Does He Like Me Back? Quiz (Middle School)

He's cute as everything, his smile is dazzling, his laugh is infectious, his personality is simply awesome. Basically, he's perfect in every way!

I didn't say a name, but you thought of him - didn't you? Well, this quiz can help you know if he likes you, too!

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    How often do you talk to each other?
    How often do you talk to each other?

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26 days ago
So there's this guy in my year that I really like, I've been crushing on him for months now, I told my best friend and she does all those little things to try set us up, like make sure we are alone together or make sure we're always partners for projects, she and my crushes best friend both tease us about it and push us into each other, I'm secretly really grateful that happens, me and him have so much in common, for example we both play football together, and picked mostly the same subjects, and play Xbox together. E I just really like him, and I would have asked him out by now but I'm a really big coward, and I don't think there's enough courage in the whole world to make me do it and I really hope one day it all works out, but until then I guess I can only rely on these quizzes :,)
28 days ago
um, so I've liked this guy named Zachary and I've liked him since the middle of the school year but I'm not sure if likes me back. I don't know if he does because he is a very social person and I'm more of a quiet person, so I don't know if he is getting the hints or anything. I am positive he is but one thing that is stopping me from being positive is my best friend. My best friend is naturally flirty, she's the type to slide her finger down your shoulder, giggle then make the person either uncomfortable or make the person like her. As usual, everyone likes her because they just do. She doesn't know I have a crush on him, and I just play along when she does stuff like that but deep inside I hate it. I don't know what to feel about my best friend because everyone I like, she flirts with. Anyways, back to Zachary. He is such a smart, caring and likeable guy. he always talks about his future and ideas, and they are just so creative. The first time I realized i liked him was when I asked him to help me with my work. he stood next to me and explained everything until he said something (I FORGOT 😔) and leaned his face closer to mine and then i repeated his words and leaned in as well. Then, we were at nose to nose but then we both moved away quickly because we were close to touching each other's lips. After that he just got to me every time. A week later i had a dream he kissed me and that just made me fall harder for him. He always tries to start conversations with me but he never gets to finish his sentence because of my best friend
80 days ago
Ehm, Ciao! I have a crush on this guy hes in 8th grade and im in 6th. (i got held back so i was suppose to be in 7th)
We started talking again a month ago and started hanging out at breakfast, It gives me food and hes really nice to me, He is really funny and all but I dont really know if he likes me, Its like a 50% chance.. Im worried that if i confess to him He would reject me, I dont think he knows i like him.
The guy i was crushing on also had this cold attractive friend, I was also crushing on him but I know nothing abt him its just because the way he looks. I find myself weird for liking him because im scared of him too. :(
Hope someone in my school confesses to me
98 days ago
Umm, I like this guy named Joseph and I liked him ever since 4th grade. My friends say he likes me back in 5th grade, but I don’t know if he still does. I don’t wanna confess, and Imma wait and see if he’ll make the first move, or I might just move on. (He has shown many signs liking me back
104 days ago
Sooo, i like this girl named um Elisabeth. Shes 16 and im almost 16 as well... umm shes very cute and ima confess to her so yah
388 days ago
I'm sorry, if Avery ever reads this, I'm dying. I have a friend named Avery, and her brothers name is Nico. Spelled the same way as well, and I was just laughing the whole time, cuz you sound exactly like her. (She's in my youth group) lol, sorry, and thank you for the laugh.

My story: I like a boy. He doesn't really know me, but we still talk bc we have PE together. I'm going to give him a note though in French that says, "I like you a lot, and I'm praying to God you don't know French." :D Wish me luck!!!
437 days ago
So at the beginning of the school year, I met my crush. I actually had a crush on somebody else then, and he just blended in with everyone else. I only had one class with him, and I thought he was funny and nice, but I didn't like him. Then, a little more than half way through the year, I started crushing on him. I don't really understand why, but I did, and completely forgot about my previous crush. Our eyes always meet in class, and he gets pretty nervous around me. We don't talk, but we definitely know each other. Maybe I'm imagining it, but recently I feel like he's been going out of his way to get me t notice him, like being extra funny in class, and walking around where I am. I hope he likes me, but if he doesn't, I'll be fine. He's had a girlfriend before, so if he likes me, I'm pretty sure he'll ask me out. I don't even know If I would say yes. Well, I hope I've entertained you like some of the other comments have entertained me.
452 days ago
I like this quiz, and this quiz is so FUN! BUT...unfortunately, I think this quiz isn't really accurate. One of my friends told me that my crush said he likes me, and I can tell as well...THIS QUIZ DIDN'T TELL ME THE SAME THING. I hope my comment will be a little help to all of ya. : )
476 days ago
I just don't understand if he likes me back or not. I don't even know if he knows who I am or remembers. I really want him to like me back, but I don't know how to talk to him.
476 days ago
I'm in the seventh grade. About a year ago at Sunday School, I noticed a boy looking toward the girls' section of the room. I looked over, and that's when I first noticed him. His name is Nico. He's very popular, but I don't think many girls like him as a crush. I didn't want to admit at the time that I had a crush on him, so my conscious told me HE was the one staring, even though it was me. I tried to ignore him, but every time I looked over in his direction, it got worse. I told my younger brother and sister. They both agreed I should talk to him. Then I told my best friend, and she said I should talk to him. I'm super shy and I knew that I would never be able to do that. Then the sixth grade graduation happened for the Sunday school. There was a middle school group at the church, but it only was in the first service, and my family and I don't go to that one. My family does take me to the middle school youth group there a few times and I see him there. One time, the middle school group was going on a winter camp, and my mother signed me up. We went to Thousands Pines Christian Camps. That was sooo awesome! I even talked to him the first time there (although I doubt it will ever happen again). We were playing Spicy Uno with a couple of other friends- he was friends with one of them so he got invited. I may have given him a few extra cards when he already had twenty. I admit it. Lol. He started yelling at me, but in a funny way of course, and then we went our own ways. I've never talked to him since, but the way he made me feel that day was so amazing that I finally admitted he was my crush. That was about a month ago, and to this day, I still like him. It's extremely hard to talk to him, and my parents are thinking of leaving the church.

