What Feelings Does He Have For You?

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He may like you; he may not. But if he does, what sort of "like" is it? Is he just after you for your body, or is he truly in love? (By a guy for girls)

  • 1
    You first notice the guy. What is he doing?
  • 2
    Say he notices you noticing him. What does he do then?
  • 3
    Assume you share a class. Given the choice, he would...

  • 4
    Say you two are lab partners in a science class. He would...
  • 5
    Perhaps you two share an art class. In this situation, people separate off into groups of two to four. He would probably...
  • 6
    Assuming you have a conversation with said guy, what do you talk about?

  • 7
    If he were to call you anything but your name, what would he call you?
  • 8
    What, out of the four words given, comes to your mind first when thinking about him?
  • 9
    Yet another hypothetical situation: what would his response be if you asked him out?
  • 10
    Final question: how do you feel about him?

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154 days ago
my results were 50% profile A and i wrote him a letter telling him how i feel abt him should i send it?
392 days ago
Wow you are in a situation! I’ve been Worse though
392 days ago
I meant loves me but still help !!
392 days ago
I don’t know about this one I mean he wants to get sexual sometimes but you know I really like him and I promised to never brake up with him and that we would get married and have kids and that we would live a happy life and you never know he could live me for me or mg body either way this quiz could be wrong we have been dating for a while but h mean I only took this quiz to see if he looses me in some sort of a way idk HELP !!!!!!!
392 days ago
Heyyyyyy guyyyyysssss here is my score !!

For 93 % you are: Unless you are the "bad chick" type, I have some not-so-good news: this guy wants your body. He doesn't give a care about personality or kindness, he just wants to have a one night stand. If I were you, I'd give up on him. Those sort of women-crazed jerks aren't good enough for you. Profile C
392 days ago
Here is my score

For 50% you are: Congratulations! This guy in question likes you! According to your test scores, though, he is shy. As much as you dislike it, it is possible that you will need to make the first move. Careful not to make too big a deal about it; his shyness may lead him to lash out at you if provoked.
695 days ago
Well I like this guy a little bit and I think he also likes me because I along with all my girl friends found him staring at me a lot and he also teases my friends a lot but he is very serious with me but sometimes he teases me also… I have also asked one of my mutual friend about his feelings but disagreed with my views but from last few days I observed him coming to school with his best friend to see me and also he is talking to me but he wasn’t talking to me infront of his other friends much with me…
All my girl friends are very sure about his feelings but I m really confused about it…
He also saved my phone number from our friends group but never said it to me...
He acts like he isnt interested but the way he stares at me made me think he definitely likes me...
Please anyone help me out………
976 days ago
It says that he likes me!!! (O_O) *GASP* Is it true? Should I ask him? Someone give me advice!!!!
982 days ago
i don't know. my friend told me that he asked for my opinion for him. sh told me very good things about him and also that he likes me. she said that he is shy and i have to ask him out. and i was all always very nervous. but maybe i think my frind is lying and othr way i think maybe likes me but he is not a good guy. do you have a quiz for such a situation?
1154 days ago
i will try to find out
1266 days ago
There are rumors that I have a crush on my crush, (its true), and that he has a crush on me. (I THINK its true. ) His mom nudged him and gestured to me at Open House. When she saw I noticed, she smiled. Yay!!!
1269 days ago
1429 days ago
thank you for makin me more deppresed than i already were :-!
1556 days ago