Does This Great Guy I Met Online Like Me, Too? Quiz

Have you ever met a guy you really liked online, but were unsure whether he liked you back? Take this quiz to find out! (Note: This is just for fun, so please DO NOT SHARE personal info with some random guy based on your result, OK? And if your gut tells you he's too good to be true, believe it.)

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    What platform did you meet him on?

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170 days ago
Heyy!! So my best friend moved a couple hours away, and she introduced me to all her friends via online games. Their all great, but there’s this one guy who caught my attention. He’s a couple yrs younger, but I don’t think that’s problem. Anyways we’ve got to be pretty good friends, and he’s even started introducing me to his friends. (video games) I was playing with one of his friends and he said steve (will just call him steve) thinks I sound hot. I was like yeah sure whatever. Then I was playing with him (steve) and he was like “yeah at basketball practice Luke (another of Steve’s friends) was trying to say u like him better then me. Is that true?” I told him no, I like him way better and he started getting all excited and was texting all his friends to make sure they knew HE was my favorite. apparently I’ve just become him and his friends favorite topic 😳 anyways hes great and always complimenting me and talking abt how i need to come up there and meet everyone. He was also like “ya know, everyone makes fun of me for liking Lily (that’s what we’ll call my friend) but chad (friend who told me steve thinks I sound hot) knows the truth.” Then they started laughing and wouldn’t tell me what was up. He’s also started changing up his schedule so match mine so we can talk more. He’s always asking me about myself, and really trying to get to know me. I also told him I rly only play video games to talk to him and he was like “oh man. That makes me so happy! You don’t even understand how happy that make me!” We’re always sorta flirting and today he called me “his baby” our friends started making fun of him and saying it was weird. I was like “it’s only weird if you make it weird” and we were just laughing. He’s so funny and perfect, but I’m still not entirely sure he likes me. I rly rly like him, and don’t want to mess anything up. Pls help
239 days ago
If anyone knows this please answer lmao.
so I met a guy on an app (not really a dating app) I've known him since 30th April 2022 (I'm writing this on 9th June, 2022).
At first we texted a lot (I added him on snap) just getting to know each other etc. Then I was still not over my ex so I kinda didn't speak to him much but asked advice here and there (I think that was a bad idea tbf) anyways he'd encourage me to get rid of him as he was toxic and said he'd run over him lmao (a joke) When I eventually did get rid of my ex he was happy for me. Then a week later we started snapping as i responded to his story or smth. Since then we've snapped everyday not much texting tho. Ive started to gain feelings for him tho. I never told him upfront but I've made hints (when i was drunk i messaged saying i had smth to say to him but was afraid itd ruin our friendship, making it obvious i was gonna say i like him etc, he responded with just tell me and i said i was a mermaid lmao and he responded with a snap of him being annoyed. Then after we sent me a pic of his abs (he dint do it randomly we were on about working out etc) i joked saying why arent you mine and he said he's just vibing. Every time i say smth about him liking anyone or being in a relationship he says he's vibing rn anyone know what he means?. Anyways i suggested we meet up and twice he said he was up to it, but a week before we planned to meetup (during half term didn't have a set day) i asked him what day and he was like I'm really busy but ill try and see when I'm free so i decided to not ask again and we didn't meet up. Anyways we flirt a lot and suggest us having 🐤 He admits he enjoys himself over me and thinks I'm attractive. he said he would love to see me but he cant this was when he was 🐤 mind. so now I'm like does he like me or just think I'm attractive. He does snap first during the day so its not just a night time thing.
