Does He Like Me? (High School Version)

Like someone? Want to know whether you're meant to be together, or if it would be better to stay in the friendzone (yes, sometimes it's not a bad place to be)? Well, if it makes you feel any better, this is a pretty common dilemma - meaning lots of your peers can relate. Anyway, take this quiz and find out the answer!

  • 1
    What grade is he in?
    What grade is he in?
  • 2
    You two are texting. Normally, he would:
  • 3
    You're sitting next to each other in class. You drop your pencil. He:

  • 4
    At lunch he's with his friends and you walk by. He looks up and:
  • 5
    In your passing periods or free time he sees you, and he:
  • 6
    After school you're looking for your friends. You and he spot each other. He:

  • 7
    He's with a lot of his friends and sees you. He:
  • 8
    You have done this with him:
  • 9
    You have heard the following from your friends about him:
  • 10
    You know he likes it when you:

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155 days ago
I don't know if this test is accurate or not but i feel my crush sometimes likes me but sometimes he does not . I'm not sure which one is the correct one .
218 days ago
In some way, this test told me we have a platonic love relationship 0-0
781 days ago
omg i did this about my boyfriend and he apparently doesn't like me
794 days ago
872 days ago
I am a guy and wanted to see how obvious my love for my crush was I will tell you it’s really accurate
978 days ago
I’m a perfect match for my crush!
1012 days ago
Cute boys forever you with me?!
1176 days ago
Hahaha this was so accurate!!
1388 days ago
I love this advice cause it really helped me out I really like him and i hope he feels the exact same way that i feel towards him and his friends ....but you know what I think that I found a boy that is freakier than me so your website actually helped a lot with my situation.
1405 days ago
there's one boy in my class he always looks at me whateever i do he looks at me,i m observing him since 1 month,and yesterday one of my frnd told me''see he is continuesly looking at you i think he is into you'' i told her that i know that since 1 frnd (one of myfrnd)likes him,so i dont want to hurt her,so i dont share this information with anyone.
1443 days ago
@Someone (01914)
sounds to me like he doesn't like you, tbh. close friends always ask each other how they're doing and also say hi. also, if he asked someone else out first to hoco... girl, he doesn't like you, sorry to break it to you
1443 days ago
((bold)There's this really cute senior who I really like, and we share one class (I'm a sophomore). We always talk and joke around and have a great time together in the class we share. He usually initiates the conversation, and we just talk about everything, and we've gotten pretty friendly and close to one another. We've known each other for about 2 months. Whenever we talk, he just stares at me, and he laughs with me a lot and smiles at me even though he's typically a really serious guy. However, outside of class, we don't acknowledge each other at all, and I'm not sure if he likes me, because in the class we share, he also is super friendly with his friend (a dude) and my friend (a girl) and the four of us usually talk together and have a blast. What should I do? I'm scared of confessing, because he rejected this girl I *kinda know last year and he also was telling his friend that dating younger girls is weird... what do you think? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
1734 days ago
i know this boy named ternace we both like video games i think he like me
1735 days ago
Soo.. there is this guy and I have known him since daycare which would be about 9 years and I haven't recently like him until this year in High School and we have this one class together and everyday I come in he says hi but it's different everyday one day he'll ask how's my day has been going and the other he will just say hi it is so confusing and plus This year he had ask someone else to homecoming and she said no but once I told him I had no date he made this comment but it sounded regretful

So does he like me? I would love any advice I can get
1752 days ago
Yo, there's this guy in my honors geometry class and I always always always catch him looking at me and he'll smile like the smallest smile. But enough to like tell and it's so cute. He's been hanging around me the last couple days and talking more to me. And it's like he's unbelievable shy. Like shy ×10. But he's cute. And I don't know what to do here because I like him too
1779 days ago
i had a crush on this guy all year and his friends think we look cute together we share a few classes but not many but when i sit down he stares at me
1782 days ago
There's this guy in my class who always tries to make me dab but I never do it. People say we flirt but I don't know if that would actually be considered flirting. I really like him and I think he might like me but I'm not sure. I've known him for like a year now so yeah. If anyone has any advice for me I'd love to hear it.
1793 days ago
So I like this guy. He’s absolutely amazing. I’ve known him for 6 1/2 years. I just recently started liking him though. The problem is I had a 6 year crush on his best friend, and he just recently told me he likes me back. I feel bad liking his best friend now. But I can’t help it, he’s funny, sweet,never wants me to get hurt, tells me to be careful when i go to soccer (I’m very clumsy😂), he plays and is REALLY good at basketball, we talk everyday, he’s my go to person, and so much more. All my friends think he likes me, and that we would be “so cute” together. But I know he doesn’t. It makes me sad, but I mean.... I’m just glad to have an awesome friend like him.
1807 days ago
he saw me and he was with his friends. He smiled and waved at me and I melted......................
another time, he asked me to be his best friend but i don't know if he meant it...............
he tries to make me laugh which i do laugh but im just too awkward...................
my heart skips a beat when he calls my name..............
1807 days ago
this helped me snap back to reality