Is He Into Me? Quiz

He's amazing, he's awesome, he's got all your must-haves and more. You really want this guy - bad! So find out if he's into you. WARNING: This is off-the-charts accurate, so we can tell if you've been friend-zoned. Nineteen questions (because 20 is too mainstream). I made this while finding out if my guy was into me. He was. <3

  • 1
    First - does he look at you?
    First - does he look at you?
  • 2
    Would he choose to sit next to/be near you in a large room?
  • 3
    What do you guys talk about?

  • 4
    Who starts the conversation?
  • 5
    How often do you talk? (Not text or FB chat)
  • 6
    Do you FB, IM, text, call, ooVoo, Skype, Christian (Whichever way you talk)

  • 7
    How well do you text/chat, etc?
  • 8
    Who got whose number?
  • 9
    How close are you two?
  • 10
    What kind of guy is he?

  • 11
    Do others think he likes you?
  • 12
    Does he compliment you?
  • 13
    Does he have a girlfriend? (Perfectly OK if he does, ladies! ;) Unless it's me....
  • 14
    Has he ever given you something?
  • 15
    He sees you walking to class and:
  • 16
    He has to pick a partner for a project! Available are a flirty, pretty blonde; his best friend; and you. In what order would he choose?

  • 17
    Does he know you like him?
  • 18
    Do you know something about him that nobody else knows?
  • 19
    Do you think he's just being nice?

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161 days ago
So is he into you, too? It's leaning towards the no, but I'm not positive. Maybe I asked all the wrong questions for your particular situation. If you really think he likes you, I say just go for it. If it's not a match, well, that 🐬for him.

I'm glad, he rejected me twice before I never confess he just found out but lately he's being all nice, friendly-close trying to get my attention although my friend think he's just an attention-seeker. And tbh I'm kinda confuse but even if he will fall for me fr I don't think I'll believe it..

