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Does He Like Me? Created By a Guy - 1000% Accurate!

Hi there, all you people wondering whether the guy you like, also likes you. Just want to say, I've noticed that a lot of these, "Does He Like Me?" quizzes aren't all that accurate. Some aren't even created by guys! This one is, and I believe it will tell you the absolute truth. Good luck!

  • 1
    Do you ever catch him staring at you?
    Do you ever catch him staring at you?
  • 2
    Does he ever compliment you?
  • 3
    Do you honestly like him?

  • 4
    Does he flirt with you?
  • 5
    Does he sit somewhere in the room that gives him a clear view of you (if you're not sitting right next to him)?
  • 6
    Does he know your friends?

  • 7
    Do you see him looking at you during lunch at school?
  • 8
    Has he ever given you a hug or kiss?
  • 9
    Why do you like him?
  • 10
    Did you like this quiz (will not affect result)?

Comments (112)


2035 days ago
I don't know, I'm like 65% sure he likes me
2045 days ago
We hang out all the time. I don't know. My heart jumps whenever. We talk
. Weve known each other for 5 years. He buys me a lot of stuff
And is rlly nice to me. We always tease each other. I don't know if
He likes me though. And I'm pretty sure I have small feelings for him.
2072 days ago
😭😢😓no no nnoooo
2085 days ago
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa this is really acurate
2103 days ago
Well....I liked this guy and luckly we see each other at school (alot!) Idk i dont get him now... He easily makes me laugh, (only four boys in my school were able to do it) he was there for me (again idk why) when I actually got hurt once. He saw it and said "who threw stuff at my girl, sarafina?!" I'm like BOI WHAT DID U MEAN BY DAT?! I was so shocked. He called me his "girl". He was the only, ONLY boy that i quickly got along with. So yeah a girl on my bus said he was cute and im like.... He is! So i starved
2106 days ago
I'm gonna go for it and tell him. Wish me luck ❤️❤️I'm so confused tho like I always see him looking at me with a smile but he never goes up to me and talks but when we do talk it's smooth and he seems relaxed ughhhh I'm soooo confused give me advise please!
2117 days ago
Excuse my horrible Grammar...
2117 days ago
Gawd so confusing, I stared talking to this boy in 3rd grade and it's been 3 years. We live on the same street and we luv video games!
One time, if little brother said something like "he likes u" in a whisper
I pretended not to hear that and walked along the bus aisle seat thingy ;-;
And one time in 3rd grade, we we're coming up with nicknames and I saw the calendar in our classroom. It had cupcakes, so I told him his nickname was cupcake. And then he asked in a teasing voice "do u like me?"
And I did a werid chicken dance and explained about the calendar faster than the speed of light...
2124 days ago
Its said he was confused but he might like me. I am so happy!
2173 days ago
DAMMIT!!!!!!!!! He's not really into you or not looking for a relationship right now
2197 days ago
Ouch tht hurts so so so so so so so sad I love him so so so much
2198 days ago
This was a non accurate quiz for me because he's a year older than me so we only have one class together and barley see each other during school (but when he does see me he freaking holds my hand so...)
2214 days ago
Not that accurate, tbh. Girls, please realize these tests are useless and waste time. They can't predict anything for sure. Now, if it says he totally likes you, he probably likes you. But every guy is different. I like a girl a lot and decided to do this in her perspective, and it said I wasn't looking for a relationship and wasn't interested at all. So don't depend on this, or any other quiz like this one.
2223 days ago
So this guy I like told me his crush that he had 3 months ago, and he really weirdly assured me that he didn't like her now that she is really annoying (which is rude because she is my friend). And around 2 months ago he texted me saying he din't like me!! But he tris to do all these things to make me laugh and stuff so.. Any ideas if he likes me??
2322 days ago
Sophie, there are tons of things on wikihow about how to flirt, get your crush to like you, and such. Just search it up and wikihow will save you!
2350 days ago
Really the guy very likely likes me. I'm the only girl he messes with, is nice to, and smiles at! Plus he liked me like, 1 month ago and I heard my name said by his friend in this sentence, " You like _______!", and the guy practicly made his friend 🍦 by fighting and I looked away. So, this is not accurate.
2350 days ago
Girl do u think I'm pretty boy no girl do you want me in ur life boy no girl if I walked away wud you cry boy no girl runs away with tears in her eyes and the boy grabs her arm and says no ur not pretty but your beautiful and need u in my life and if u walked away I wud die post this on ten other love quizzes and at midnight he will realise that he loves you
2529 days ago
Aargh! I WISH my crush would hug me or have more contact with me! Aaahhdgjdjjdwj! Suggestions to help me flirt with him or some thing?
2553 days ago
He is confused. He might like you, but he might also just think of you as a friend, but don't give up yet! !!!!!! this is a waste of time. The question "does he like you" is a yes or no question there is no maybe involved.
2560 days ago