Does He Like Me Back? (Middle School)

He's cute as everything, his smile is dazzling, his laugh is infectious, his personality is simply awesome. Basically, he's perfect in every way! I didn't say a name, but you thought of him - didn't you? Well, this quiz can help you know if he likes you, too!

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    How often do you talk to each other?
    How often do you talk to each other?

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201 days ago
welp it says that he barely knows I exist but this man always looks at me and we don't talk but my friends always tellme that he looks at me so idk what to do
208 days ago
Hi everyone, I've taken sooo many tests, most say he like me. Any tips?
223 days ago
im a boy and we do not pick up on little hints so if you want somthing you got to be clear what you want. but( not me ) lots of us reject girls even if we do like them .. domanance almost (not me )
322 days ago
I have taken 5000 quizzes he defiantly likes me back. I kind of want to have🌻with him.
431 days ago
So, I have a HUGE crush on a boy, and he flirts with me alot but, it's not like we're best friends or anything though. He just broke up with his girlfriend recently, and I figured this was my chance! Ever since quarintine me and him haven't been texting. Well, I've been texting him, but he dosent reply. When I first met him, It was in 2nd grade, when my teacher was sick so I had to go to a different class for a day ~HIS CLASS!! Now were both un 5th grade and, have the same classes. The week after we left school for quarintine, he texted me NON STOP. Now he wont even talk to me! I think it's because he recently broke up with his gf. BUT, my bestfriend isn't talking to me either! I'm starting to think maybe THE'RE dating secretly! But, I dont see that. My bestfriend hates him. I dont have a crush on him. I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM! And I keep seeing signs he likes me! Quizzes, different zodiac love TikToks that say our zodiacs and initials are bound to date, too!
So, what do you guys think(
542 days ago
So I have a huge crush on a guy I've known for a little less then a year. When were saw each other for t the second time he asked for my number and since we've been quarantine we've been texting and calling each other at least every other day for hours. We're in a class with about 14 people and all of them say we like each other and we should date ( and he doesn't deny it, he'll just look at me and smile) Then if were sitting across from each other or if he's right in front of me he'll stare at me ( for what honesty feels like hours😍) There have been been times were he'd flirt with me ( idk it could just be for fun🤷) but I really really like him. Do you like he likes me back??
542 days ago
In luv - Its sounds like he likes you, he's always blushing around you, smiling at you and leaning toward you, those are pretty good signs that he likes you
543 days ago
so ive been knowing him my entire life. in 13 years old, he is also 13 anyways, our parents were friends since high school, and well i've been knowing him for my entire life. anyways fast foward to 7th grade. we saw eachother at a party. and we talked and talked. i just couldn' stop blushinggg. first we played some soccer then football, and when we were playing football he knocked into me, (it looked like he did it on purpose). and we just looked in eachothers eyes for like 10 seconds. then we blushed and i got off him lol. well he did it again when we were jumping on a trampoline. and 2 hours passed and it wasdark outside. i was by myself just looking at the stars, and then he came form behind and litterally scared the fudge out of me. we laughed, then talked for a while. but i started to realize he was leaning twoards me and i blushed, smiled and just got up. (i know it was a dumb decision, know that i think about it) and he got up too and gave me that super cute smile i just can't stand
601 days ago
what if he said he likes a nother girl and on MASH i got him 😁
731 days ago
i like this kid but he's such a player and he's popular and i'm not but he's nice to me sometimes and idk if he means it or if he's being fake and we have all of our classes together and he looks at me sometimes but not a lot. he would be perfect if it wasn't for his attitude because he's like a typical immature middle school boy but i still like him a lot and ughh
808 days ago
I don't wanna put my name- I think if he treats you so well then go for it. If you aren't ready to date, he'll probably understand because you're only 13. If you do want to date him, you'll learn things along the way and will experience new things!! 👍good luck
809 days ago
okay so i really like this boy and he is absolutely perfect. he’s so nice to me all the time and it’s summer so i can’t really see him because we are only 13. anyways he treats me like a princess and tells me all the time how pretty i am and how cute i am. i really like him but i’m scared if he asks me out i don’t know what to do. i’ve never even held hands with a boy and i’m so nervous.
934 days ago
I've had a crush on this guy for a while... a few days ago some girl was like " OMG he has been acting so weird around me and I think that he likes me! He picked up my pencil and touched me on the shoulder, so he definitely likes me and i like him back! " One of my friends said " No, he likes my friend (AKA Me) . " I'm only twelve and i'm not looking for a serious relationship, I just need a guy friend who can have my back or someone who will give me their shoulder to cry on when i'm having a hard time. The test results said that he's my soulmate and that is what i feel. I'm just not sure it is the right moment to do it.
1017 days ago
So I am homeschooled but I go to church every Sunday and there is this one boy I have been crushing on for like two years (I am thirteen by the way) but he never really noticed me up until like six months ago and now we talk every time we see each other we tease each other and stuff like that all my friends say that he likes me and that we’d make such a cute couple but I really don’t now if he likes me like that and I am scared to say anything because I don’t want to make thins awkward between us I don’t know what to do any suggestions (His name is Tom)
1078 days ago
So there is this guy named Maddox. He is a football player and now a basketball player as well... He's one of the tallest in my school and I'm a short one. We are both in 8th grade. We have the first two periods with each other. I catch him staring at me and we hold eye contact for a little bit and then I snap back to reality and look away, so I don't know if people notice or not. A couple of days ago I saw him and he had a hair cut. So I asked my friend next to me, "Is it weird that I think Maddox looks cute with that haircut?" So now here I am, confused on if I like him or hate him.
1097 days ago
I like this boy, Logan he is nice funny smart but not the most popular but I’m not either so We had a Halloween party last night and all the boys that liked the girls were asking if they would take a pic but he is a bit shy so he just winked at me. I asked my friends if I should go for it and they said I should do I did and I said it was a dare and he said Ohhhhhh....... so I don’t know if he likes me or not but also at cotillion he asked me to dance and I said yes so we danced together but then some weird kid that likes me came along and said can we switch partners and he said sure..... and so ya I had to dance with the creep :( also all my friends thought he was gay at first...
1112 days ago
so i like this boy, and while we were at the park we played basketball, and i accidenty knocked into him and he fell on me, well we kinda fell on eachother, and he didnt seem at all bothered by it, but he helped me up, and on that same day, i fell because the grass was slippery, and i hurt my side and i was in alot of pain, and he saw me and came running and bent down and grabbed my hand and kept asking if i was alright, while RUBBING my hand in a flirtatious way, and he kept rubbing it for like 30 seconds until i finally got up, and he just kept staring at me, and kept trying to make me laugh, [hes really funny] but idk if he likes me cause he always tries to make people laugh, and hes really cute by the way.
1122 days ago
Good quiz really eno
1133 days ago
I dunno if he likes me or not.
1139 days ago
..We are close friends, but soon someone is going to ask him out and I think he might say yes!:( He knows I like him and he teases me a lot (in a funny way) plz help