Does He Fancy Me? Is He Just A Friend? Is He Playing Me? Quiz (Girls)

So there's this guy you're not too sure about. You just can't tell how he feels about you. Take this quiz and in a few minutes, you'll know for sure. Good luck! P.S.: This quiz doesn't produce a reliable result for everyone. Please don't take offence at anything, or take it too seriously. <3

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    Does he often smile at you?
    Does he often smile at you?

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235 days ago
So there's this dude and I learned from my friend that she likes him a LOT and that she had "SO" many "incidents" with him (let's call her Ni). Apparently, my other friend was there and I told her all the incidents which turned out to be lies and that Ni has a really bad history of lying in the past (Incidents being like her saying I love you to a random object and him smiling saying that she said it to hi. wanting her to hold his sweater so it could have her scent, people saying he likes her like 3 years ago... But all of those people call her a liar so idk) . Imma asks him if he likes Ni or not cause there are signs but there are kinda more signs with me

(complimenting me, choosing to partner up with me, always smiling at me, his friends saying how perfect he is, him bragging about his butt off in front of me, constant staring, locking eyes and so on...)

292 days ago
Girl:Am i pretty?
Boy :no
Girl :do you wanna be with me forever
Boy :No
Girl :will you cry if I walked away?
Boy :No

The girl walks away,Tears running down her face as the boy grabs her arm

Boy you're not pretty, ur beautiful I dont want to be with u forever. I don't want to be with u forever I need to be with u forever I would not cry if you walked away I would die will u stay with me?

Girl =yes

294 days ago
That moment when you're already dating him but you're still taking tests just to double check because your feelings and emotions are a mess
390 days ago
hi milo thanks for you recommendation and actually i am over my friends cruah plus the other boy is just better. sry that i could not get back to you sooner.
449 days ago
kia it is best to have only one crush so stick with the one you think you like best, two crushes can be chaotic and makes it seem like they aren’t serious if you like two people. you and your friend can both like the same boy if you want to, if she’s a real friend she’ll accept that 😊

Just some advice :) keep it up girl and keep shining
451 days ago
i am TOTALLY over him
In fact i actually have two new crushes.
I just wonder who to chose. I mean they are both avaragely cute but bthe one who is slightly cuter is a boy who i s my friends crush so i have no idea who i should chose between the two
463 days ago
he was my first kiss
now we are JUST friends
but maybe there is more
489 days ago
Im taking this quiz to find out if josh turner wants to be friends with me after he waved at me last night
708 days ago
I'm taking this quiz hoping for a good result :)
735 days ago
I'm a guy taking this quiz to do some reverse detective work. I guess I'm good at hiding feelings. Sorry girls I'm shy
783 days ago
this was a weird quiz-
807 days ago
Good fun! Not taking it too seriously!
841 days ago
So this guy who I think likes me (my friend thinks he likes me too) anyway I kinda want him to tell me how he feels about me. This isnt the same guy I like btw!
841 days ago
I'm 43% and I've just started 9th grade/ high school in August. I know of 5-7 guys that say I'm cute,hot, or just attractive. Meanwhile I have a crush on a guy who came to school from being virtual 2 weeks ago. And he is like Somewhat hot and so like I don't know if he likes me too. But this
week we're on fall break so when we go back next week should I ask him out?
851 days ago
Lol I feel you there
I'm in practically the same situation -_-
852 days ago
I got 38% likes me and now I really don't know what to do. We've known each other for three years and my frinds are always like you'll be really good together. But I think he just doesn't like me 😟
880 days ago
Omg should I be happy or sad?
891 days ago
Hehe my best guy friend crushin on me ~ Iol he is alone with that feeling
893 days ago
I’m just here cause my bffs crush keeps flirting with me and I’m not sure if it’s bc he likes me or he’s just a flirt lol
901 days ago
Heyo. So there's this guy I used to like all the way back in September. There was a dare and we kissed- ONCE. We're really good friends and a few days ago we hung out and opened up to each other a little more. He told me that, back in September, he had a crush on me but then he started likeing someone else. ( It happens.) He also told me he does think I'm attractive and stuff and then somehow we got into talking about making our crushes jealous. He said that as long as he knows, he wouldn't mind it if I were to tell everyone he's my BF in order to make whomever jealous and that he'd be my fake boyfriend. That really confused me.

You see, i feel really bad because here: I liked him, kissed him, stoped likeing him, he hit puberty and got really hot and tall and nice and mature-er and now I get butterflies when ever I think about him.

Mainly, does he like me or what? All quizzes say Most Likely or just plain YES but IDK. Should I tell him how I feel and risk this good relationship? Should I ask him how he feels about me now? Do both? Neither? IDK.
(BTW, we're both 13, going into gr.8. Don't judge!)