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Does My Crush Like Me Back? Quiz (10-13-year-olds Girls only)

Do you have a crush you think is perfect for you? But you don't know if he likes you back? This is unbelievably common! Try this quiz and find out if he's the one for you! Because I know you wonder about this a LOT! <3 This test works best for tweens to early teens. Good luck!

  • 1
    Have you two ever had a romantic moment?
    Have you two ever had a romantic moment?
  • 2
    Does he ever stare at you?
  • 3
    Do you like him?

  • 4
    If you were playing a game of football/soccer, what would be the chances he would pick you for his team?
  • 5
    Is he your type?
  • 6
    Does he ever flirt with you?

  • 7
    Which one?
  • 8
    If you were picked to sit at a table with him, what would he do?
  • 9
    If your mother and his were friends, and his mother invited you to his house, what would he do?
  • 10
    If you started to talk to him, what would he do?

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4 days ago
I’m 13 am American.I love him so much and I can’t take my eyes off him his a basketball player and I’m a cheerleader him was heartbroken because of his EX .I almost fall but I felt like someone is holding by my waist as I open my to the person i saw my crush and we started dating
10 days ago
Hi im not english ,IM from Hungary , so no names.I like him very very much, he is the perfect guy for ME.At first tho, he liked my Best friend, so I WAS heartbroken.But now he doesnt like her anya.ore,and I dont wanna be evil ,but Im kinda happy.Thats all.Baiiiiiiii
11 days ago
so...I'm 13 and my crush is 13. his name is Jax. he is about one month older than me ( but that's ok). we sit literally so close to each other in science. sometimes his leg is touching mine ( that's because we have to sit on bar stools ). anyway, he is the cutest and sweetest boy ever. we usually text each other till 9:30. he has came over to my house before too, and jumped in my trampoline😁. also when i cry, he makes sure I'm ok. I hope he likes me! wish me luck!
20 days ago
Bro Again I Got “ HE LIKES YOU TO WOW ASK HIM OUT!” Gurl I’m In 5th Grade I’m 10 Boiiii
20 days ago
My Names Savannah And My Crushes Name Is Marshall. He Is Smart Kind Athletic And ABSOLUTELY SO HOT! His Bdays March 27th Guys Help Idk What To Do For His Bday. Im Into Footy And Hockey (Not On ICE) And Volleyball And I’m A Gamer Girl. Im Born September 7th So He’s Older We Both Are In 5th Grade (Age 10) And Guys Help!!!!!!

24 days ago
So I like this guy named Lane, he’s thirteen. He’s more athletic and stuff so he’s not really romantic but it’s okay because I’m not either. I feel like he likes me but there’s so many girls in the world he could like instead of me, especially since I’m about a year and a half younger than him. I have a confidence problem… but anyways I just hope he likes me..
27 days ago
My crush is nice and sweet and his name is rex and he literally calls me princess and he flirts with me 24/7 365 and my bestie asked him if he likes me and he said flipping yes and I get butterfly's in my stomach all the time when I see him! And today my friends were saying hid name and my cheeks turned pink and I was so embarrassed and our ship name is pex.
27 days ago
undefined((soli e)) I'm so excited to see what I got
27 days ago
Soooo..... i like this guy who's in my social studies class and i want to be friends w/ him but i'm scared to talk to him bc all his friends are basically all girls. what should i do?
30 days ago
Yay! He 100% Likes Me. Im 10 And Ive Had A Crush On This Really Nice,Cute And Smart Boy Named Marshall. I’ve Liked Him For 2 Years, Since 3rd Grade. Currently In 5th Grade. I’ve Taken Like 10 Crush Tests And Everything! It’s Always He Definitly Likes Me, It’s Written All Over Him! He Also Stares At Me ALL THE TIME!! Have A Great Day Or
Night Girls!
37 days ago
I have a crush on this guy and i'm friends w/ his sis. he's in 8th and i'm in 7th. he's 14 and i'm 13. and i sent him a valagram(valentine) today and i'm scared.
41 days ago
My crush is Ben Wa and he is soooooo nice. Just my type! It is nearly valentines day and I hope he asks me to be his valentine.
41 days ago
So im ten and he is eleven and his name is Kalen but like he is on my bus and he sits close to me bcuz of assigned seats, and we talk a lot, but today I heard him say to my brother he does not want a girl with glasses. I HATE MY VISION :⁠-⁠(
41 days ago
My crush is Andreś and omg I literally can't stop thimking about him! I think he likes me since his sister told me a few times😂He is so cute and nice and we're both almost 12 I just hope he likes me since I like him!
42 days ago
My crush is Cesar I'm 10 years old and he's also 10 years old and I think he's hot and handsome lol
47 days ago
So I have a crush on a fifth grader and he is so cute, kind, and funny! He doesn’t know I like him but a few people know but they don’t know him very well.
47 days ago
I have a crush on about in my classroom hes sooo cute
47 days ago
You all sound so nice!
48 days ago
My crush was jem-😂 i still like him tho
50 days ago
𝔗𝔥𝔦𝔰 𝔦𝔰 𝔤𝔞𝔶 4 𝔪𝔢. 𝔦𝔱 𝔡𝔦𝔡 𝔫𝔬𝔱𝔥𝔦𝔫