323 days ago
He hates🐬u jerks and also he don't like me but he says he does
327 days ago
The blue should not be there, sorry, lol**
327 days ago
Hey there, so; this year I decided to join remote learning for the second term of school! I joined about 3 weeks ago now, I met this guy the 2nd week of being new to the class, I met him on Monday, we got paired for math class. We went into breakout rooms and at first, I'm like, "Ugh, you've got to be kidding me." But, I was going to type the whole time, I'm mic and camera-shy(no one in the class has seen my face but some people know what I look like) Anyway, I decided to turn my mic on because I was sharing my screen, so it was easier. We didn't do any work since we both are pretty dumb, so I just searched some answers up(he could see since I was sharing the screen) and he laughed and said that's a good idea, he called me chill near the end, and just when he said something and I was going to answer time ran out. So I emailed this guy I met in class the first day and asked him if he had discord, I for some reason felt like he had his, so then I msged him on discord and asked again, no answer. I went back to the jam board we were working on and as I was about to ask for his discord he asked for mine!! So I got his discord and we started talking, then after school, he asked if I liked kids, just the most random question, so we talked for a while before we had to go. Later that night, (by the way, earlier that day his friend who I met the first day said, "ayy you know ___" I said we got paired and whatnot) then he(the guy I met the first day who helped me out) and said, "yo you like kids" So his friend was talking about me, lol! I was just like, "Hmm, interesting." But then he called out of the blue I didn't even ask to call, he didn't either he just called. So now we have called about 5 times, right now we are in a fight, he blocked me even though his friend who's now my friend as well, we were roasting him then he blocked us, he unblocked him but still not me! It's making me a bit confused because I never forced him to join, I asked him when he called I guess, I don't remember, but he decided to join! I never forced him... so anyway.. I've realized I really like him... but.. I don't know if I'm being honest...
508 days ago
sorry abt my grammar T.T
508 days ago
I met this guy online he was so nice and sweet he wold spent all the time he coud with me we would ( seems to some people ) flirt* like kiss foreheads nd stuff well i told him I liked him and he said he alr had a gf I feel so unlucky :- and I found out he just really likes me as a friend almost like a close sibling he said im the only one he keeps the closest and to ask anyone. I don't know what to do abt dis love Im starting to hate it and give up..
508 days ago
I like this person on horse paradise but i don't know if he also likes me im not sure about relationships but im always being shipped with my crush only bc I told somepeople abt it.
Should I quit? what should I do? and Ik he has a gf. 😕
508 days ago
I liked this guy on a game called Horse Riding Tales and I told him and he said he liked me back . so he next day I was mad bc he said he didn't mean that he liked me as a crush but he likes me as a close friend then i logged off and cried all day then I never went back on. btw he had a gf but my friend told his gf he was dating me and they broke up I was also planing on deleting that game. :,3
508 days ago
570 days ago
I meet her in game we chat a lot somtime i make him jelous but if i say i will not talk to you then he always try to make me happy
604 days ago
So I met this guy in a game, and instantly asks for my discord. He’s very funny and fun to talk too. He often has many problems irl though, so sometimes he won’t be able to hang out because of his family. We both message each other everyday, and even if We are busy we make sure to say good morning and good night to each other. I’ve seen parts of his face but I’m not comfortable showing mine, which he’s okay with. We hang out all the time, and he’s introduced me to some of my favorite things now. I know he’s bi with a preference for men, because he found out after I met him. I don’t know if I like him in that way, since I only ever see people platonically. I have no sexual desires but I’ve dreamed about holding his hand and I always tell him that I love him and care for him and he does the same. Aaaaa I don’t know what to do! I’m a trans-masc and I know he's bi, but it's so confusing 😔
636 days ago
I met this guy on roblox (no I’m not an OD)
And we have been friends for a few months now and I started to catch feelings for him...
Like he is super sweet, hilarious and he teases me a lot lol
He told me he isn’t shy around me and he likes to bully me cuz he likes my reaction lol
Basically that’s our friendship but I’m scared it will ruin things in between us if I tell him how I feel.... I got his number just yesterday and we’re planning to play the mimic on roblox ltr on-
Idk if I should tell him or nootttt
668 days ago
I met up with the person in real life, we live 20 minutes (driving distance) away, they walked for *four hours* to get to my town, and this quiz says that they just want to *do it* with me, lmao.

very innaccurate quiz, its mostly a quiz for if your online friend is a 🚔 or something.
