Shy Guy! You Like Him, But Does He Like You? Quiz

There's this guy, and he's super-shy. You like him and are trying to figure out from the little signs how he feels about you. Take this quiz now and see! It's pretty accurate. And don't get frustrated or discouraged! Shy guys are worth the extra effort! For one thing, they don't run around gossiping and will keep your secrets.

  • 1
    How does he react when he sees you?
    How does he react when he sees you?
  • 2
    Do you ever catch him staring at you?
  • 3
    What does he do when you catch him staring?

  • 4
    How long have you known him?
  • 5
    How does he act when he talks with you?
  • 6
    He is ___ and you are ___.

  • 7
    How does he act when your friends mention you to him?
  • 8
    Has he ever:
  • 9
    How do his friends act around you?
  • 10
    On a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the highest), how much do you like him?

  • 11
    Do you think he likes you? (BE HONEST!)
  • 12
    How are his pupils when you and he are looking at each other?
  • 13
    If he saw you were upset, he would:
  • 14
    Does he have a girlfriend?
  • 15
    Does he ever find an excuse to be near you, or show up at the same places as you, mysteriously?

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75 days ago
I crushed on a rlly hot/cute boy i liked at camp and Charlie got a haircut and is actually kinda ugly now. I still like my camp crush
170 days ago
This quiz ain't accurate. I took it from my crushes perspective and it says that she is in the friend zone, and I don't know how I feel about her. WRONG!
177 days ago
btw im a girl......

😭 no help at all 😭

there is a boy named Charlie in my youthgroup, and i cant make a conversation with a cute boy to save my life. sometimes he stares at me if he's alone and isnt around anyone, but so what? i do that when im bored too. How do i get in the stage where it doesn't feel weird to think about hanging out with a boy and being romantically attracted to him? I can talk to boys that aren't attractive but if the boy is slightly cute, i cant talk without feeling shy and awkward and scared im gonna sound like a total dweeb. mostly i just lose any conversation points and my mind is blank if i even look at a boy who's talking to my friend. ik ppl say wait as long as possible to have a bf, but i cant help it i think he's gawjuss. I mean, i dont know him well (lol im new at the church on top of it all) but GAWSSHHHH HE'S CUTE! i dont think im crushing on him tho.... i think i just have socialization issues around boys 🤦
200 days ago
Im friendzoned by this guy ive never talked to before!!!!!!!!!!!! so great.... :"""( should i talk to him? bc i def rlly like him
223 days ago
So I have a hugeeee crush on this guy, but he is super shy. We sit together in English and he occasionally seeks me out. He often asks me questions about myself and when I asked him to prom, he said he’d love to go. We are pretty good friends now, but I don’t know if he just sees me as a good friend. What should I do next? Should I wait for him to say something or should I keep dropping hints?
223 days ago

I am a boy and here is some things:

1.Shy boys will nearly NEVER make the first move.

2. Does he look down at his feet?

3. Does he blush? (It is possible)

4. If you think he likes you, HE LIKES YOU 90% of the time
228 days ago
I have a huge crush on him, and recently he told me he likes me :)
I've been doubting myself but then my friends were talking to him and he said that he loves how introverted i am, and loves my personality. My friends seem happy for me and most of his friends know already. He had to tell one of them that he didn't like me bc he would tell everyone. He is so cute and quirky, it's awkward to talk to each other though coz we both know, so we talk to each other thru our friends. The other day, my friends tried to set us up on a romantic date.
290 days ago
I have a crush on him but I kinda think he likes me he’s the kinda person that stares at their crush but never has the guts to talk to me and sometimes he will get near me or approach me but never say anything and he will keep on taking glances at me while kinda blushing but the down side is my best friend likes him too but she doesn’t know yet and she really loves him to and I’m kinda jealous because he sometimes approaches her and kinda talks and I feel like he likes her more and it hurts even though she is my best friend
361 days ago
I don't really know him that much, but he has a really nice personality, he doesn't talk much and we're kinda similar, I don't talk to him much but we've had a small conversation a bit, I catch him looking at me quite often and we constantly make eye contact and like look back at each other after looking away, and there's been times we look at each other for a while. He has such nice eyes and the way he looked at me a few days ago was so amazing, we where next to each other and he was just smiling and looking at me lol. Aaaghhh, I wish this was easier :_) because I don't want him to think I'm a creep, or seem obsessive since we aren't that good of friends
413 days ago
@sivi yeah ur kinda weird for that
447 days ago
So ig I'm a bit old to be taking this quiz.. I'm 20 btw.
I will list the positive and negative things here:


- He ends up in similar/same places as me (even if it is because we are in similar activities and are both pretty active and popular in our respective departments. I'm the leader of the creativity club and he is the leader of the theatre club). My friend told me that he kept glancing at me while I was working on the decoration of that room and he was practicing mime in the same room with our respective team members.

