Does your crush like you? (For people who are tweens)

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This is based off of my experience. Enjoy ^.^

  • 1
    Do you ever catch him staring at you?
  • 2
    Does he ever make fun of you, but then, when others aren't around, compliment you
  • 3
    Does he try to get involved with your things?

  • 4
    What if time
    What would he do if you, him, and a group of friends were playing "infection tag" and you two and another girl were the only ones left
  • 5
    Has he ever touched you in a friendly way (high fives, fist bumps, hold hands for game..ect..ect)
  • 6
    Does he ever try to make it so you will sit next to or near him

  • 7
    Have you ever herd him brag about you in front of other girls
  • 8
    Do your friends think that he likes you
  • 9
    Do YOU think he likes you (use your previous questions to guide you)
  • 10

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154 days ago
Oh my results were gtg perfect MATCH🥰😍
154 days ago
ok so i like a boy since 3rd grade and i am 11 and he used to like me in 4th grade and i knew because when we (me and my friend) were in the lunch line he and his friends were coming so my friend saw and i didnt know and she said ¨Giselle can i go in front of you¨ so i said sure but he was in the front and as soon as i saw him i tried to go back to my spot and his friends were pushing him to me and so was mine and finally i went back to my spot and acted like nothing happened. or sometimes i dream of him which is kinda wierd i wish covid was over so i can tell him how i feel but if i did go back and there was no covid what would I say plz i need help this is also embarrising but i trust you all my friends gave my crush flowers once and said it was from me or (last one promise) my friend was so close of telling him how i feel he was playing basket ball and then i was staring at him then all of a sudden my friends is calling him and i turn red and tell her to stop and she says¨oh gis-¨, Me=¨ nothing what? ok sry she is so weird continue to what you do bye¨ (i was covering her moth btw) and she did this for like 5 times and he was SMILING the whole time and i kinda sort-of love him sooo yea pls help me idk what to say😫😩😥
159 days ago
My problem is really confusing cuz 2 other girls(that are my friends) think he likes them too!! No one knows I think he MIGHT like me. He's not my crush but like when we were younger he said he had a crush on me(like 3 years ago) so... He's not the most popular so he hangs around me and my friends and annoys us. HELP ME!! I don't know who he likes!!
Btw my results were g2g but I don't totally trust that(no offence!)
246 days ago
Hey girls,
Soooo cute. I LOVE this test!!!!! BTW my results said- Your g2g (good to go) with this guy, he seems like the perfect match!!!!!!
I really like this guy so this is AMASING news for me!!!
BTW (again) If your test came back like mine or even better then tell him how you feel.
I told my crush that I liked him and I think he likes me and we have had a few convocations on the topic but we don't bring it up much and try to avoid the topic.
272 days ago
my crush has a girlfriend but he's really fond of me he told me that his girlfriend hates him so i just said then its not true love but then he said she lives in Iowa which is far far away from South Dakota
276 days ago
YAS! My crush likes me!!!! (thats what the results say.) These are accurate right?? Because im really happy
526 days ago
I so wish I had thought of these quizzes like3 months ago!I just moved from Idaho to North Carolina. I had a crush on this guy for 6 years (since kindergarten) and I never knew if he liked meeting back!I just found this quiz and decided to try a few of them out and they the blenkles said that we were a perfect match and that I shouldn't worry about weather or not he likes me because he is absolutely "head over heals" for me! But now he's gone!😣
696 days ago
Sorry accidentally submitted comment. I think that there is a big chance for you, I think maybe he is waiting for you to return the signs. I am an awkward person too but sometimes you have to take risks. Not big ones but just tiny hints and then who knows he might like but just to be safe I would not be too forward. Just be kind and remember you don’t have to change anything about you for him, just a reminder. But no matter what happens You Go Girl.
696 days ago
Well TooAkwardToPutName
731 days ago
Wow my last comment had many spelling errors sorry hehe😊😅
731 days ago
Okay, so i’m too aftraid that someone i know will find out about this comment so i’m keeping my name anonymus, i need a bit of advice. Soo um.. me and my crush are at the time 13 and idk, i usually catch him glancing at me in class, and when were doing projects he always kinda teases me fir little mistakes. Now these are only the good parts, there are a few more but this is starting to get really long. He usually just sit with his friends and we don’t really talk or text that much. And one of my close friends once asked me to ask my crush if he liked me, and my crush’s responce was this ’what are you gonna do with that information?’ And later ’she’s a good friend’ so.. oof
Do any of you have any advice on getting him closer to me, cause trust me i’m trying but i am a very alward and shy person
775 days ago
Well I’m g2g lol! This result says I’m g2g and he’s the perfect match I’m just 12 rather turned on April 18 and idc I love him 💖 and he likes me back he always looks at me and when I’m wrong corrects me and when someone tried to bring me down he protected me he fought that other person he respects me unlike other women but he also teases me a lot I mean and then compliments me I catch him staring like all the time and I drop signs too I look back C: Rahim I love you 😍 and I will always remember you although I know you’re moving out but god will have surprises in store for me and what if we meet further in the future huh! I will always love and remember you and 2019 I’m ready for changes! It’s time my life gets how it should’ve ages ago god I’m ready for whatever you have to offer I won’t cry bout my crush moving out because I know what god has in store for me is for the better C: but I’ll always love you Rahim! Did and still do love you ☺️😌😔😋😊
804 days ago
Does anyonehave any tips to maybe convince me to tell him I like him?
804 days ago
According to this quiz, I need to 'get to know him better'. I LOVE HIM. I'm only 12, heheh. 😏 But STILL. I don't think he even remotely likes me... even as a friend. I have a sinking suspicion he likes my best friend.
I really thought so a few weeks away when we were doing something in our Bible Study class where we had to draw our dreamhouse. When he described his, there was a part that went like this:
"And our bedrooms by the video game room so we can hear our kids sneaking up to play."
Teacher: "Who's 'we'?"
My crush just kept talking BUT he looked at by bestfriend (except me and her sut right next to each other so its hard to tell who he's looking at... but i'm almost certain he was loooking at her. She personally hates him cause the only thing he tslks about is Fortnite.😑
875 days ago
Today, my crush told me a liked another girl. I don’t even like him anymore! I like someone else.
941 days ago
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay your quiz helped me awoooooooooooooo much thank you 😄
980 days ago
i am crazy about him!(perry)he is so cute,if he asked me out i would so say YESSS! we did formal dancing today and we held hands our faces were so akward and our we were so silent!we both love to dance and i hope we can dance together >_< p.s i love you if your reading.
1045 days ago
Wow, even everything on the internet thinks were the perfect couple now!!Wow.
1068 days ago
The thing is, even if he likes me, I don't like him! I like someone else!!
1098 days ago
i honestly thinks he hates me after what happened last school year