669 days ago
I met this guy on a community. It started with us role-playing and I thought he was best friends with my ex. It turned out I never met him before and I also thought he was a girl. He was very sweet and immediately I felt a connection. I was in a relationship at the time and he fell for my other friend who became my best friend. Things lead to another and me and him ended up confessing our feelings to each other. We fought back and forth often, but made up and we've been talking ever since. I did feel guilty going after my best friends ex and there's no excuses but he told me I was his first love. It's super complicated.
697 days ago
I met this guy on a game and he was really nice and i caught feelings for him really quickly and a few months later i told him i liked him >.< later that day after he was "playing with his friend" he showed me a map he created and it said '' do you wanna be my GF'' so I said yes and he is so nice and he doesn't make me do things i don't want do and he puts my feeling's first but he is really insicure and never likes showing his face but since i meet him he had been opening up to me (and his streamers about what he looks like) and I just live him so much. He was used for money in his last relationship and for how body so i never force him to show his face or anything or ask for gifts but if I gift him he gifts me back and sometimes he can tell I want to see him and he'll show me his face he is so adorable I love him so much
705 days ago
It's a girl though and I met her on tiktok, we played genshin impact together and she started flirting with me, but she said she was joking. Now I'm starting to fall in love with her, she did say that she wanted to be more than friends, but I'm pretty sure she's joking about that too. She said she was fourteen, and I don't know if she'll have a problem with me since I'm thirteen. I think she's straight though. I'm just confused at this point. I really hope she doesn't find this.
706 days ago
excuse my few grammatical errors pls
706 days ago
Aight i met this guy on roblox and he almost immediately asked for my discord its been a few weeks and he messages me everyday like in the morning and just randomly, sometimes he sends me memes and stuff and sends me pictures of the sunrise which is really- yeah. He always asks me if i wanna play something too. I get vibes that he's trying to tell me he likes me I'm not sure but he's kind of creepy at the same time- i was playing a game (roblox) with him (its kinda hard to explain if you don't play roblox) but he had a shirt on that said FBI and he told me to read it so i said fbi? and he said no, under fbi and it said 'Female body checker' on a roblox shirt which was weird.. and then in that same game yesterday i turned my graphics up and watched the sun rise which i just felt like doing cause i was vibing- and he came over and typed *holds hand* which i just ignored because i didn't know how to react. He sent me a picture of someone else in his discord dms who in a huge, professional paragraph confessed their love to him lol. He said he was bored and that's why he sent it to me. We started playing truth or dare but switched it to 'Truth or truth' and i asked him if he likes that person back and he said 'i like her for a couple of days which seemed like he didnt wanna lie but didnt wanna tell me that he had liked her. He then asked me if i like anyone atm and i said that i think i like a guy in my class but I'm not rely sure- (dk how i could not be sure lol). He sent me a picture of a chair at school I'm not really sure why he said something about it being stacked i didnt get it but just said 'lol' but his foot (he was wearing shoes ofc) and sweatpants were in it and it didnt seem like an old man foot heh.. He seems pretty legit and i think i kinda like him. well idk this is long if u see this and wanna get in touch for whatever reason lol my discord is my name. I probably wont ever open this page again so if u reply in the comments i wont see. That was probably so confusing- i didnt really explain things too well lol but whatever.
721 days ago
I met this guy a couple months ago on Xbox but I guess among us originally. We only started playing together in a group setting of 4, but after two weeks we started playing alone. Then I started to like him a bit. But after a month of playing together, we just stopped. We didn’t stop on bad terms or anything, he just started playing on his laptop a lot so we kinda just faded away from each other. Then quite recently like maybe a week and a half ago, I got home from work and no one that I usually played with was on. But he was. So I sent him an invite and he joined and asked if he wanted to play siege. He said yes. We’ve played together ever since. And actually we’ve started watching an anime together, even though he lives in a different country. And when I’ll be in a party with his friends, he’ll just straight up ignore them and pay attention to me. He’s also has straight up and said that he’s a simp. Not for me specifically, but in general. He has said that many times in front of me actually. Interesting. Anyways, I hope y’all’s crushes like you back!! 😊