This is the story of my crush and I, and how it all started.
525 days ago
So here's a story for you.
I am 12 years old and I have done some pretty bad things in my life. I have so many regrets and things I did in the past that I wish never happened.
One of them was bullying this one boy.
In 3rd grade, we were in the same class and we fought ALL THE TIME. No joke. I mean this boy was nice and all, but my dumb old self was so mean. So I turned him into my enemy and started calling him this nickname that I had randomly made up. He hated it. Then I did other things I regretted.
So 5th grade, we're in the same class again. I remember putting putty on his seat and also "accidentally" squirting water all over his sweatshirt at the beginning of the year.
Later in the year, I tried harder to change my ways and to be a better person. I would like to say that I have changed significantly from how I used to be.
Now I'm in 6th grade and he's in my homeroom (at my school that means almost every class we have is together, so Bible, ELA, math, science, and social studies). We moved to middle school, so what better time to try and change your old ways?
Now I think I'm a better person, a lot of people say I'm kind and some teachers say I'm sweet. I've also gotten rid of my list of enemies, forgave everyone who's wronged me. I still hold a lot of guilt towards myself, but we're working on the.
This year we're on much better terms. I feel bad that I've never formally apologized, but I hope that my changed ways fill in the gap a little bit.
Recently I've noticed a couple of things about him though. I've him looking at me or my way, and so has my friend. Once we were like insulting the teacher as a joke, and I said something kind of rude. I hid behind my friend and jokingly said, "friend save me, he's gonna hit me."
Then he got all serious and said, "why would I hit you?"
I mean I guess I kind of like him but at the same time, I feel like I don't have a right to like him after what I've done. I'm so confused and I don't even know what to think anymore.
Thanks to those of you who finished reading this very long story.
532 days ago
So I have liked this boy for a couple of months now and this is new to me because I am 11 and this is my first ever crush. I really like him and he sits behind me in my math and science class (the class we have together). We talk a lot mostly about schoolwork because we both love math and science. We often tease each other mostly for him I tease him about wearing short sleeves and for me he teases me when he finishes his math first. I have only told 1 of my friends who goes to a different school and doesnt even know who the heck he even is. I want to tell my friends but I still don't know how to bring it up to them. I also want to ask him but I am way to scared. It seems too early because we have only known each other sense August and it only December. This is all so stressful because I dont know what to do so I just stare at my phone for hours and take these quizes.
533 days ago
So does he like you back? Well, your chances with him are looking up! Just be persistent, but DO NOT seem desperate!:) That's a major turnoff for anyone, whether it be male or a female. Just be nice and easygoing, maybe even a little nonchalant - but don't be cold. Most guys take what females consider subtleties at face value. If you give off an uninterested vibe, he could very well take that literally instead of being challenged. Good luck!
557 days ago
Well we are friends. Not best friends, but we talk and laugh and joke around every day. He will lean over me and touch my arms and hands and I let him of course because I like him. He brushes up his leg against mine and he does stupid things that makes me laugh. We walk and talk to each other in the hallways and we are laughing. He had this girl he liked but then he said he only liked her as a friend. We will me mean to each other but in a joking way. He is really short and skinny though but I don't really care. He is in 2 of my classes, we don't talk anywhere other than school though. I know he likes me as a friend but i'm not sure if he has a crush on me. Even if he did like me it would be super weird to say it because we have assigned seats next to each other in math class, and I can't afford to have him hate me because we are stuck next to each other. If me and the 2 other girls who sit at my table in math were falling off a cliff, and he could only save one of us, I am 90% sure he would save me. I really hope he likes me. All the quizzes I take says he likes me a tiny bit but I need to get to know him more. But I feel like I know him a lot already.
561 days ago
This quiz isn't that good to be honest. Some questions don't even fit with the title of the quiz, like "Does your friend like him" or if you have classes together. 2/10
788 days ago
welp it says that he barely knows I exist but this man always looks at me and we don't talk but my friends always tellme that he looks at me so idk what to do
795 days ago
Hi everyone, I've taken sooo many tests, most say he like me. Any tips?
810 days ago
im a boy and we do not pick up on little hints so if you want somthing you got to be clear what you want. but( not me ) lots of us reject girls even if we do like them .. domanance almost (not me )
909 days ago
I have taken 5000 quizzes he defiantly likes me back. I kind of want to have🦄with him.
1018 days ago
So, I have a HUGE crush on a boy, and he flirts with me alot but, it's not like we're best friends or anything though. He just broke up with his girlfriend recently, and I figured this was my chance! Ever since quarintine me and him haven't been texting. Well, I've been texting him, but he dosent reply. When I first met him, It was in 2nd grade, when my teacher was sick so I had to go to a different class for a day ~HIS CLASS!! Now were both un 5th grade and, have the same classes. The week after we left school for quarintine, he texted me NON STOP. Now he wont even talk to me! I think it's because he recently broke up with his gf. BUT, my bestfriend isn't talking to me either! I'm starting to think maybe THE'RE dating secretly! But, I dont see that. My bestfriend hates him. I dont have a crush on him. I AM IN LOVE WITH HIM! And I keep seeing signs he likes me! Quizzes, different zodiac love TikToks that say our zodiacs and initials are bound to date, too!
So, what do you guys think(