heart but we did talk. so in 2020 i fell so deep in love with him and i told my besties they would encourage me to tell him so i said to myself i would. him and his fam were supposed to come on NYE of 2021 but cuz of covid they couldnt . The year past and i was still mad in love w him but the prob is if someone found out i like him the whole fam would know than he would know from them and not me and plus i always thought that there would be a much prettier girl that he loves ;( 2 weeks ago i overthought on how he would reject me and say im ugly but my friend told me that she knows he likes me even the one who HATES romantic stuff i said that i hate him and would never like him again since i think he played w my feelings but the prob is everytime i hear his name my heart beats so fast i dont know if im over him and if im really in love or im in pain, i would love u to give me your opinion and what you think since i really need help
856 days ago
I'm gonna make this quick because i need to say something. I am 14 years old and I'm in year 10 at school. Last year i noticed this guy at my church called Jai and during covid we texted more and more until after covid when we actually hung out in person. up till then i had liked one of the other guys who hang out in that group and i was friends with almost all of them so it wasn't weird for me to hang out with them but for some reason Jai always acted like we never stayed up late texting or anything. like i was just another girl her knew from church. Finally i got up the courage to tell him that i liked him and a day later he told me that he liked me back but since we were 14 we probably shouldn't date until we were older. This made sense to me because we are tought that you date someone you are considering to marry and hardly anyone marries their 14 year old crush. so we texted almost every night but it was still weird at youth even although now there would be moments when we catch each others eye and watch each other for probably longer then needed. around december when we have our 7 week christmas holidays break we fell out of touch because w normally saw each other out of youth and slowley i felt like i was the one having to keep conversations going. He told me that he never told his friends much because they often joked around and teased each other about that sort of thing but i did meet a few over text and in real life through school events and one time where they followed me on insta and we started talking. now it's like we never talked, when we text he's a completely different person but in person when we see each other he treats me like one of the guys. now we rarely talk and when we do there is an obvious ratio of texts around 5:1. I've always known he was kinda shy but i did ask if he still liked me and he said he wasn't thinking about that sort of thing right now. Now that i write this stuff i can kinda see that he probably doesn't like me anymore i just wish that he would tell me because it kills me wondering. i also recently met one of his friends through a sporting event and we got talking but i wonder if it is weird because i think his friend is really nice and wouldn't mind staying in touch but i don't want Jai o think i'm stalking him or anything. why does everything have to be so complicated lol
893 days ago
And I never had a phone and still don’t so that why I can’t tell him I love him
893 days ago
I’m making this quick. I had a friend named Antonio and he knew my boyfriend we was dating till 6 months and there was this girl name iyanna and my whole group hated her (we had more than the people I’m mentioning) but GURLL EVERBODY KNEW USS period. And Antonio and my boyfriend (Devin) we bestfriends they also lived together and basically Devin was texting the gurll I hate (iyanna) behind my back bc I didn’t know and I ask Antonio is he texting her he said no I go through his phone everyday. Then I ask him and he is and I ask y he says because she told me to....(WHATTTTT) the i say if I told u to jump off a cliff would u? .....OK DEN ...HE KNOW DAMG WELL THE GROUP AINT EVEN COOO WITH HER. So why idk. Then we broke up the day befor Valentine’s Day and I told him don’t say I’m sorry on Valentine’s Day but then he said I’m sorry so I tell him ok after a few hours and then COVID hit so we hat to say at home and ever since then I missed him and still do to
992 days ago
hey guys sorry for all the spelling mistakes i was typing really fast!
