Does He Like Me? (4th-7th Graders)

I know there are a TON of "Does He/She Like Me?" quizzes, but a lot of them are: a) really specific; b) have answers that don't really apply to you, or; c) are wrong (i.e., he told you he likes you, but the quiz says he doesn't). Well, this quiz has a wide variety of answers, and is almost guaranteed to get the truth for you! Choose the answer that is closest to the truth, even if it isn't totally true.

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    Does he ever bump into you, or touch you?

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132 days ago
Me and my sis tried it it found out and my sis got married to the guy but my crush hasn’t liked me yet😜
166 days ago
I just want to say that this website is ok i give it a four star why because it could have better questions and it could have nicer feed back also I know ho my boyfriend is and yes it is my crush!

194 days ago
It says he does not really like me but he is always talking to me & and we hang out When I got my answer I got really sad. I so want him to like me.😥😪
199 days ago
@random name, wow ur a really good friend!
229 days ago
i have this crush his name is matthew he sits right next to me but my friend like him to that's why when he tries to make a move i ignore it for my bff
245 days ago
Could my best (guy) friend be my date someday? Well maybe. But I sure do hope so!
266 days ago
ireally like this boy kolton he is so cute!
280 days ago
I really like this boy named jaden shabilion.He sits right in front of me in class.But there is this other boy how likes me and I like him.What do I do?Please help.
292 days ago
I wish to he unknown but my friend and I only can hang on the bus but he always comes sits with me on the seat he's kinda my type and we were playing the BOOPing game and he patted my leg twice?? Lol but your supposed to pat heads he's A flirty quirky guy lol
314 days ago
Hi am not saying my name cause I feel like my crush will look at this her name is Camila and she asked me to the dance before and I was like sure we have known each other since kindergarten am in 7th grade now idk what to say to her we act weird around each other lol idk if she does like me well we can always hope for the best .
340 days ago
So hi I’m violet I’m lesbian and I like this girl we hang out every lunch and we go to pride group she told me she’s lesbian and I can’t stop thinking about her but hers the thing she doesn’t have a phone any ideas on what I can but her that can let us text and it’s cheap and it’s not walkie talkies pls I need help
352 days ago
357 days ago
I am in love with him, and he loves me too. I was just taking this test because it makes me feel good whenever I see the results. But also because there is a girl I know who likes him to, just met him, and she is nothing like me but I am still uncomfortable. Besides being nice to her, he doesn’t really show that he likes her, but still. Also, is this test made by a boy or girl?
358 days ago
I like this guy, and we’re friends and all, but I feel Sarah (a girl in my class) likes him as well but idk!! But I’m trying to be less shy! :)
362 days ago
So I don't know if he is actually flirting with me. It's really not noticeable. He has put a flower behind my ear and one of my friends said he liked me and they asked and he said no. I'm not sure if he's lying . UGH! It's really confusing! And I really like him!!!
363 days ago
ok I got I need to talk to him more but the problem is that I'm way to shy :(
363 days ago
I Hope he like me. i mean we are in the same class and grade and it said we will be freind ut he never with me
363 days ago
It said he had a crush on me. but i wish he liked me more
390 days ago
It says he loved me! Tysm for the awesome test. Whenever he’s got the chance he ALWAYS speaks to me. Someone ended up saying he liked me, and he just hid in his hands and I could tell he liked me because of how red his face was getting! Even across the room he always stares at me. (I stare back and when he sees me looking back he turns away embarrassed that I saw him) we sadly don’t get much alone time because my friends always want to see how I am with him! As if they are spying on us 👀. I havnt had the courage to ask for his number so I’ll be doing so tomorrow! (PLEASE OF YOU HAVE TIPS FOR HIM TO LIKE ME EVEN MORE TELL ME!)
399 days ago
i had a big crush on one of my closest friends so i wrote him a letter stating that if he didnt feel the same way we could still be friends and believe it or not he said he liked me too! but our other friend had a crush on him too and she got really upset. i haven't talked to her since but me and him don't really care that shes being a sour pickle. he's in 7th grade and im in 5th. hes 12 im 11 and my friend who had a crush on him says i'm too young.