- He is really confident and loud generally but his voice barely comes out when saying a simple "how are you" to me.

- We share similar interests: we like birds, and old Bollywood songs, and have the same subjects

- His friends stare suspiciously at me these days, and one even initiated contact while he was with him (I and that friend of his had interacted before but these days he always makes this teasing face around him when he sees me and acts weird).

-Even though my crush never texts first, he promptly replies whenever he gets the time to do so (even at 6 in the morning), and once we kept texting back and forth constantly too.

- I think he is scared of being hurt and is a bit too shy around me because he thinks I'm out of his league or something.. I scored well in one of the subjects last time and the teacher praised me wayyy too much in class (I was absent and didn't even have a crush on him at that time) but I guess these things might make him feel insecure around me.

- We pass hallways and stuff but we both are too awkward around each other to even mutter a hi, even when we have talked a few times online on random stuff.

- He has praised my maturity, art and even said that it is rare to find people like me these days (just saying, pls don't think I'm indulging in a self-praise).

- My friends think that he might like me. One guessed at it by reading our texts and one said he keeps glancing and that when we entered the hall we were supposed to decorate and where his team was practicing a play/skit, there was suddenly a rush of his name being called out from here and there (I mean-lol- hehe).


- He never EVER texts first, so I stopped initiating contact on my own now.

- He doesn't seem to want to get close in any way.

- Maybe, in the end, it is just me analyzing things on my own and that he was just being nice on the text and I read too deep into what all was happening when his friends were around him.. I mean, maybe they are usually just weird as that.. and that I made a deal out of nothing.

Can someone give a hint on what exactly is happening..??
589 days ago
It said he doesn't know how he feels.
672 days ago
He likes you! Go for it, girl! He's probably too shy to express his true feelings. I say, keep doing whatever you're doing, just don't be too aggressive or you might scare him off. Just play it cool and he might be yours very soon, if you play your cards right. Smile at him a lot if he is too shy to make more than one syllable chit-chat. He'll be encouraged.

I can't wait until Summer Camp starts so I can see him again. . .
672 days ago
No answer. Ugh.It says he isn't sure.
749 days ago
So, there is this guy at my school, and I really like him but idk if he likes me. We are in 2 classes together. In pe, we give each other frequent glances, and looks at me quite often and I’m pretty sure he’s smiling at me. We talk or text pretty much every day, and he always tries to make me laugh. But, I initiate conversation on text, and he only sometimes tries to keep it going. In person, we initiate conversation about 50/50. Does he like me?
760 days ago
Okay so I meybe have a crush on that one guy in my school, but I am not sure bc we never actually talked... We just started a new year of school and since then I saw him looking at me...
One day when I had to go write something on board my I told my bff to watch him. And she said that he didn't looked away from me.
Whenever he has to get up his chair he go pass my desk.
Last weeks (probably bc my bff has covid) he appears everywhere where I am. And makes random questions.
I am in class with him but we never talk more than 3 words. He always talk to "miss popular" and he sits next to her and I am kinda jealous.But he is the loud one and I am shy so idk... Meybe he is just a player
829 days ago
I feel like that was fairly accurate.
834 days ago
In love💋: sames bro
967 days ago
Ok so the dude that I like we exchanged numbers and we could text for HOURS. (mind you this was during covid) We went back to school and we talked a little it but not as much as we used to. He also keeps staring and blushing at me which is pretty adorable. BUT I AM SO CONFUSED!!!! idk if he likes me or not T-T
1008 days ago
so actually the thing is that we used to talk almost 5 says a week{before lockdown}. and now
he stares me{it looks cute} and sorta blushes.....but never talks. plus if i wave a "hi" he would return it........ I am so confused.. i dont wish to make a move let him open.. but it sort feels like i should initiate convo