992 days ago
hey everyone. so im going to try to make this short but i have a lot to say. so basically me and this guy met in grade 6. we had this weird moment when we first met were our eyes met ad we smiled at each other. not love at first sight but like at first sight. this guy is and was cute but i was kinda the only girl that liked him. and not for his lookbut his personality. we became really good friends and told each other everything. i thojgt he liked me. but come december he askedout my friend. i was shocked but acted happy fof him. anyways fast forward to summer they broke up and i thought he liked me the whole time he was dating her. i mean he and i kept "flirting" and i felt really bad bc hewas dating my friend. but i kinda doubted the signals i was getting cause maybe that "flirting" was just being really good friends? anyways after they broke up i thought i might have a chance. but nope. in comes the new girl and he dates her. she actually really sweet though and one of my close friends now. but then that player breaks up with her and goes back to the ex a day later bc he said she wouldnt do so much pda and he wated to hug and hold hands and be able to txt a lot bc the new girl had limited texting time. wha a butt right? but he's still my friend even though he was being a jerk at the time. anyways he's back to flirtng with me i think and im so confussed about what im feeling. he also admitted that he likeme at the last year but thought i liked someone else so he moved on to my friend. his friens like me too so idk if that could alsl be stoping him. so do i like him or the memories and idea of him. i dont know if i like him or if he likes me. but if i dont like him why do i feel like crying when evei hear taylor swift sing you belong with me.
thanks for letting me vent
996 days ago
GUYS MY LIFE IS SO WEIRD! Here's my story-
I am in 6th grade in kindergarten I met this boy that I had a huge crush on, I would chase him, and would stare at him, and play with his hair. Anyways I was deeply in love with him. We were in the same class in first grade and second grade, And I moved into his neighborhood. So he was a huge part in my life I guess. In third grade I got into a program called ALL(Advanced Learning Lab) which immediately made us the "Weird Kids" He got into it too! Which was super fun for me, i continued to mess with him and still had a huge crush on him. We would talk all the time, and my teacher would sit us next to each other because she knew that we got along so well. Our older sisters were best friends and our parents knew each other too. so for me it seemed like we were meant to be. In ALL you can be in from 3-6 grade and the class stays mainly the same. So he was in my class again in 4th grade. I continued to have a huge crush on him and I would flirt with him all the time. We were really good friends and I knew I could trust him. Then after the school year ended his mom told me that he wouldn't be in ALL anymore. I was extremely bummed, because I wasn't gonna leave my best friend. He said he left because he didnt have any friends in the class/ which just broke me down. His best friend was not in the class but the reason he left made me feel like he just didn't care about me. I then ruined my life by not talking to him. In 5th grade I still kinda liked him, but never talked to him except one day, when my other friend was going home to hangout with him. We all walk home from the same bustop and he was talking to us so I kinda talked to him. he always knew I liked him. I also didn't talk to his best friend who apparentley liked me. I was so upset with myself
I invited them to my bday party and everything is okay i guess now. I also told him over email that i liked him. But I think eveerything is okay now. but i dont like him and like this other boy that's in my class
thanks for lettin me explode here
1077 days ago
So does everyone know how there is like a cool group some other group and the weirdos? Me and my friends are the weirdos we all play never ending tag and get really competitive. Any way last year my friend told this guy I liked him and he said he liked me too and we got teased a lot that’s over now I think he still likes but I don’t know cause we are great friends and play together everyday. So I really don’t know if he still likes me but I still like him🤷‍♀️
1221 days ago
he hates me, but i still follow him to school
1425 days ago
it's just.. i know he liked me. and he knows i liked him. one day we got together, but I couldn't handle it all. idk why. i broke uo after like only a day and he seemed to ignore me. than we got friends again and tried to just forget about what we had. it worked. but than my ex guy bsf got jeaouls and told him 💋 bout me. now my crush/ex hates me.((enavay)) AND I HATE MY "BSF". he's such a 💋. but i'm tryna fix it. tomorrow is school and i will talk to my ex. i think he will understand. i hope.
1666 days ago
Oof...he moved and still likes me....he teased me when we were younger and it made me mad and upset then he hugged me after! 😳 He opened the door for me at the dance and bowed to me.....I just started to think...I looked behind and he had almost shut the door on two other girls! I almost started blushing and thinked: holy👮my friend was right he does like me 😂
1704 days ago
I know he used to like me. But, he’s never been my boyfriend or anything. It kind of seems like he gave up on me after Christmas because I am a little hard-to-get. You have to ask me first, you have to know me well enough and I have to know you. So, when he was trying: he hugged me, asked me questions about me and if my dad would allow me to date. But now, he’s a acting like he doesn’t like me😢
1711 days ago
Hey there,I think he likes me still but I still do not know for sure! Do you think he still likes me?? Anyway I am new here so I am not sure what to do