Does My Crush REALLY Like Me?

Try as you might, sometimes you just can't tell if your crush really likes you or not. He might be shy, might not know how to express his feelings, etc. Whatever the reason, my quiz will help you figure him out! ;) *ANSWER HONESTLY AND I PROMISE YOU WILL GET GENUINE RESULTS!*

  • 1
    What does he do when you enter the room?
    What does he do when you enter the room?
  • 2
    There is a Valentine's Day Dance at your school and the event planner students decide that the girls will ask the guys. Well, lucky you, no one has asked your crush yet. When you ask him, what does he say? (Based on his personality, too!)
  • 3
    Has he ever touched you in a flirtatious way before? If so, and you flirted back or whatever, what did he do? (BTW - kissing doesn't count right now.)

  • 4
    Does he ever talk to you? (Counts if you start the conversation, too!) When/if he does, does he seem interested in YOU?
  • 5
    When he does talk to you, where are his eyes?
  • 6
    Who usually starts the conversation(s)? Does he usually keep it going, or do you have to keep the fire burning?

  • 7
    When you are standing up in class (if he has classes with you) or wherever, does he get up, too? If so, how close does he stand by you? (If he doesn't get up, choose D.)
  • 8
    Does he ever look at you?
  • 9
    Your friends invite you out to a movie with a group. Let's just assume your parents let you go. When you get to the movies and see everyone, you notice that your crush is there talking to someone else you know. In the ticket line, people start to leave, claiming that 'they had something else to do'. Anyway, in a couple of minutes, you find that it's just going to be you and your crush...all alone...seeing a movie together. He:
    Your friends invite you out to a movie with a group. Let's just assume your parents let you go. When you get to the movies and see everyone, you
  • 10
    Uh-oh! The teacher assigns partners in class for a major project...and of course, guess who gets to work with you? YOUR CRUSH- yay! (said sarcastically). How do you guys exchange numbers?

  • 11
    OMG, again! This is the most embarrassing moment in your's raining outside, so the floor is slippery and wet from the b*tches who didn't wipe their feet on the mats. You walk through the door, slip and fall on the side of your butt, and everyone stares. What makes it more embarrassing? Your crush is there to see it all! (BTW - it didn't hurt at all.) He:
  • 12
    Has your crush ever tried to get your attention?
  • 13
    Does he ever ask you stupid questions he could answer by himself or do something stupid just so you will talk to him?
  • 14
    You're staying after school for tutorial in Algebra. Since the teacher's not there, you have to go to the other tutorial down the hall. You walk in to find a few people, and take a seat in front of the computers. You start on your homework and your crush comes and sits right next to you! He asks you if the computer is working (and it is) and you say yes. As he sits down, you ask if he's good in the subject. (He says yes!) So being the flirt that you are, you ask if he could help you (even though you're an A++ student) on some problems. He:
  • 15
    Do you think he likes you?

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27 days ago
I got:
For 67% you are: So does your crush really like you? This boy obviously does, there's no doubt about it! But he's really shy. You need to help him out a little and start flirting with him, or try to make it more obvious you feel the same way. Making the first move doesn't always make the guy feel small - sometimes it boosts their confidence to know that a pretty girl likes them. So get to know him more and show interest.

But I’m shy too, what am I supposed to do, bark 😭❓

In all seriousness, we do talk sometimes 🏃🏽‍♀️
232 days ago
hi so i have a crush we met almost a year ago every week i see him at my local library and sadly thats the only time we get together. i told only one trustworthy friend and she is being super about it. I have taken MANY tests and i seem to always get something like you have a shot or give a little nudge. I have been rejected soo many times and its sad but thats in the past. Our zodiacs and names are compatible plus there are very suble signs but i just dont know. We are both doing virtual school but he does half virtual half homeschool. hes 13 and im 12 and i also did alot of pre recorded tarot cards. we dont text bc i dont have a phone and im not allowed to. I did have one feeling that was when we kinda locked eyes and i felt like really good for some reason. we give hugs to echother and we usally see eachother only on mondays for a couple hours. he is pretty funny and we make eachother laugh alot. i cant see him this monday tho bc im going to tennesse and i have been giving pretty good signs that are mostly in my confort zone and yea. im probably doing mostly everything i can but can anyone say if i have a chance??? i feel like im sorta in love but ive never been loved back by my crushor someone like that. ive had a crush on him for months so yea. What can i do to get him to like me and do i even have a chance?
462 days ago
I got "He likes you,but tell him fast,he can lose interest" Bruh.Lmao.He already told me he likes me(like literally like 3 or 4 times o_O)But he hasn't asked me out yet...Is he actually into me?or is he just tryna be nice?or does he think i like him as a friend?IDK...I NEED SOME HELP PWEASE HOOMANS
1235 days ago
I got 40% and tomorrow is Valentine's day! I also did a test and I got a 50% of chance that he might ask me to be his valentine! :>
1339 days ago
I got 33% but he liked someone before and he got friendzoned so I'm pretty sure I have no chance at all T-T
1340 days ago
Joi Yes, I think it is. Nice quiz! It's was great! 🤗
1342 days ago
The other day when me, my crush and friends were talking, and all of them left and it was me and him left.
All of a sudden this girl has the nerve to say: Will you go out with me? I can make a scene if you want... and he gets on his knees playfully. I just sit there in shock.
I’m really confused... is this a sign he likes me?
1367 days ago
ok story time! me and my crush flirted so heavily last year, but this year he seems distant. I got that he likes me, so hopings for the best
1533 days ago
plugging i said YESSSS in going to text him and ask if he likes me!
1557 days ago
AHHHHHHHHH he's calling me!
1557 days ago
Ok so I'm only 10 but I have. HUGE Crush on this boy and I got an anonymous valentines card which I just found out was from him and I started blushing like crazy! So now mah beside keeps saying that we would make a perfect couple (I secretly want to )
1595 days ago
actually I 27% ... WAAAAAAAAAH!!! :N
1595 days ago
yay! I got 100%! In love my crush and now he is my new boyfriend
1600 days ago
All the quizzes I’ve taken have said he likes me I guess I’ll see if I get anything on Valentine’s Day. If it’s an anonymous one I’m gonna guess it’s him.

I’m 10, 11 this month after Valentine’s Day he’s already 11 tho
1657 days ago
Jk I got yes. I am only 11 though. He told me that he liked me through text. I do not have a phone so I had to use my bffs phone. That was over a week ago and now it is super award between us. This quiz was o good and It helped me to know that hemdid not just saynthat he liked me because he did not know what to say at the moment.
1676 days ago
OMG!!! I got what I hoped for . . . it said that its a yes! I hope he asks me out for pro in highschool
1745 days ago
I thought he did... I wish he does! But whatever I'm to young anyway I mean I am 11! But I really want him! He s like my dream boy!!!!
2286 days ago
this worked hizs friends set me up to look stupis and he got exluded for smashing in there heads with a mallet from teck when he got back we did full fruntall snogging
2304 days ago
I really wish he would ask me out soon! ^-^
2342 days ago
Q 11 felt personal....