Does that special someone like you back?(GIRLS ONLY)

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Are you tired of taking numerous quizzes to see if that someone likes you and YOU STILL DON'T KNOW! Look no further, this quiz is designed for girls of every type. (TAKE NOTES FOR FUTURE REFERENCES: D)

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    What caught your eye for this boy?

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98 days ago
I hate this it wasted my time not trying to be mean but it hurt my feelings.
162 days ago
i got 40% and he likes me!!!!!!! girls just ask them it might be scary but it is worth the wait to ask him
402 days ago
As soon as I clicked the button to get the results it said it couldn’t establish a connection to the server hahahaha I l o v e my life
441 days ago
I went to high five him and he grabbed my hand?
465 days ago
So I got a 65 and he is friends with my old bully wow this is weird 😐
528 days ago
i got 60% but this dude doesnt even know me. and hes a grade younger than me but the only thing ive noticed is that he looks at me a lot when i walk past and that his friends look at me too and then back at him so idk
571 days ago
I got 40% for my results...😞
671 days ago
Ahh yes, I love a “girls only” test that not only would work perfectly well with gay dudes but completely shuts out gay girls in the first question. Oh yes, ‘tis a great feeling
711 days ago
I am very shy to talk with boy. But little bit things happen with me by the person i like, it means alot to me. Few day ago when my last paper was finshed then I book a cab for going home it is almost evening time. I am just walk down and he is also walking little bit far away from me.and road was little bit empty and i am all alone so then i calll cab driver to know when he came. Then he realize that i am walking backside of him. He is talking with is friend that he is coming. Then i stop beside the tree to waiting of cab and he is gone. I feel little bit affried becouse road was empty and evening time. but then he come back and stand far away corner of the street with his bike until my cab comes and then my cab come and get inside then he go home. It is something first time happen with me someone protect unknownly with understanding my shyness. We are in some class but never talk with each other but then he also understand what i neded this little bit thing means alot to me
774 days ago
I got 55% is that good or bad?
850 days ago
I got 80% and I am dying ! I mean like I talk to him ALOT and I really like him bu5 my friend has a bf and my other friend is all like oooooh and being mean about it so I don’t know what to do bc my friend doesn’t even know I like him and everyone will say “are you going out with ###### “ and I would be like .............. * walks away while friends and everyone laughs *
853 days ago
I got 60% I have a question do the kids at your school always say your a good couple even though your not together
854 days ago
I got 60% (I don't even know how, since we don't talk to each other). I daydream too much, and I thin I've been watching tons of K-Drama!-.-'!!!!
856 days ago
50% So, yeah well im just a friend but yeah im cool with that
891 days ago
Just friends. I could have figured that out myself. :/
915 days ago
Any one has anyways I could start a conversation with him?
923 days ago
Well of course I don't call or text him, he doesn't have a phone. Also, I'm sorry, but a lot of the answers were cliches that don't really happen to people usually...I honestly had to lie for most of the quiz because there were no answers fitting the right thing or even close to it...
925 days ago
I just wanna live in those cute love stories that i read in webtoons but I don’t think anyone likes me. I took the quiz and it said that he likes me but idk if he really does or not.
940 days ago
I want a boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
974 days ago
50% friends uggggggghhhhhhhhhh