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Does My Crush Like Me Back? Quiz (10-13-year-olds Girls only)

Do you have a crush you think is perfect for you? But you don't know if he likes you back? This is unbelievably common! Try this quiz and find out if he's the one for you! Because I know you wonder about this a LOT! <3 This test works best for tweens to early teens. Good luck!

  • 1
    Have you two ever had a romantic moment?
    Have you two ever had a romantic moment?
  • 2
    Does he ever stare at you?
  • 3
    Do you like him?

  • 4
    If you were playing a game of football/soccer, what would be the chances he would pick you for his team?
  • 5
    Is he your type?
  • 6
    Does he ever flirt with you?

  • 7
    Which one?
  • 8
    If you were picked to sit at a table with him, what would he do?
  • 9
    If your mother and his were friends, and his mother invited you to his house, what would he do?
  • 10
    If you started to talk to him, what would he do?

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3 days ago
i have a crush, but he currently with my friend. am i a bad person to want to be with him? or is that ok? idk if relationships are too serious at this age lol
10 days ago
bro he really likes you. from what you said it is really obvious
10 days ago
So, I have this boy in my middle school (7th grade) and he is in my history, math, science, and language arts class. Sometimes for E.L.T.A when we have to go to that period again. I find him interesting but my friends say he is annoying. I personally love it when he talks to me. I'm usually one of the first people in class due to my parents working very early. He sits like behind/next to me. And since history is my first period he would always come and start talking to me or stealing my Chromebook to look at my history page. And since I have language arts in class with him next period (2nd) he would open and hold the door for me or when he would go in first he would say "I'm sorry M'lady, I hold it next time". And than during science he sits behind me and told me today that I stole something very dear to him. I started to think like maybe a pencil or something cause pencils are very hard to find in Middle School. Than I started to think about his heart. But that would be way too romantic. So I told him I didn't know. Than he told me I make him loose his virginity. At first I didn't know what virginity meant, until I searched it up. So, technically I think he likes me, but I'm not sooo sure. Can yall tell me?
16 days ago
Btw I have a new crush on this guy in my dance class he’s pretty cute and I think he likes me but bc it’s dance he’s very focused on learning? So he doesn’t really talk to me much. Should I go for him? What do y’all think I should do
16 days ago
Yes never be mean to yourself!
19 days ago
Katelynn, you're not worthless! I'm sure you're beautiful. I know how you feel I'm so ugly but don't put yourself down in the words of Christiana Aguilera, "you are beautiful in every single way"

Oh by the way, since you like Aiden so much, try asking if he has a crush on any girl (don't have to say you) just any girl.
21 days ago
yeah there is this boy at school... my friends ship us... and like he does not talk to me but we have this thing were we stare at each other for 3 min than look away his eyes always dilate.... he is a shy boy... so he does not tell any body anything about me but every one says he likes me back but I am so fat and ugly and worthless so...i doubt it... i have a problem cause I love the band one direction and one of the memebers aka Liam payne has brown hair and brown eyes but so does my crush...his name is Aiden
37 days ago
So I’m pretty shy and like this boy at school. He’s cute, funny but a little inappropriate so he makes me a bit uncomfortable. When we are stuck alone I feel awkward he LOOKS awkward, sooo and we talked like once cuz my BFF talks to him a lot and it was about height. Help mee!
40 days ago
ughhh none of these tests understand the feelings that i have for my crushhh well i don’t even know if it’s a crush or not but a few weeks ago at school i met this guy then a few days ago i realized that i might like him but we don’t really talk and he’s really funny and cute too but i don’t knowwww helplplpl!
46 days ago
So, I like my crush A LOT but he don't like me even though i got 30% (this is why he don't like me). ALSO he always stares at me and whenever I am at school talking to his bro (his bros friend is my friend to) he always talks to me then my crush comes up and joins us instead of playing soccer on the oval with his "mates"!!!!
46 days ago
pLeaSe yOu pEoPLe- i nEeD yOuR hELp!!!
46 days ago
For 70% you are: So does your crush like you, too? The answer is...maybe. He might like you romantically, but he might also like you just as a friend. There's only one way to find out which way he feels - either ask him straight out, or drop some nonverbal hints he can't possibly ignore. Good luck!

.....uM. oKaY....But the thing is- I'm kinda shy so uH- I can't ask him that- and I've already done some hints 😰 He sometimes does look at me and smile or look away quickly, and he makes very dirty (but also kinda funny) jokes and stuff to me. Btw, yes, I am a girl 😌
80 days ago
he is showing a few signs tho.....but ty for ur answer coral

84 days ago
My friend told my crush I like him, but he hasn’t told me he likes me back. One of my friends said he likes me, and whenever we talk he blushes! Wish me goodluck so he likes meh
85 days ago
‘huh’ the quiz COULD be accurate, almost certainly if you answered all questions truthfully. But if he’s not giving signs he likes you in real-life, he probably doesn’t like you. Be honest to yourself and trust your instincts. -Coral
86 days ago
the quiz said he loves me omg omg.but I don't know if I SHOULD trust a QUIZ on the INTERNET.is it accurate tho?
101 days ago
What so he likes me? I to scared to tell him I like him though.
101 days ago
LolZ. How is our life? I just got a new cast...my old one had a crack in it. My old one was light blue and this ones red.
102 days ago
BTR if he cries over you breaking your ankle then he must deeply care about you lol. I really think he does like you which is good :) My crush hung out with me more when I sprained my pinkie playing football so I kinda relate. (He actually heard rumors that I sprained my ANKLE the day we both had a track meet, but when he realized it was my pinkie he seemed relieved that I could run in the meet and we joked about it haha)
103 days ago
Does that mean he likes me..? My mom just said “that’s a good friend.” I don’t get it....does he like me....O_O I realize my cast cracked :/