Does He Like Me? (4th-7th Graders)

I know there are a TON of "Does He/She Like Me?" quizzes, but a lot of them are: a) really specific; b) have answers that don't really apply to you, or; c) are wrong (i.e., he told you he likes you, but the quiz says he doesn't). Well, this quiz has a wide variety of answers, and is almost guaranteed to get the truth for you! Choose the answer that is closest to the truth, even if it isn't totally true.

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    Does he ever bump into you, or touch you?

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28 days ago
Hey my crush is my friend bc its my mothers friend and she doesnt come over a lot but i see her at school so like 💋 do i do
309 days ago
there's this boy who likes me and is always trying to get my attention!best part i like him to!!!!!!!
340 days ago
Hi I'm Ayvah and I like this boy in school, his name is elliot Robertson. And I like him 40000% he is sooo cute and we're kinda going on a date tomorrow but he only is gunna date me for the day for 7$ I don't know why but I hope he likes me back!
353 days ago
omg I have a friend at school named Jasmin (no e tho) and there's a boy named Colton at school :0
357 days ago
Hey ya'll so I really like this boy Charlie at my school but like Idk if he likes me. Like he looks at me and makes funny faces idk if that's flirting but he also does that to a lot of people so. I don't know if anyone else I know likes him, my best friend thinks he likes me and two people said he did too but I don't have his number soooo. Also like I don't know what the next step would be bc we cant drive so we can't date and we're kind of you so I don't know what to do. But like I like him soooooo much and it would be great if he liked me so I would like any useful tips anyone would have.
367 days ago
Ok so he is my best friend and according to this ‘quiz’ he doesn’t even know I’m alive! What the heck!!
416 days ago
Ok so his name is Clinton and hes OBSSESSED with me heres what I got story at he end!

Ready to find out whether or not he likes you? It's most likely a crush! Make your move! But talk more, don't be shy with him. You might even want to flirt, if you're comfortable with that! Guys like girls who have a lot in common with them, so chat about stuff you both like!

I dont like him but I know he likes me, everyone tells me, and teases me when we are both in the same area, yesterday he saw me as I was getting on the bus and tried to chase me and get On the bus with me and he doesn't even ride that bus! lol
482 days ago
I like a boy named Greg and he’s really sweet and all. But the thing is I can never find a quiz that applies to me. Cause in the end it always says he doesn’t like me but some of the things we’ve done and do aren’t there. But this quiz is pretty good. And if he sees this “Where’s my sticker?”
653 days ago
Me and my sis tried it it found out and my sis got married to the guy but my crush hasn’t liked me yet😜
687 days ago
I just want to say that this website is ok i give it a four star why because it could have better questions and it could have nicer feed back also I know ho my boyfriend is and yes it is my crush!

715 days ago
It says he does not really like me but he is always talking to me & and we hang out When I got my answer I got really sad. I so want him to like me.😥😪
721 days ago
@random name, wow ur a really good friend!
750 days ago
i have this crush his name is matthew he sits right next to me but my friend like him to that's why when he tries to make a move i ignore it for my bff
766 days ago
Could my best (guy) friend be my date someday? Well maybe. But I sure do hope so!
787 days ago
ireally like this boy kolton he is so cute!
801 days ago
I really like this boy named jaden shabilion.He sits right in front of me in class.But there is this other boy how likes me and I like him.What do I do?Please help.
813 days ago
I wish to he unknown but my friend and I only can hang on the bus but he always comes sits with me on the seat he's kinda my type and we were playing the BOOPing game and he patted my leg twice?? Lol but your supposed to pat heads he's A flirty quirky guy lol
835 days ago
Hi am not saying my name cause I feel like my crush will look at this her name is Camila and she asked me to the dance before and I was like sure we have known each other since kindergarten am in 7th grade now idk what to say to her we act weird around each other lol idk if she does like me well we can always hope for the best .
861 days ago
So hi I’m violet I’m lesbian and I like this girl we hang out every lunch and we go to pride group she told me she’s lesbian and I can’t stop thinking about her but hers the thing she doesn’t have a phone any ideas on what I can but her that can let us text and it’s cheap and it’s not walkie talkies pls I need help
873 days ago