I used to think he's into me but he was just pretending and playing around my feelings.
(This is before he rejected me)
461 days ago
Great quiz, thanks! Seems accurate and I enjoyed it. :)
463 days ago
thanks for the tip random person
463 days ago
I have a crush he talks to everyone i dont no if he likes me got another quiz
517 days ago
This is just a general tip- If you tell someone you like them and they turn you down you could always just say it was a dare.
653 days ago
ugh, im so stressed i dont like him but he gives me butterfly idddkkkkk
654 days ago
So when I get the answers on the test I believed it for literally I asked him out.. but it turns out that the test was right and he said yes wich is crazy so then when we went on a date he literally bought me like so much hoodies bc I am a tomboy lol but it was still weird that this test answered me correct bc now I got a new boyfriend😜😜😜
668 days ago
I love my crush so much :) he has a deep dark secret he only told me and my brother :)
668 days ago
OMG! OMG! we've known each other since we where 5/6. I think we're perfect!
675 days ago
everything seems to point in the favor of him liking me back but im still just so nervous. i want to confess but i don't want to ruin our friendship if i do and he doesn't reciprocate after all and he's just... affectionate.. it's hard to believe he IS but knowing my luck that might just be the case
736 days ago
Same there’s this guy that sends me flirty texts and always teases me but that’s just how he is but it’s really annoying because I don’t know how to reply so I just tell him to stop but I really want to kiss him but if I do and he’s not into me (if there was no coronavirus that is) then he would tell everyone and it would be so embarrassing what should I do?
927 days ago
o my frick i wish some guy would say that to me
950 days ago
We were at school and it was the end of the day so we were walking down the hall going to the exit and he looks around the corner and says "you two are cute" so I looked around the corner but there was nobody there so I said "who's cute?" and he looks me in the eyes, grabs my hands and says "you're cute" and we have not talked since then since it was a friday but tmrw is monday so i'm gonna ask him out :)
1015 days ago
I seriously don’t know whether he is just trying to be nice but this has definitely caught my attention. He tends to hug me all the time and has done some things like kiss my hand or forehead or top of my head. He usually is very close to me and will go away from popular groups to say hello and sit with me to chat. Then again he is friendly with many. He compliments me all of the time but I never know what to think! It’s so confusing.
1218 days ago
So I'm in 8th grade and UHH I remember during September of last year that I was shook asf when I found out that my crush (he wasn't my crush during the time yet) went to my school because he went to my old middle school for 6th and 7th grade and we've never talked before I mean I knew that he would sometimes come to my 6th period in 7th grade by looking through the door and I would notice that he's there and we're just staring lol. So in 3rd period I remember that there was a couple of seats left but he decided to sit next to me and then we just connected and we shared our moments and all of that corny shiii. Then I had him in my 5th period and it was really fun he was the main reason why those 2 periods were my favorite. I also remember we would send notes to each other even though he sat right in front of me but there was someone else in the table we sat and our notes were pretty personal so it would've been weird saying that out loud. So there was this time he wrote on a note "you wanna know something?" and i said "what" and then he said "i like you.." and I was being dumb because I never responded to it and I liked him a lot at the time. LIKE A LOT. I was just extremely nervous and every time I think about that it makes me cringe. So then I'm pretty sure he avoided me for like weeks and I tried getting over him which I eventually did (yet i've fallen for him AGAIN) like I was pretty pissed when he did that, i also remember texting him if he liked someone else and he said "yes" he also said something else but it had poor asssss grammar dude like i'm not even kiddin' i wanted to ask him what he meant but that "yes" was just enough for me to get over him. so i did. but then maybe a few days later he started sitting where i would sit in my 3rd period with his friends and we talked i still didn't like him at all. i was still pretty pissed at him. buuut uh yeah i forgot most of what happened but then we would hug sometimes, but it never meant anything to me. i would remember before he avoided me that any girl he would've spoken to would've made me jealous asff and now he started making a lot of girl friends and he would talk to them and it didn't bother me a single bit, i mean i would stare but my jealousy was gone *POOF* and i was pretty glad. he used to be shy when we first talked. he's pretty confident now. he's made a lot of friends and he's out of my league for sure. he was the same at my old school too. so anyways, i started dating a guy and i thought i really liked them but then my crush was just getting to me i don't know how but whenever he would talk to me i would remember the time we first talked and it just made me start liking him again and i started losing interest in the person i was dating. my ex and i have talked about my crush a couple of times. he would say that he still likes me because of the way he would get close to me or something and idk.. i just said that he does that to every girl, which i'm not sure because i'm not always near him and i don't talk to him out of class. but anyways, uhh i'm just gonna talk about now......... so we've hugged on wednesday like 2 times, and we hugged today. uhm i don't know we're pretty friendly now it's not the same as it used to be though it's pretty rough. like he's giving me mixed signals and i just wish it would be like it used to and now i'm starting to think that he doesn't like me and he's just playing me i mean i remembered one time at lunch he and his friends would stare at me and they were laughing and smiling and i got so nervous like i thought they were talking 🚔 about me or something and idk. he doesn't even talk to me out of class, or walk with me to class like he does with other girls. and he let a girl wear his hoodie but he said that "the girl i let her wear my hoodie, she thinks i like her but i really don't." and that girl is really pretty so i don't knowwwwwwwwww. i remember that the main reason why i wanted to stay at this school was because of him and i could've gone back to my old school to my old friends and not deal with this bs anymore and i'm trying so hard to get over him but it's impossible now.
1262 days ago
1364 days ago
There is this guy call him joker okay so he is Mt good friend we have inside jokes and talk to eaer other people are starting to ship us laugh at us make hearts and I told my friend I she screams reallt loud about it now im stressed help
1372 days ago
He's never nice to anyone but he was nice to me
sadly he moved ;w; so I have no idea if he has a girlfriend or not...(well he's in middle school so)
1387 days ago
So I've been talking to this guy since September 29th, we've been on and off texting. I did meet him for the first time a few weeks ago and he got me Monday night. When we first hung out I could kinda tell he would be looking at me every now and then, when we ate out with one of his friends he sat with me on one side and his friend was on the other. At one point he did indeed scoot closer to me and would look and see what I was doing. After all that we went back to his house and he looked at me more and shiii I really don't know if he likes me or not tbh. Help.
1413 days ago
So, there’s this guy, I met him six months ago. He stares at me, two of my friends say he likes me, and his friend’s been coming up to me and telling me he likes me. Should I believe them? IM SO CONFUUUUUUUSED.